Primaloft® Silver Density of insulation : 200 g/m2 Ultralight sleeping bag Type of construction: leg Length - ¾ from standard Adjustable suspenders Screed the top with a rubber cord Packing bag included Attention! long-term storage in a compressed form is not recommended " />

Sleeping bag Primaloft 200 cropped Noga green

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    Dimensions and weight:
  • Dimensions: 135×65×35 cm
    Total weight: 0.6 kg
    Minimum weight: 0.59 kg
    Dimensions in packaged form: ∅14×33 cm
  • Outer fabric: Nylon 6.6 R/S 20D Down Proof Hight Density Teflon DWR Cire
  • Fabric weight: 32 g/m2
  • Paropronitsaemost fabric: 0,8 cm3/cm2/s
  • Inner fabric: Nylon 20D/370T Down Proof W/R Cire
  • Insulation:  //forma-odezhda.EN/index.php?route=product/tag&tags=primaloft" title="Primaloft">Primaloft® Silver
  • Density of insulation : 200 g/m2

Ultralight sleeping bag
  • Type of construction: leg
  • Length - ¾ from standard
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Screed the top with a rubber cord
  • Packing bag included
  • Attention! long-term storage in a compressed form is not recommended
Tourism Tourism
Equipment list in the campaign
To participate in the mountain Hiking, you need to collect the right clothes, shoes, backpack, etc. - everything that is called personal gear. Mandatory equipment: Backpack: 60-70 l for women and 70-90 l for men. It is desirable that to it was a waterproof case.
Materials camping equipment
Many beginners, collecting the gear for Hiking in the mountains, one wonders what is the membrane, fleece, Polartec, etcD. We decided to make a small educational program and in this article, we have collected descriptions of the most common modern fabrics used in the manufacture of tourist equipment.
Methods to select optimal equipment
the Ideology of choice of equipment In the mountains plays a very important role. Many varieties of terrain cannot be overcome without specific equipment, and a simple life in the mountains can be severely marred by a bad selection of things. But, unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how to choose , and regularly comes on the same rake.
Sports tourism
Tourism — temporary visits (travel) people in another country or locality other than the place of permanent residence for a period of from 24 hours to 6 months in any one calendar year or with the Commission at least one overnight stay in entertainment, recreation, sports, guest, educational, religious and other purposes without being engaged in the activity remunerated from a local source.
Sports tourism
it's the preparation and organization of sports trips for the purpose of overcoming the long space wildlife skiing (ski tourism), by means of rafting (boating) or on foot in the mountains (mountaineering). Sports travel is carried out by Autonomous groups of 6-10 people.
Туризм — временные выезды (путешествия) людей в другую страну или местность, отличную от места постоянного жительства, на срок от 24 часов до 6 месяцев в течение одного календарного года или с совершением не менее одной ночевки в развлекательных, оздоровительных, спортивных, гостевых, познавательных, религиозных и иных целях без занятия деятельностью, оплачиваемой из местного источника.
Туристическая посуда
Как известно, выбор того или иного снаряжения для похода является очень важным и ответственным делом. Сделанный выбор повлияет не только на комфорт в походе, но и на всю его успешность. Это относится не только к рюкзакам, палаткам или спальникам, но и к таким важным мелочам, как туристическая посуда.
Waterproof Waterproof
Влагозащитная одежда
Для людей некоторых профессий попадание под дождь – обычная ситуация. Раньше для защиты от влаги рабочим приходилось надевать поверх формы громоздкие полиэтиленовые плащи. Сегодня производители спецодежды предлагают широкий ассортимент изделий, надежно защищающих от осадков и не вызывающих при этом никакого дискомфорта.
Camping Camping
Browse camping equipment
Camping tent will perfectly complement your holiday, making it much more comfortable. Now produced by a huge mass of tents for families up to multi-room where you can put the kids to bed ourselves. But even buying the basic version, in which you can stand tall and comfortably accommodate the whole family, you will immediately appreciate the advantages of such a tent.
Sports Sports
Утепленная спортивная одежда
Если совершить исторический экскурс, то окажется, что утепленная спортивная одежда впервые появилась в Англии в XIX веке. Это были охотничьи костюмы с жесткой регламентацией обязательных элементов и попыткой создать эффект защиты от дождливых европейских зим.
The type of clothing
Underwear Underwear
Comparison of materials of thermal underwear
Why synthetic better cotton? Synthetic underwear: • Efficiently removes perspiration from the skin. • Dries much faster than conventional cotton underwear. • Reduces the risk of critical lower or increase the temperature of the body. In very windy or extremely cold weather, these advantages can become truly vital.
How to choose underwear
Underwear – type of clothing (usually underwear) that is designed to maintain comfortable condition of the person in conditions of high stress, adverse weather conditions. Thermal underwear keeps you warm or cools the skin, it absorbs and removes moisture, which is released by the body.
How to choose underwear
thermal Underwear for the hike If you are engaged in outdoor activities, going to go Hiking in the mountains, especially in winter, it will be very good decision to bring along underwear. Despite the prefix "thermo", for Hiking its main feature is to remain dry after exercise, as far from civilization is not always possible to change often.
How to choose underwear functionality
every year more and more admire the producers of thermal underwear. No matter how good I was, which I always find useful and new information for themselves. Technology does not stand still, and now, I can confidently say that created for all! Whoever you are: an active sportsman; an avid hiker; young mother; active; angler or just an ordinary person who wants to feel just comfortable at any time of year, thermal underwear at all enough.
How to choose underwear? The basics
the Choice of thermal underwear – not easy. Well, if you know what you want and why you need it. And if you're a beginner and don't know which side to approach and where to start? Let's review the main points in the selection of thermal underwear. first, you first need to understand what kind of bird this is thermal underwear and how to treat it.
The history of the appearance of thermal underwear
Modern underwear just indispensable and is not an ordinary functional element of clothing, but also looks quite elegant on the body of any size and any shape. It is believed that the first underwear was considered a great fashion potential Coco Chanel, wegrowska of very feminine knitted dresses.
Underwear (eng. thermal underwear) is a functional underwear, the main purpose of which is conservation of heat and/or moisture removal from the surface of the body, used both for everyday wear and for sports, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and so Underwear can be made of polyester, polypropylene, wool, cotton, or combinations thereof, and so D.
Underwear. Description.
Underwear is underwear, keeping warm, and if overheated the outlet moisture (sweat) from the body surface. The air contained in underwear, touches the body is heated to a comfortable temperature. Creates a protective layer of warm air between the skin and the external environment.
Underwear. Exposing the myths.
In today's world it is enough to enter in the Internet search the word and... nothing to understand – tens of brands, hundreds of reviews, contrary to the views range in price from 1000 roubles to 1000 euros per set. And worst of all, every website, resource, manufacturer claims to be the best.
Type of equipment
Sleeping bags Sleeping bags
How to choose a sleeping bag
Form Cocoon has a trapezoidal shape (in the shoulder area they are wider in the legs – already) and retains heat well. Most sleeping bags designed for cold temperatures, has the following form. However, compared to blankets, these sleeping bags are less convenient.
How to choose a sleeping bag
Sleeping bag (sleeping bag) is an integral and important part of Hiking equipment, it is the same as the backpack in contact with your body, therefore, his choice should be taken very seriously. A well chosen sleeping bag will ensure a comfortable rest and recuperation in the extreme conditions to which otnosyaschiesya Hiking, sports expeditions, and even simple trips from home overnight in the field.
How to choose a sleeping bag
Choosing a sleeping bag, it is important to remember the 3 possible types of this tourism inventory: - sleeping bag for Hiking; - sleeping bag for camping; - sleeping bag for camping in extreme weather conditions. Only accurately determine the purpose of a sleeping bag, it is possible not to make the wrong choice.
How to choose a sleeping bag? Practical advice
Sleeping bag is not only one of the most important attributes of any active lot. It is also a thing, which determines Your health and good mood. in order to choose a sleeping bag, You need to decide on several important factors. first, consider all kinds of sleeping bags that exist.
How to choose a travel sleeping bag
Form The ancestor of the first sleeping bags was a common woollen blanket which the man simply folded in half. One half he laid down, and the second took cover from the top. Later it started certified on the perimeter buttons and then the zipper. This design got the name of a sleeping bag "blanket" and widely distributed to this day.
How to store a sleeping bag
First of all, back home a sleeping bag, it is desirable to lay out to dry. This will not only allow to remove it to dry storage is guaranteed, which is very important especially for down bags, but will also give it off and get rid of the camp smell. To sleeping bagtoggle();">sleeping bagView all products by tag sleeping bags he served for many years, it is required to store in the expanded state.
How to wash a sleeping bag
First of all I must say that sleeping is not very fond of washing. This equally applies to synthetics and down. For every wash the insulation material is a bit crushed and loses its heat insulating ability. So wash sleeping bags try as little as possible.
Marking size sleeping bags. Standard EN 13537: 2012
In 2012 the European standard EN 13537, the regulatory requirements for sleeping bags, there have been a number of changes compared to the standard EN 13537: 2002. Changes related to, including, methods of determining the size of a sleeping bag. The purpose of the revision was to simplify the standard by eliminating requirements and test methods that have not been proven and that do not contribute to the quality of the manufacturing of sleeping bags.
Properties and characteristics of sleeping bags
Before purchasing a sleeping bag, you should carefully examine all the characteristics. Going on a trip, you are trying to find ways to minimize the weight of equipment. You need to achieve maximum comfort at a minimum weight. In other words, the lower the temperature, the bigger the baggage.
Sleeping bag (sleeping bag)
Sleeping bag (sleeping bag)
Спàльный мешòк (спàльник) — the subject of camp life, designed for rest and sleep. Design sleeping bag provides better insulation against cold than a normal blanket as well as extra cushioning. For the best insulation and cushioning are usually laid on the Mat.
Sleeping bag: purpose, design, temperature
Sleeping bag is a necessary item of personal equipment mandatory in any nickelcadmium the campaign. In the summer heat or the freezing cold winter is a mobile sleeper will provide the tourist a welcome night in a tent, a shelter, and in extreme cases, under the open sky.
Talking about the temperature scale ?
without exception, All of the temperature ratings do not provide a complete understanding of whether it is You sleep comfortably in a sleeping bag. This occurs for one reason: not "warm" (if there are no additional sources that produce heat), because You are the generator, which must generate heat little more than to lose, to make you comfortable to sleep.
Temperature ratings of sleeping bags. (EN 13537)
The most important parameter that determines the choice of sleeping bag is its temperature characteristics. Until recently sleeping bagstoggle();">bagsView all products from the category Bags had trade labels with a special temperature chart, compiled on the basis of the temperature tests conducted by the manufacturer on the young men who regularly and professionally using sleeping bags (usually the climbers and military personnel).
The heat balance of sleeping bags
Science has long infiltrated all areas of human activity and, of course, in the sector of development and production of equipment for extreme conditions. In this article we are talking about such an integral and important pieces of gear like a sleeping bag: about the temperature conditions to which it is designed, the applicable standards.
The secrets of good sleep!
a Sleeping bag is the main element of equipment of any traveler and its selection is very important and a long-term process that must consider many factors, such as the area of travel and possible weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, etc.), as well as the peculiarities of his own physical condition and subjective sensations of "cold".
The sleeping bags. Key features.
Each campaign is not only on the terrain, but also overnight accommodations, which make up 35% of Hiking time. Depending on how well people rested, so he actively behaves on the route. Hence the provision of comfortable accommodation is important part of preparation for a campaign in the first place, this requires good equipment, in particular sleeping bag.
Travel sleeping bags outside and inside
Travel sleeping bag is a sophisticated sewing product, in the manufacture of which used fabric and insulation, as well as various accessories (zippers, ropes, buckles). From these materials depends on how light, warm, waterproof will be a tourist, the prices of which still largely shape the brand and temperature range for which they are intended.
What are sleeping bags
the Main differences between sleeping bags, design, the type of insulation and sop. a modern variety of sleeping bags offered on the market of tourist equipment, able to satisfy any most demanding taste. today you can pick up sleeping bags for tourism all types of tourism: from extreme to weekend trips.
Виды спальников
В экстремальных условиях, таких как экспедиции и туристические походы, важно обеспечить максимальный комфорт. Представить себе полноценный хороший сон без спального мешка в «полевых» условиях невозможно. Сегодня ассортимент спальных мешков в магазинах настолько разнообразен, что глаза разбегаются.
Модели спальных мешков и их наполнители
Отправляясь в длительное путешествие с ночевками на природе, не забудьте взять с собой спальный мешок. Он пригодится в любое время года и сделает ночевку уютной и комфортной. Различают спальные мешки двух типов с разными дополнениями и комбинациями.
Спальные мешки - словарь терминов
Анатомический капюшон Специальный крой капюшона, учитывающий анатомию человека. Капюшон такого кроя будет плотно облегать вашу голову и не пропустит к ней холод. Большой объем придает капюшону "глубину", поэтому лоб также будет в тепле. Стяжка по краю капюшона не позволит холодному воздуху проникнуть внутрь.
Time of year
Winter Winter
Winter clothes for Hiking
In the last decade has been a welcome time for the holidays. Many people choose to spend hot summer days in air-conditioned comfort of the office to later experience the fairytale snow-covered forests, or learn a ski slope. the prestige of the winter holiday is determined by the ever-expanding list of diverse Hiking trails.
Winter. Suit up.
this time I would like to touch the clothes, gear, Nazov, spare things and all the things that can be useful and will be useful to us as on winter hunts, training on outdoor shooting ranges, and for long-term exits in the woods in extreme cold. of Course, half of those shooters that shoot in the warmer months, safely throw their weapons to gather dust in the safe, but those who remain, is really dedicated hands.
Куртки зимние
Современная индустрия моды предлагает множество вариантов одежды, которая способна защитить от непогоды. П риведем краткую классификацию различных материалов, которые часто используются в зимних куртках. Опишем их свойства и расскажем об их преимуществах и недостатках.
Type of a sleeping bag
Down sleeping bags Down sleeping bags
Winter sleeping bag: down or synthetic fiber
Sleeping bags with synthetic insulation – batting had appeared in the Soviet sports shops in the early 80-ies of the last century. It was made in East Germany that made a splash for its light weight and modern materials. They clearly won compared to heavy cotton, which was used everywhere.
Green Green
Зелёный цвет — один из трёх основных цветов, зелёным считают диапазон цветов спектра с длиной волны приблизительно 500—565 нанометров. Широко распространён в живой природе. Большинство растений имеют зелёный цвет, так как содержат пигмент фотосинтеза — хлорофилл (хлорофилл поглощает большую долю красных лучей из солнечного спектра, оставляя для восприятия отражённый и отфильтрованный зелёный цвет).
Primaloft Primaloft
is a synthetic material that has high thermal insulation properties. When creating the company Albany Interional very carefully studied the structure of goose down and put it in the framework of PrimaLoft. The fibers of the insulation is very thin and similar to goose down more fiber than any other synthetic material.
Primaloft - микроволоконный полиэстеровый утеплитель, волокна которого покрыты силиконом. Не впитывает влагу, почти не смачивается водой и долго не сваливается. Один из самых долговечных микроволоконных утеплителей в индустрии. За счет невысокой конвекции воздуха внутри слоя утеплителя позволяет изготовлять вещи небольшого объема и толщины с высокой степенью теплоизоляции.
Recommendations on the choice of insulation
Since the shoes will be different keep your heat depending on how much heat your body emits, and to formulate recommendations for the purchase, is precisely based on the degree of the alleged activity of a person on the street in winter. High activity If the use of clothing or shoes will have you at temperatures down to 10-15 degrees Celsius, then the purchase of clothing can restrict the density of insulation to 100 grams.
Thinsulate или Primaloft
С наступлением осени, а значит и холодов, все, так или иначе, задумываются о покупке теплой одежды или обуви. Ну может быть, конечно и есть часть людей, которые позаботились об этом заранее… Но по исконно русской традиции - "пока гром не грянет…", многие тянут с этим вопросом до последнего.
Универсальные утеплители Primaloft
Синтетический утеплитель PrimaLoft© был разработан компанией Albany International по заказу армии США как качественная замена пуха для спецодежды и спальных мешков. На сегодняшний день утеплитель PrimaLoft надежно завоевал рынок не только армейской одежды, но outdoor рынок.
Pooh Pooh
Assessment of the quality of down-feather products.
one of the main problems people always had a problem retaining heat. for its solution the most suitable natural material, along with fur is the down of waterfowl. besides the Pooh is currently widely used for this established and ever-improving synthetic materials, such as thinsulate, thermoloft, and soD.
Frequently asked questions on fluff
Question: What are the advantages of down compared to synthetic insulation? Is it enough to have a puff for everyday wear in the city winter? Answer: Despite the large number of new modern heaters, manufacturers of warm clothes is not going to abandon the production of feather products.
Insulation in clothing - what are they and which is better
the Advantage of synthetic insulation is that they are hypoallergenic, they do not infest organisms (mites, etc.), and with the various "fiberone" ("fibre" translates as "fiber") keeps the battery in better shape, not deformed by washings, holds heat and does not let cold air inside.
From the earliest times one of the main human needs was warm. The person warmed his body by fire or clothes. For this purpose he used all available materials in nature: skin and animals, and feathers of birds. Over time, the majority of natural heaters were replaced by modern synthetic equivalents.
Pooh, phoberomys mixture
grows in plumage only a waterfowl: of geese and ducks. It protects birds not only from cold, but from overheating. The most valuable in quality goose down, it is second only to down of Northern eider. In the form of fluff like snowflakes, has the same branching.
Real eiderdown
the Article by Jon Sveinsson Museum (Jon Sveinsson) about the current state of the supply of eiderdown on the world market, and the benefits of this unique natural insulation. As a processor and manufacturer of duvets, Jon Sveinsson talks about the benefits of the products they create.
Recommendations on the choice of insulation
Since the shoes will be different keep your heat depending on how much heat your body emits, and to formulate recommendations for the purchase, is precisely based on the degree of the alleged activity of a person on the street in winter. High activity If the use of clothing or shoes will have you at temperatures down to 10-15 degrees Celsius, then the purchase of clothing can restrict the density of insulation to 100 grams.
The batting The batting
Insulation in clothing - what are they and which is better
the Advantage of synthetic insulation is that they are hypoallergenic, they do not infest organisms (mites, etc.), and with the various "fiberone" ("fibre" translates as "fiber") keeps the battery in better shape, not deformed by washings, holds heat and does not let cold air inside.
The batting
— lightweight, elastic nonwoven material, in which the mixture (including secondary artificial and natural wastes of textile production) polyester fibers. Sealed needle punched, glue (emulsion) or thermal process. – three-dimensional synthetic non-woven cloth made of polyester fibers.
HollowFiber HollowFiber
hollofayber is the name of nonwovens, which are produced from virgin polyester fibers, preferably hollow structure with modern equipment in line with new technology "termopol" (thermoplate). HollowFiber is widely used in many areas of our life, but mostly, of course, in the manufacture of clothing and bedding.
Insulation in clothing - what are they and which is better
the Advantage of synthetic insulation is that they are hypoallergenic, they do not infest organisms (mites, etc.), and with the various "fiberone" ("fibre" translates as "fiber") keeps the battery in better shape, not deformed by washings, holds heat and does not let cold air inside.
Primaloft Silver Primaloft Silver
Primaloft Silver
Primaloft - микроволоконный полиэстеровый утеплитель, волокна которого покрыты силиконом. Не впитывает влагу, почти не смачивается водой и долго не сваливается. Один из самых долговечных микроволоконных утеплителей в индустрии. За счет невысокой конвекции воздуха внутри слоя утеплителя позволяет изготовлять вещи небольшого объема и толщины с высокой степенью теплоизоляции.
Polyester Polyester
Polyester (polyester) — synthetic fiber based on polyester and the fabric of it. The material can only be manufactured from polyester, and with the addition of artificial and natural fibers (cotton, wool, rayon). Polyester fabric has low crease retention, good heat, light and weathering, durability, resistance to stains, abrasion and organic solvents, strong electrified, the difficulty of staining.
Nylon Nylon
Nylon is a synthetic fabric. It was invented in the 1930s as a silk alternative. However, soon the fabric nylon was not available to mere consumers, as was widely used during the Second world war for the needs of the armies. So far, this fabric is one of the most popular in the world.   Nylon is the oldest synthetic fabrics based on polyamide.
Membrane Membrane
Comparison of breathable materials
The dependence of "water vapor permeability / temperature" polymers with "memory effect": comparison with other waterproof / breathable materials. currently in Russia there is a boom in clothing from fabrics that have special properties. It seems to us that this article will enable buyers to better understand the properties of membrane fabrics.
How are waterproof breathable fabrics?
How are waterproof breathable fabrics?
The article describes in detail modern membrane fabrics, the principle of work and related matters. Recommended reading for both novice users membrane clothing and professional sellers and manufacturers.     How a modern waterproof jacket? Which is better: Gore-Tex, eVent or polyurethane? Laminated membrane or outer coating? What clothes are the most comfortable and "breathes" better?      There are common questions that require detailed answers.
How to wash membrane fabrics?
On washing products sewn from the fabric Dermizax membrane. In principle applies to all membrane tissues. Nothing special for washing of products from Dermizax is not necessary. Here are some simple recommendations that actually are the identifying icons on the tag of the product, with some comments: Dry cleaning is forbidden ! Gentle wash cycle (the hands or in the car) Not aggressive detergents (without bleach and soD.).
Membrane fabric
Membrane fabric
Membrane fabric (in everyday speech, sometimes referred to simply as membrane) is a kind of fabric that thanks to its particular structure, has vodootlivnoj windproof properties and at the same time pass through water vapor. consists of several layers: wear-resistant top layer, soft bottom layer.
Как стирать мембрану
Что нельзя делать с мембраной: Мембрану нельзя стирать порошком! Все кристаллические средства для стирки мембраны категорически противопоказаны, т.к. просто забьют все поры мембраны, и она перестанет "дышать", то есть перестанет работать. Мембрану нельзя стирать в стиральной машине при температуре выше 40 градусов С, вы её просто сварите, все поры склеятся и изделие придет в негодность.
Мембранные материалы
Классическая мембранная ткань подразумевает ламинирование, что означает приваривание полимера к текстильному полотну. Соединение только с верхним слоем используется в тонких достаточно пластичных тканях, предназначенных для спортивных комплектов. К этому направлению относится и мембранная одежда для охоты.
Одежда из мембранных тканей военнослужащих
Прогресс неумолимо движется вперёд, появляются новые технологии, призванные улучшить комфорт и выживаемость человека в условиях экстремального воздействия внешней среды. Как правило, на тестирование образцы новой защитной одежды попадают сначала к профессиональным спортсменам, а потом начинают распространяться и на другие сферы жизнедеятельности человека.
DWR (Durable Water Repellent) DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
DWR – аббревиатура названия водоотталкивающего покрытия материала верхней одежды, обуви или туристического снаряжения, например, тентов палатки или ткани рюкзаков. Durable Water-Repellent - устойчивая водоотталкивающая пропитка. Благодаря ей капли собираются и скатываются с обработанного изделия «как с гуся вода».
Down Proof Down Proof
Down Proof
Ткань подкладки Down Proof со специальным плетением удерживает пухвнутри изделия, не давая ему пробиваться наружу во время стирки и носки.
Pertex Classic Pertex Classic
Pertex Classic
Классическая версия легкой и износостойкой внешней ткани Pertex. Состоит из полиамидных нитей разного диаметра. Обладает очень высокой прочностью на разрыв за счет относительно большой для линейки тканей Pertex плотности - менее 60 г/мВІ. Быстро сохнет, хорошо отводит влагу, относительно недорогая в производстве ткань.
Velcro Velcro
Textile clasp (in the parlance of Velcro, the original name of Velcro) — buckle, operating on the principle of the thorn. The idea of the invention came in 1941, Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral, was patented in 1955. Is a good example of biomimetics.   Other names: Velcro tape (FR.
Type of thermal underwear
Sports underwear Sports underwear
Thermal underwear for sport
Going to do winter sports, Jogging in the morning for frost or just walking around town in cold weather – in any of these cases, properly chosen will be a good helper. Sports underwear this is a special cut because no, that should not disturb, RUB, shackle movement.
Thermal underwear for sports and athletes
I Must say that the main task of thermal underwear is the right temperature regulation, making it possible to prevent overheating or Vice versa, to prevent freezing. Buying for sports, speaking of it, is also suitable for everyday wear, you are depriving yourself of several problems.
Travel underwear Travel underwear
Camping thermal underwear
Camping thermal underwear: how to choose underwear for Hiking, hunting or fishing Choosing should pay attention to the most important properties: blagovestenje, thermal insulation, versatility, reliability and durability, hygiene, ease and ergonomics.
Fabrics and materials used in Outdoor clothing
there are a huge variety of different fabrics and materials, and only some are suitable for the manufacture of clothing for outdoor activities in the open air. therefore, this comparative study is limited to the material for travel clothes and clothes for outdoor.
Outdoor clothing – how to "wear layers"
to feel comfortable while doing outdoor sports, especially in adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to find a balance between your activity level, sensitivity to temperature and the environment. Choosing the right clothes and combination of different layers it is possible to avoid discomfort or even prevent a health hazard.
Thermal underwear for outdoor
the Main purpose of thermal underwear (base layer clothing) in the Outdoor discharge of fumes from the body and conserve heat. For these conditions the traditional material was cotton and wool. However, too cotton absorbs moisture and holds it near the body that creates discomfort and prevents thermoregulation.
Underwear for Hiking and trekking
Every year, nature beckons us to her, forcing her to pull back for a backpack, shoes and to go for long hikes. And probably many of you faced with the choice of clothes for trekking. What to wear to it was not hot and not cold at the same time? Usually on this place and happen all the difficulties.
Underwear for tourism
When selecting underwear we need to imagine conditions in which it will be used. the travel conditions are quite specific. Hence to termobelyo special requirements: 1. Variable physical activity, high physical activity alternating with periods of low activity, rest, and soD.
Thermal underwear for skiing or snowboarding Thermal underwear for skiing or snowboarding
Thermal underwear for skiing or snowboarding
Many ski resorts closed doors in April, although the pursuit of snow does not stop for a long time after the end of the ski season. Despite the fact that city residents are in anticipation of warming, the winter sports we hope to continue winter "Banquet".
Thermal underwear for cold weather Thermal underwear for cold weather
Thermal underwear for cold weather
Indistinguishable in appearance from conventional underwear, but this unique quality characteristics is very popular today. the Main requirements for termobelyo for cold weather are body heat retention and high BLAGOTVORITEL. In such clothes even in the most severe cold, completely cold.
The type of bag
Hermosura Hermosura
Hermosura (waterproof, waterproof bags)
Gerbounka is the optimal solution to ensure complete safety of Your belongings and protection against water, dirt, dust and other unpleasant things You may encounter while Hiking, travelling, fishing or hunting. Thanks to its versatility, low price and high quality, they are popular not only among tourists, cavers or climbers, but also in athletes and the military.
Герметичная упаковка (гермомешок) Изготавливаются данные изделия из крайне прочного водонепроницаемого материала. Швы должны быть прострочены и проклеены определенным методом, что делает мешок герметичным, и гарантирует сохранность его содержимого в воде, в плохую погоду.
Защитные свойства
Водоотталкивающая пропитка Водоотталкивающая пропитка
Водоотталкивающая пропитка ткани
Водоотталкивающие средства применяют для придания тканям гидрофобных (водоотталкивающих) свойств. Благодаря водоотталкивающей отделке ткань приобретает свойство не смачиваться водой и защищает человека от попадания воды на кожу. Ткань паропроницаема (пропускает пары пота), но задерживает влагу снаружи.
Fill Power Fill Power
Fill Power
Fill Power - мера качества пуха, определяет способность утеплителя восстанавливаться после сжатия. Чем больше показатель Fill Power, тем теплее изделие при том же весе пуха. Некоторые компании, работающие на европейский и американский рынок,указывают двойное значение -750 FP Euro, 850 FP USA.

Synthetic insulation PrimaLoft© was developed by Albany International and commissioned by the U.S. army as a quality replacement for down clothing and sleeping bags. Today, PrimaLoft insulation securely conquered the market not only men, but the outdoor market.

First of all, PrimaLoft insulation© is lightweight and durable and has excellent insulating properties. In addition PrimaLoft perfectly passes air and its hygienic properties far beyond the ordinary properties of goose down. Such excellent results were obtained due to the thermal properties of the new PrimaLoft microfibers, whose structure was copied from microfiber goose down. Thus, the thermal resistance from goose down is 2.18, and the PrimaLoft insulation – 2.15, which indicates better insulation synthetic insulation versus down. These indicators are not approached until at least one widely used synthetic insulation.

The PrimaLoft filler has a long fiber structure, allowing it to better and faster restores its volume than similar materials. Even after a large number of washings, the material is not deformed. Fiber is endowed with water repellency, which help any fluid to drain or evaporate. It provides a constant dryness of the articles of PrimaLoft insulation.

PrimaLoft insulation, ideal as a filler for clothing or a sleeping bag, because it has small weight and volume comparable to the volume of down. Compared to goose down PrimaLoft insulation is water-repellent and hypoallergenic.
The researchers of the company Albany International also achieved excellent properties "dishonesty" of insulation due to microscopic air spaces. On the surface of PrimaLoft microfibers, due to their very small size, accumulate air molecules, which provide high insulating properties of the insulation with a relatively thin insulating layer. Through these hollow fibers of large diameter and retained the so-called "Loft" with prolonged use, washing, compression and drying.

Laboratory studies have shown that PrimaLoft has the same softness as that of goose down, and it is much softer than a similar insulating materials. Thanks to this characteritic material all products made from it, to take the necessary form: clothing to sit on the figure and the blanket is exclusively hugs the body of a sleeping person. 
Another great advantage of this material is that it breathes and allows moisture to evaporate. Its air gap is very small for the moisture, but great to let the moisture formed on the inside to evaporate. For heat preservation of a person is enough a small amount of PrimaLoft. It is possible to highly compress and this will not affect the quality and structure of the material. In a short period of time the material completely returns to its original volume. 
We mentioned above PrimaLoft surpasses all of its synthetic and natural analogues. Of all the world-famous PrimaLoft insulation only has the ability to hold moisture due to silicone treatment of the fibers. Such insulation, in comparison with similar materials, absorbs 3 times less water, is 14% warmer it is in a dry condition and 24% in the wet.

In the outdoor industry uses several varieties of PrimaLoft insulation:

  1. PrimaLoft© One;
  2. PrimaLoft® Sport.
  3. PrimaLoft® Eco

  4. PrimaLoft® Infinity

PrimaLoft© One


Excellence in the field of synthetic microfiber insulation. Ultra-fine fibers specially processed patented technology and next – together in the heat-insulating structure, so that on the output appears incredibly soft, lightweight and waterproof heat insulation material. On compared with the nearest competing synthetic insulation, PrimaLoft® One is able to absorb in yourself 3 times less water, 14% better retains heat in dry and on 24% soaked.

Insulation PrimaLoft© One most often used as insulation for urban clothing and outerwear for outdoor activities. In the production of insulation PrimaLoft© One used ultra-thin microfibers, which keep the insulating properties of the insulation at low weight and volume. The insulating properties of PrimaLoft© One dry amount to 0.92 clo/oz/yd2 and a wet – 0.9 clo/oz/yd2(insulation is higher, the higher the performance of thermal insulation material). It is PrimaLoft© One insulation retains the greatest and almost loses her in a wet condition. It protects from wind and dries faster than goose down.

Properties Of PrimaLoft® One

— on 14% warmer in dry condition

— on 24% warmer in wet condition

— excellence in the field of synthetic insulation.

The Use Of PrimaLoft© One:

  • Outerwear
  • Gloves
  • Accessories
  • Sleeping bags
  • Overalls
  • Shoes


PrimaLoft® Sport


This type isolation is a perfect combination of high insulation characteristics value. Technology is a plexus of many ultra-thin (microfiber) fibers with thicker threads. The first allows you to form a water-resistant and the heat-insulating structure, and second – give a sustainable shape to the material.

Insulation PrimaLoft® Sport is used to manufacture clothing and products for extreme conditions, since this type of insulation is thinner and lighter. The insulating properties of PrimaLoft© Sport dry amount to 0.79 clo/oz/yd2 and a wet – 0.72 clo/oz/yd2(insulation is higher, the higher the performance of thermal insulation material).

Properties PrimaLoft ® Sport

— High-performance synthetic insulation

— Waterproof structure

The Use Of PrimaLoft® Sport:

  • Outerwear
  • Hats
  • Sleeping bags
  • Clothing for military

PrimaLoft© Eco

Environmental option insulation PrimaLoft®  contains not less than 50% recycled material ultra-thin fibers and in combination with standard fibres PrimaLoft® is thermally efficient and creates a waterproof insulating structure. With thanks increased softness and the ease of isolation clothing, which uses PrimaLoft® Eco provides You dryness and comfort.

Properties Of PrimaLoft® Eco

— environmentally friendly insulation

— excellent thermal insulation properties and comfort

— water resistance

PrimaLoft© Infinity

Heat-insulating blocks, produced by this technology is able to shrink to 20% more than short it competing insulation. The use of specialized ultrathin fibers makes this the insulation is incredibly soft, lightweight and plastic. PrimaLoft® Infinity features excellent heat resistance, water resistance and durability in General providing a level of quality far above accepted industry standards.

Ultra-thin fibers that are grouped together by one continuous thread, ensure the uniformity of patterns on thermal insulation the entire surface and enable you to prevent cold spots (holes) in isolation. And even when full wet this insulation provides an excellent protection cold. PrimaLoft ® Infinity is well tolerated washing and therefore will retain its shape and properties the entire time of use.

Properties PrimaLoft® Infinity

— Superior thermal and thermal efficiency

— Excellent strength and water resistance

— Incredibly soft, durable and plastic

— Compressed on 20% more than standard insulation.

Care instructions for products with PrimaLoft insulation©:

Follow these instructions for the care of garments made with PrimaLoft insulation. Machine wash and rinse in cold water in delicate cycle. Dry in the washing machine at medium temperature in a delicate spin cycle. Dry cleaning, bleach, iron or steam are prohibited.


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Стоимость доставки по Москве в пределах МКАД: 300 рублей, в случае отказа от привезённого Вам товара, оплачивается только услуга вызова курьера.

Кроме того, заказы, стоимостью до 300 рублей не доставляются по Москве - в Москве для них доступен только самовывоз.

Заказы, сделанные до 13.00, как правило, доставляются через день. Заказы, сделанные после 13.00, доставляются через два дня.

После оформления заказа в нашем Интернет-магазине, мы свяжемся с Вами и уточним наличие товара и время доставки.

Также доступна услуга самовывоза товара из нашего офиса в Москве. Адрес офиса самовывоза - Москва, м. Достоевская,  Институтский переулок, дом 2/1. Для этого в форме расчет доставки выберите пункт выдачи "Институтский пер., 2/1".

Обратите внимание, что мы не храним остатки в офисе и товар должен быть заказан заранее.

По России стоимость и сроки доставки рассчитываются индивидуально в автоматическом режиме, в зависимости от выбранного способа доставки, веса груза и тарифов транспортной компании.

Стоимость доставки по России - от 200 рублей.

Для того, чтобы обеспечить быструю и дешевую доставку в регионы, мы работаем с компаниями DPD, Pickpoint, SPSR, Hermes и Почтой России через интерфейс компании

Услуги транспортной компании оплачивает покупатель при получении товара.

Обратите внимание - при доставке специализированного товара мы попросим предъявить соответствующие удостоверения.

Крупногабаритные товары (тенты, шатры, елки и прочее) пересылаются только по предоплате 100% стоимости товара + тарифа транспортной компании.

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