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Бренд: Track
Type of equipment
Weight: 70 g Set fire pit in all weather conditions Included: Flint Dry fuel ( 2 pills) Saw wire Vata (2 cushion) metal box is 65×25×95 mm Manual: With the help of wire saws to prepare wood for a future fire. As handles you can use the short stick of the appropriate diameter Crush a small amount of dry fuel on a cotton cushion, and the rest use fuel for ignition of the base material To remove the black paint off the flint by means of a metal plate or knife To push the flint rod to a cotton cushion with particles of dry fuel Push a metal plate or a knife on the rod Sharp movement down to strike sparks until the flame
Functions: Knife with clamp Flashlight Flint Whistle
Weight: 160 g Wearable emergency stock Whistle Compass Folding knife Flint Matches Saw wire Vata (2 cushion) Candle Wire (2 m) Fishing kit (fishing line, hooks, sinkers) REM. kit ( thread, needle, pins, buttons) Pencil Mirror Airtight plastic container (120×100×35 mm)
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