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The Federal service for supervision of transport (Rostransnadzor) is a Federal body of Executive power of Russia, carrying out functions on control and supervision in the sphere of air (civil aviation), Maritime (including navigation safety and order in sea fishing ports), internal water, railway, automobile and city electric (including the underground), industrial transport and road facilities, and the technical supervision of sports courts and supervision of ensuring transport safety. Official shrink — Rostransnadzor.

The main functions in the established sphere of activity of Federal Agency for transport supervision are: the control and supervision of execution by bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, their officials, legal persons and citizens established by the legislation of the Russian Federation obligatory rules of conduct;

the issuance of permits (licences) to legal persons and citizens on the implementation of a particular activity and (or) concrete actions;

implementation of maintenance of certification in the field of civil aviation; registration of acts, documents, rights and objects;

organization, conducting and participating in established by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the conduct of investigations into accidents on railway, air, sea and river transport, as well as participation in the investigation of the causes of destruction of public roads and road constructions on them; the publication of individual legal acts;

subordinated to the Ministry of transport of Russia, which carries out public policy in the sphere of transport, approves normative acts in this sphere, and also has the right to cancel decisions of the Federal Agency for transport supervision in the event of a conflict with the legislation. Rostransnadzor has in its subordination territorial Agency for the type of supervision.

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