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The history of the state sanitary-epidemiological supervision, as a system of measures aimed at preventing infectious diseases and improving the sanitary condition of the country, began with the Decree of the Council of people's Commissars of the RSFSR "On the sanitary authorities of the Republic" on 15 September 1922

Since that time, the country began the creation of a network of specialized sanitary-prophylactic institutions and sanitary-epidemiological stations.

In 1933 came the separation of the functions of the sanitary-epidemiological service, while preserving the sanitary-epidemiological stations was organized by the State sanitary inspection, carrying out General management of sanitary-epidemiological and preventive sanitary supervision. In the early 50-ies of the State sanitary inspection has been eliminated.

Further development of the sanitary-epidemiologic service started in 1963, when the Council of Ministers of the USSR approved new "regulations on State sanitary supervision in the USSR".

In 1991 the Law of RSFSR "About sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population" began a new stage of development of sanitary-epidemiological service. For the first time in the history of the country at the legislative level was introduced legal regulation in the sphere of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.

In 1999 was adopted a new Federal law "On sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population", which not only clarified the wording of the main provisions of the 1991 act, but also included a number of provisions that were previously regulated by secondary legislation.

Sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision has become the main means of achieving the sanitary-epidemiological well-being, a mechanism that helps solve the pressing problems of health protection of the population.

State inspection on trade, quality of goods and protection of consumer rights (gostorginspektsia) was formed in 1993 when the Committee of the Russian Federation on trade, since then repeatedly passed from the subordination of one body to another, and in 2000 became a structural subdivision of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.

The powers of gostorginspektsii since 1993 has not changed and included the state control over observance of norms and rules of trade and public catering, the order of application of the prices for separate groups of goods, the quality and safety of consumer goods and the eradication of abuses in trade, public catering and the prevention of income the consumer market poor quality products.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of may 21, 2012 No. 636 "About structure of Federal enforcement authorities" the government of the Russian Federation from June 19, 2012 No. 612 amended, including, in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from April 6, 2004 No. 154 "Issues of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare" and the government of the Russian Federation from June 30, 2004 No. 322 "On approval of the Regulations on the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare".

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