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Power: 80 watts Gas consumption: 38 g/h Fuel: liquefied gas Weight without case: 149 g Weight with case: 183 g The size of the case: 5,7×5,7×11 cm Easy Compact Bright Under gas cylinders threaded cylinders, and collet (when using adapter) The opportunity to hang the lamp The piezo ignitor and a convenient case for transporting lamp Included: lamp with a lampshade and a piezo ignitor, 3 interchangeable mesh, plastic cover, instruction manual If you give star it will point the way only on a cloudless night. Gas lamp "Pulsar" is devoid of these restrictions. Its brightness is enough for cooking dinner, it creates a cozy atmosphere at the table, and hanging lamp in a clearing, you will receive a lighthouse for the lost or lost comrades and a bait for new friends.
The largest and most powerful camping lantern the Titan illuminates the area with a radius of 14 meters QuadPower diode with a luminous flux up to 250 lumens and frosted bulb gives a bright diffused light The dual reflector system captures and maximizes light flux The indicator shows the discharge level 4 D batteries Unique infinitely variable brightness Compactly assembled for transportation up to 200 mm, height in the exploded view 250 mm Folding ring for hanging
Type of diode: 2 DoublePower Lumens: 75 (lantern); 50 (flashlight) Working time: 100 H Food: 4 AA (not included) Degree of protection IPX: 4 Combining the bright mode, ambient lighting with powerful and precise directional beam, the versatile Voyager lantern is designed to defeat the darkness that consumed the campsite after sunset. Luminous flux of 75 lumens delivers bright, but glare-free high ambient light, which can dim, but in manual mode, the flashlight creates a bright, clear beam of 50 lumens. Both modes, and the third is dual mode, simultaneously producing background and directional lighting, controlled by a single convenient switch. Whether cooking supper at the campsite or down to the river for water, the Voyager will successfully cope with any task set before him 1 type DoublePower led with maximum luminous flux of 75 lumens frosted bulb produces the mode of the ambient background lighting 1 type DoublePower led with a luminous flux of 50 lumen is located at the base of the housing and provides a bright and clear beam The dual reflector system captures and maximizes light flux All 3 modes are controlled by a single switch The height of the lamp varies in the range 105 – 159 mm Removable handle-loop for hanging and carrying
Lantern Small. Code: 1020 Description Flashlight combines several functions as luminous and flashing red baton, flashlight, and whistle. There is a lanyard.
Camping pocket lamp. Code: 1014 Weight: 95 g Description 9 LEDs, 30 lumens, IC controller - 4 modes of light, 4 AA size batteries included.
Features WORKING TIME: 38 hours BATTERY TYPE: 4 x 1.5 V batteries, size "AA" BULB TYPE: 5mm led white color SIZE: 64 x 64 x 150 mm WEIGHT: 240 g Manufacturer: Favour Light Description Camping table lantern with ultra bright LEDs FEATURES:  - long work life - adjustable brightness - water-resistant
Dimensions: the diameter of 135 mm. Features: 2 magnets on the housing, a hook for hanging. Bulb type: 19 LEDs.
Weight: 0,484 kg Waterproof: no. All sizes: 27*10*10 cm Warranty: 14 days Material: plastic food Features: brightness control rheostat. Food: 4 D batteries (not included). Bulb type: luminescent. packing weight kg: 0.49 packaging dimensions see: 28*11*11 Convenient for hanging lamp. Features: brightness adjustment rheostat
Weight: 0.35 kg Waterproof: waterproof casing. All sizes: 21*13*12 cm Warranty: 14 days Material: Plastic Features: with the wrist strap. Food: 4 D batteries (not included). Bulb type: Incandescent packing weight kg: 0.35 packaging dimensions see: 28*13*13 Waterproof lantern with handle and wrist strap.
Camping table lantern with 12 ultra bright LEDs; smooth dimming; long life; water-resistant. Very economical and almost eternal light. Features Bulb type: 12 x 5mm led white color Working time: 40 hours Type of batteries: 4 x 1.5 V batteries, size "D" Size: 150х 240 mm Stepless adjustment of brightness Moisture proof
The main feature 24LED Camping Light – the ability to control using the remote control. This provides additional comfort when using. Led bulb lights the space around them. As the luminous element uses 24 high-brightness LEDs and conical diffuser, which allows to significantly increase the radius of illumination of the lamp. In the light of this led bulb is easy to read newspaper print. Charge the batteries the lamp can rotating built into its top handle, or it can be charged from vehicle electrical system (12V adapter included in the scope of delivery). Working time with fully charged battery: at least 8 hours. The lamp is equipped with a convenient handle for carrying or hanging.
Led bulb lights the space around them. As a light element, uses 14 high-brightness LEDs and conical diffuser, which allows to significantly increase the radius of illumination of the lamp. In the light of this led bulb is easy to read newspaper print. Charge the batteries the lamp can rotating built into its top handle, or it can be charged from vehicle electrical system (12V adapter included in the scope of delivery). Working time with fully charged battery: at least 8 hours. The lamp is equipped with a convenient handle for carrying or hanging.
Weight: 0.14 kg All sizes: The diameter of the light - 145 mm. Warranty: 2 weeks. Material: plastic food Features: Number of modes: 3 Element power: 4haa (LR6) (not included) Number of LEDs: 42LED Food: 4haa (LR6) Bulb type: led - Cree P G R5 packing weight kg: 0.14 packaging dimensions see: 23*18*5 Camping lantern-plate is with 42 LEDs.  Bright light for lighting in Hiking and rustic camping.  The diameter of the light - 145 mm. The color is white. 3 modes of operation: "the 24 LEDs, 12 LEDs, mode LEDs 42".  Switch modes with a single button on the top of the lantern.  At the bottom of the lantern has a metal bracket for hanging the lamp (e.g. in a tent). Powered by 4 batteries "AA" (LR6).  Batteries not included.  The service life of led ~ 100,000 hours.  The lantern is compact, lightweight, shines very brightly and at the same time economical.  Operation time from one set of batteries - up to 30 hours.
Weight: 0,160 kg All sizes: Diameter 18 cm Warranty: 6 months Material: Plastic Food: 1 X AA Bulb type: The LED x 48 packing weight kg: 0.160 packaging dimensions see: 19*19*3 48 LEDs Operates on 3x AA batteries type AA. Included carabiner for hanging in the tent. Three modes of operation. The power button is located in such a way that will not allow you to accidentally turn on the flashlight
Weight: 0,024 kg Waterproof: IPX4 All sizes: 5.15x2.89x1.35 see Warranty: 30 days. Package contents: Lamp, battery to it. Material: plastic food Features: Four modes - high brightness - 6 lumens. low brightness - 1 lumen., strobe, signal. Food: Easily replaceable 2016 lithium batteries 3V. The battery life: from 10 to 22 hours depending on mode. packing weight kg: 0.024 packaging dimensions see: 22*11*2 Small and handy to use and carry led flashlight Nite Ize WrapLit will be absolute assistant when reading books in a dimly lit place, the light in the tent or just a flashlight for the hike in the dark. The lantern has four modes, osveshenia: Solid strong, solid weak, strobe mode, and the mode of signaling. Effective range (up to): 15.24 m Signal visibility (up to): 1.61 km
Flashlight-light for tent. Code: 1028 Weight: 100 g Description 6 LEDs, 40 lumens. This led lamp can easily be hung in the tent, backpack or anywhere - comes with a carabiner. Controller IC - 4 modes of light. Weight 100 g. Comes with 3 batteries size AAA. Ideal for fun and Affairs.
Weight: 177 gr Waterproof: IPX-8 All sizes: Length, mm: 52 Diameter, mm: 52 Warranty: 2 years on the frame. Material: plastic food Features: Camping lantern, branded 18650 battery capacity of 2300 mAh, Fenix ARB-L2 cable for micro-USB port, a spare rubber seal for joints Food: 2 x CR123A, 1 x 18650 Bulb type: CL25R packing weight kg: 0.26 kg. packaging dimensions see: 15*6*6 CL25R Fenix flashlight is designed to illuminate the campsite. Therefore, it produces a mild, non-blinding light that is freely distributed in all directions from the lamp. The maximum possible brightness — 350 lumens. In this mode covers the space with a diameter of 25 m. However, in order for users to be able to choose the best lighting, Fenix CL25R works in three modes lighting white light with brightness of 200 lumens, 50 lumens and 0.8 lumens. The last mode is called Moonlight and is suitable for highlighting the inner space of the tent. In addition to the listed modes, Fenix CL25R can offer two more, are the LEDs red. The brightness in each of them is 1.5 lumen. The first mode gives a constant red light and is also suitable as interior lighting of the tent, and the second flashing and intended for feeding of signals. Time of the lamp until you replace the battery depends on the brightness with which it shines, and the choice of battery. Manufacturers have determined the time in each mode, using high-quality lithium batteries and brand 18650 Fenix battery capacity of 2300 mAh. Results were: Turbo: CR123A — 2 hours 5 min, 18650 — 2 hours 15 min.; High: CR123A — 4 hours 10 min, 18650 battery — 5 hours; Mid: CR123A — 18 h 50 min, 18650 — 23 h 45 min; Low: CR123A — 500 h, 18650 — 600 h; Red: CR123A — 42 h, 18650 — 44 h For flashing mode, measurements of operability was not made, since the operating time significantly exceeds the rest of the results. That the battery has reached critically low levels, prevent the indicator lamp. In this case, you must replace the battery or connect a flashlight battery to charge via the micro-USB port. In order to use a flashlight Fenix CL25R it as convenient as possible, manufacturers have provided several variants of fastening. First of all, it can be put on the table, stone or other surface. Also, this lamp can be easily hung on a rope, a branch, a hook using the built-in metal rings. But in the bottom of the hull there is a magnet that helps securely attach the flashlight to any metal object. Also note that the model CL25R Fenix is designed for all-season use. The lantern, without limitation works in the rain, and its body is made so that the batteries are protected from the effects of low temperatures. Features: is the maximum brightness of 165 lumens; lantern can operate in six modes of illumination; battery lantern can be charged through portmsg-USB; compatible with batteries standards 18650, CR123A; the light is protected from water and dust according to the standard of IPX-6; a simple control system is presented in only one button; the distance covered by the light of a lantern in each direction is 12.5 m; on the bottom surface of the housing provided for mounting on a tripod; design and materials contribute to the protection of the battery from the cold; built-in indicates a low charge level. Warranty: For the model of Fenix flashlight CL25R the company-the manufacturer offers a guarantee extended the validity period is 5 years after the acquisition. Package contents: Camping lantern, branded 18650 battery capacity of 2300 mAh, Fenix ARB-L2 cable for micro-USB port, a spare rubber gasket for joints of the body. Instructions for use: In the battery compartment camping lantern Fenix CL25R fit one battery 18650. It is recommended to use lithium-ion rechargeable battery Fenix production capacity of 2300 mAh (at its base were tested performance of the lamp) or higher-capacity brand battery 3400 mAh. In addition to batteries for this model, you can use ordinary lithium batteries of format CR123A. In this case, you will need two batteries. Control flashlight Fenix CL25R is using only one button, which is located on the case top. One click will turn the lamp, and the re-press and hold for 0.8 seconds — turn off. Each single press on the button of the flashlight, operating in the main group of modes (white light), switches the brightness level. To access additional group of modes (red light), press the button twice. Switching between the two available modes in this group is also carried a short single press on the button.
Weight: 0.103 kg Waterproof: IPX6. All sizes: 78.4 mm (length) 45.2 mm (width) Warranty: 2 years on the frame. Material: Case: plastic Food: 2xAA or 1xCR123A The Fenix CL20 lantern used several LEDs that give a neutral white and red light.  These semiconductor devices are designed for long operation and give a comfortable for the eyes light multiple brightness levels.  Just optical system CL20 integrated 9 led white and 2 red. The lens of this lamp received a special form.  This is a wide convex lens that consists of 246 aspherical elements. This design allows to obtain a uniform white light illumination in a radius of 5 meters from the lantern.  Brightness users can set the following: Turbo mode - 165 lumens, High mode - 100 lumens, Mid mode 50 lumens, Low mode 8 lumens. In addition, two further mode of operation is provided by two red LEDs. Their total brightness is 1.5 lumen. Red steady light manufacturers recommend to use as a nightlight in a tent, as it does not violate night a person's vision and not blinding when you turn. The second mode red diodes is SOS.  It is well suited for light signals from the camping camp. The maximum operating time of a lantern CL20 is 71 hours. 40 min and it will be fair for camping lamp in Low mode based on Nickel-magnesium batteries.  Users also should be aware that the life of the lamp until you replace the batteries depends on what their type was installed. The following is the estimated time Fenix CL20 using different batteries. For Ni-MH batteries: Turbo — 2 hours. 23 min; High — 5 hours 15 min; Mid — 11 p.m. 28 min.; Low — 71 hours. 40 min. For alkaline (alkaline) batteries: Turbo — 3 hours. 10 min; High — 4 hours 9 min; Mid — 9 a.m. 4 min; Low — 56 h. 40 min. For batteries of format CR123A: Turbo — 2 hours; High — 3 hours 31 min; Mid — 7 p.m. 32 min.; Low — 20 hours In addition, we must remember that flashlight Fenix CL20 is strongly heated in operation, in Turbo mode. So after 10 minutes, the light automatically lowers the brightness to avoid overheating of the system. Use a Fenix CL20 all year round in any weather. This is made possible through the use of resistant to low temperatures lithium batteries and high-level tightness of the housing. The material for the lamp housing is plastic. Therefore, the weight camping lamp without batteries is only 103,2 g. Fenix CL20 can continue to work in the rain or snow, even the strongest can withstand splashes of water. The level of his integrity — IPX-6. Ways to install Fenix CL20 camping in the camp there are several. It can be put on any flat surface, hang by metal rings on the housing or be attached by magnets to the car. Features: the brightness of 165 lumens; the ability to include white or red light; six working modes; work-based batteries of the sizes AA and CR123A; digital voltage and brightness; provides a magnet for mounting on metal surfaces; broad concave lens; moisture protection at the level of the international standard ANSIIPX-6; case made of durable and lightweight plastic material; the weight of the lamp not including batteries is $ 103,2 g.
Weight: 0.08 gr. All sizes: 12*5.5*2.5 cm Warranty: 14 days Material: plastic food Features: 28 LEDs with side, 4 LEDs at the front. 2 modes. Food: 3 PCs 1.5" AAA. Bulb type: led - Cree P G R5 packing weight kg: 0.08 packaging dimensions see: 12.5*6*3 Great travel light! Ideal for camping: you can hang the flashlight for a pull-hook or attach to any metal surface (the lantern is equipped with a magnet back) Small compact flashlight, which shines VERY BRIGHTLY! 28 LEDs with side, 4 LEDs at the front. Has 2 modes: you can illuminate a large area or when traveling in the dark to use four forward diodes. Runs on batteries 3pc. X 1.5" AAA.
Camping pocket lamp. Code: 1015 Weight: 390 g Description 9 LEDs, 36 lumens, IC controller - 4 modes of light, 3 D size batteries not included.
Weight: 320 g (with batteries) Bright, not blinding lantern for camping, bivouac and tents Clever design allows as to put the light on not a flat surface (the lantern is equipped with three spring-loaded legs with rubber base) and suspended in a sling bivy tent or in the tent Unlike gas lamps, using Apollo lantern in a tent is completely safe Unique sliding design not only saves volume when transported, but also ensures correct adjustment of their orientation luminous flux In the lamp used led power 3 Watt with possibility of smooth adjustment of brightness The device runs on 4AA batteries or rechargeable battery kit NRG (sold separately) and equipped with the indicator remaining battery
The small camping lamp. Code: 1013 Weight: 57 g Description 4 LEDs, 20 lumens, 3 x AAA batteries included.
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