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Material: stainless steel The length of the working surface: 55 cm For simple work on the harvesting of timber In the process, make sure that the saw-string was taut in one plane with the cut and try not to put it at an angle To work a saw should try so that the cut is "opened" and not "closed", wedging her When working alone it is desirable to maintain a constant rhythm, periodically stopping work and letting the hot saw-string cool Branches located very high, you can cut off, tied to the handles of the saw rope
Chain length: 65 cm Weight: 103 g For simple work on the harvesting of timber
Wire saw Code: FMC-25P Size: 60 cm Weight: 20 g Material: Stainless steel Description Wire saw can easily replace its "older sister" - a two-handed saw. Perfectly cope with trees up to 12-14cm in diameter, but can fit in a breast pocket.
Weight: 0,46 kg. All sizes: Blade length, 300 mm. Warranty: 2 weeks. Material: the blade - steel. packing weight kg: 0.5 packaging dimensions see: 37*17*4 Folding saw 300mm Truper STP-12PX 18191 is for use on garden plots to care for the trees. The tool is fitted with a steel work surface with triangular teeth quickly, effectively and as efficiently cope with the cut even the toughest wood. The product has a folding mechanism that greatly simplifies the processes of storage and transportation and make them safer. Comfort and safetyA closed form of the handle provides convenience and safety for the hand when sawing branches. Foldable designThe tool has the option of folding blades for convenience and safety during storage and transportation. Increased strengthThe working part of steel folding saw 300mm Truper STP-12PX 18191 has an increased operating life.
Description: WIRE SAW FMP-25P.Wire saw easily replaces the usual two-handed saw. Perfectly cope with logs up to 14 cm in diameter, but can fit in a breast pocket. Made of durable stainless steel wire. It is a universal tool for survival in nature. Easily folds to a minimal size. Reliable and easy to use. Size 600 mm. Weight 20 g. Features: Weight 20 g Size 600 mm Material Stainless steel
Weight: 20 gr All sizes: Diameter 12-14 cm Material: Steel 420, handle made of aluminum with wooden sun packing weight kg: 0.2 packaging dimensions see: 15*10*15*10 Saw wire Tramp TRA-022 is made of durable steel wire.  Ideal for cutting of trees to a diameter of 14 cm.  Maximum compact model easily fits in a pocket.  The saw will come in handy to hunters, fishers, and simple tourists
Weight: 0,220 kg All sizes: 72 cm Material: high quality carbon steel, plastic Features: folding saw packing weight kg: 0.22 packaging dimensions see: 12*8*4.5 Saw chain a boyscout Hiker is ideal for survival in extreme conditions.  Suitable for: tourists, hunters, fishermen, gardeners and motorists.  Easy to use both together and one person..
Saw a camp, pull, 160 mm, the tooth 3D, hardened teeth, plastic handle Length, mm: 160 The blade tool is made from 65Mn high carbon steel, chrome-plated The cutting edge has a hardness of 52 HRC Triangular grinding of the teeth facilitates the sawing both dry and wet wood Retractable blade for convenient compact storage and comfortable transportation Ergonomic handle is made of ABS plastic
Weight: 0,225 kg All sizes: Total length – 100 cm The length of the cutting surface – 71 see Dimensions of the case – 48х55х120 mm. Package contents: Package contents: Saw. Two handles with cords. The liner with the description. Material: Steel 65G. The steel hardness HRC and 40-45. The handle is polystyrene. Features: Has anti rust coating. packing weight kg: 0.225 packaging dimensions see: 12*5.5*5 The saw pocket is a unique tool for hunters, fishermen, campers, fighters of special forces. Allows even an inexperienced person alone to cut logs with a diameter of several tens of centimeters in a matter of minutes. Has a very wide range of applications - from harvesting firewood to the manufacture of complex wooden structures, such as rafts, bridges, ferries.
A holder for canvases: 22 cm Canvas: 16.5 cm Weight: 320 g Material: stainless steel, plastic Package contents: Holder for fabric with anti-slip handle Canvas with a fine tooth Canvas with large tooth Fabric cover
Compact saw with an ergonomic black handle made of durable plastic Soft Grip TPR. On the working part of the saw blade carbon coating. The total length of 375 mm.
Weight: 2,43 kg. All sizes: 72 cm Material: carbon steel packing weight kg: 3 packaging dimensions see: 72*22*5 Axe – the axe X25 is intended for chopping big logs the size FEATURES Length 722 mm, gross weight 2430 g Specially designed for chopping big logs The angle of sharpening the cutting edges 35° Due to the convex shape of the wedge axe is easier to pull out of the logs Perfectly ground blade with double degree of hardness provides maximum durability Anti-friction coating protects the blade from corrosion and reduces friction by 25% The blade fixed in the handle and will not break despite the best efforts of Optimal balance of center of gravity ensures maximum force of blow Light, durable and wear resistant head material FiberCompTM minimizes physical stress at work Cushion cover SoftGripTM allows for a firm grip Hook shape of the handle prevents slipping of the tool The axe is equipped with a practical plastic case for easy storage and carrying
Series Fiskars axes on all occasions. Ergonomic design and light weight provide a good balance when working. The blade never goes wrong with toporishcha. Safe brushed handle does not slip in your hand. The length of the grip. The length of the handle of the axe affects the position of your body and the kinetic energy of the blade. The thicker the wood must be cut, the greater the advantage of an axe with the long handle. An axe with a short handle is more accurate and easy to use tool. It is more suitable for inexperienced woodcutters and people of small stature. Using the long handle, you get increased velocity of the blade and greater the kinetic energy. The wood chopping. Saw logs are logs of 30-35 cm and put them on a log for sawing. Make sure that on the surface of the logs there is no grit or metal shavings that could damage the blade. Start to cut from the top end of the log. The felling of hardwood trees and conifers are managed differently. Coniferous trees it is easier to cut along the wide side, deciduous trees along the narrow side. Chop wood most fresh. The drier the wood, the harder it is to hack. Just cut tree it is easier to cut, especially if it's cold. For the most difficult wood use a wedge for splitting. Sawn wood dries well and it is less prone to moisture or rotting than not sawn wood. Maintenance of your axe. All axes can be sharpened with a file, a file with diamond coating, "wet" sharpening, a whetstone or sharpener "Fiskars Axe Timmer". The lubrication oil. The handle is made of polyamide resists wear, moisture and temperature changes. Thoroughly lubricate the blade with oil before you hang up your axe for storage. How to sharpen an axe. The grinding angle of approximately 30 degrees. Remember to keep the original shape of the blade, except when the axe is used for carving. In this case, when sharpening the blade attached to the more straight shape. Sharpening with a file. The use of a file with diamond coating is becoming extremely popular. The same technique as when using a regular file. Sharpening using the "wet ground" "Wet" sharpening wetted by oil and water. The process of sharpening is using a circular motion. Sharpening using a grinding stone. If the blade was damaged, the original sharpness can be achieved with the help of grinding stone. The final sharpening using sharpener Fiskars Axe Trimmer The Fiskars Axe sharpener Trimmer can be used to achieve the excellent sharpness. This sharpener can be used instead of "wet" sharpening. Always follow the safety precautions while working with the axe! When splitting wood you use safety glasses and boots when working with the tree trunk also use protective gloves. Chop in the direction from the roots to the crown of a tree. Stand firmly on the opposite side of the log. Safety glasses, protective helmet, protective glove, protective boots.
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