Отзывы для товаров Зажигалки

Отзывы для товаров Зажигалки

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Ирина Огольцова

08.01.2016 22:01

Цепочка короткая.


Хорошая штука

A flint with a magnesium bar. Will help to make fire in all weather conditions Manual: To remove shavings from the magnesium block with a metal plate or a knife to ignite the subject To press the rod flint to chip Press plate or the knife on the rod Sharp movement down to strike sparks until the flame Whatever happens in the path, a flint with a magnesium bar can help to avoid the cold nights. Damp matches won't be able to ruin your holiday or be the beginning of a tragedy. Flint at a certain skill will help to make a fire in any weather conditions, and for gas burners, it is simply irreplaceable.