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Star small FSSP.
Removable shoulder straps, with a rounded upper edge, with vitacreme edges red, with strap and through the piercing. Width 55 mm. Length - 120, 130, 140, 150 mm. On the shoulder straps for persons of the higher commanding structure are stars with a diameter of 22 mm, gold embroidery embroidered five percent of gilding, in the centre of which are placed sequins decorative. The production time is 1-2 weeks. Advance payment of 100% of the cost.
Insignia on shoulder boards for rank "a lawyer, a reviewer of the state civil service of the Russian Federation" the Federal bailiff service.
Epaulets of the Ministry of interior of the old model.
Specialist first class - the rank assigned to employees upon the expiration of three years from the date of assignment of qualification the title of "specialist second class", has stood the test on all types of professional service and physical training in accordance with established qualification criteria for this rank; the officers, was awarded the badge "Honorary police officer".
For those who have left educational institutions
Select the desired directory in strips, the order form will specify the type of strips (safety pin or sew) and fabric color (if sewn). Strap is a covered sash rectangular substrate. Can be performed on metal or fabric, plastic (flexible) basis. In the case of a fabric substrate can be color coordinated to match the color of uniform (gray, olive, blue, black and so on). Strap on a metal base fastened with a pin on the back side, fabric strips are sewn to form garments. As wearing the order of the bars determined the left side of the chest. Several medal bars are worn not separately but together on a common basis are allocated in accordance with the Statute of orders and medals. On the common plank strips are placed in a certain order in accordance with the Statute of medals recorded in the relevant documents, but the General principle is as follows: the higher the rank rewards, the higher it is in the list location. Each award has a corresponding insignia bar. In that case, when the reward is present of the order pad, then used her tape is also used to design appropriate insignia plate. Insignia plate going prepaid.
The logo on the Prosecutor's office shoulder straps gold metal small. For mounting on shoulder straps, designed to be worn with uniform shirts light blue and white.  
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