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Synthetic insulation PrimaLoft© was developed by Albany International and commissioned by the U.S. army as a quality replacement for down clothing and sleeping bags. Today, PrimaLoft insulation securely conquered the market not only men, but the outdoor market.

First of all, PrimaLoft insulation© is lightweight and durable and has excellent insulating properties. In addition PrimaLoft perfectly passes air and its hygienic properties far beyond the ordinary properties of goose down. Such excellent results were obtained due to the thermal properties of the new PrimaLoft microfibers, whose structure was copied from microfiber goose down. Thus, the thermal resistance from goose down is 2.18, and the PrimaLoft insulation – 2.15, which indicates better insulation synthetic insulation versus down. These indicators are not approached until at least one widely used synthetic insulation.

The PrimaLoft filler has a long fiber structure, allowing it to better and faster restores its volume than similar materials. Even after a large number of washings, the material is not deformed. Fiber is endowed with water repellency, which help any fluid to drain or evaporate. It provides a constant dryness of the articles of PrimaLoft insulation.

PrimaLoft insulation, ideal as a filler for clothing or a sleeping bag, because it has small weight and volume comparable to the volume of down. Compared to goose down PrimaLoft insulation is water-repellent and hypoallergenic.
The researchers of the company Albany International also achieved excellent properties "dishonesty" of insulation due to microscopic air spaces. On the surface of PrimaLoft microfibers, due to their very small size, accumulate air molecules, which provide high insulating properties of the insulation with a relatively thin insulating layer. Through these hollow fibers of large diameter and retained the so-called "Loft" with prolonged use, washing, compression and drying.

Laboratory studies have shown that PrimaLoft has the same softness as that of goose down, and it is much softer than a similar insulating materials. Thanks to this characteritic material all products made from it, to take the necessary form: clothing to sit on the figure and the blanket is exclusively hugs the body of a sleeping person. 
Another great advantage of this material is that it breathes and allows moisture to evaporate. Its air gap is very small for the moisture, but great to let the moisture formed on the inside to evaporate. For heat preservation of a person is enough a small amount of PrimaLoft. It is possible to highly compress and this will not affect the quality and structure of the material. In a short period of time the material completely returns to its original volume. 
We mentioned above PrimaLoft surpasses all of its synthetic and natural analogues. Of all the world-famous PrimaLoft insulation only has the ability to hold moisture due to silicone treatment of the fibers. Such insulation, in comparison with similar materials, absorbs 3 times less water, is 14% warmer it is in a dry condition and 24% in the wet.

In the outdoor industry uses several varieties of PrimaLoft insulation:

  1. PrimaLoft© One;
  2. PrimaLoft® Sport.
  3. PrimaLoft® Eco

  4. PrimaLoft® Infinity

PrimaLoft© One


Excellence in the field of synthetic microfiber insulation. Ultra-fine fibers specially processed patented technology and next – together in the heat-insulating structure, so that on the output appears incredibly soft, lightweight and waterproof heat insulation material. On compared with the nearest competing synthetic insulation, PrimaLoft® One is able to absorb in yourself 3 times less water, 14% better retains heat in dry and on 24% soaked.

Insulation PrimaLoft© One most often used as insulation for urban clothing and outerwear for outdoor activities. In the production of insulation PrimaLoft© One used ultra-thin microfibers, which keep the insulating properties of the insulation at low weight and volume. The insulating properties of PrimaLoft© One dry amount to 0.92 clo/oz/yd2 and a wet – 0.9 clo/oz/yd2(insulation is higher, the higher the performance of thermal insulation material). It is PrimaLoft© One insulation retains the greatest and almost loses her in a wet condition. It protects from wind and dries faster than goose down.

Properties Of PrimaLoft® One

— on 14% warmer in dry condition

— on 24% warmer in wet condition

— excellence in the field of synthetic insulation.

The Use Of PrimaLoft© One:

  • Outerwear
  • Gloves
  • Accessories
  • Sleeping bags
  • Overalls
  • Shoes


PrimaLoft® Sport


This type isolation is a perfect combination of high insulation characteristics value. Technology is a plexus of many ultra-thin (microfiber) fibers with thicker threads. The first allows you to form a water-resistant and the heat-insulating structure, and second – give a sustainable shape to the material.

Insulation PrimaLoft® Sport is used to manufacture clothing and products for extreme conditions, since this type of insulation is thinner and lighter. The insulating properties of PrimaLoft© Sport dry amount to 0.79 clo/oz/yd2 and a wet – 0.72 clo/oz/yd2(insulation is higher, the higher the performance of thermal insulation material).

Properties PrimaLoft ® Sport

— High-performance synthetic insulation

— Waterproof structure

The Use Of PrimaLoft® Sport:

  • Outerwear
  • Hats
  • Sleeping bags
  • Clothing for military

PrimaLoft© Eco

Environmental option insulation PrimaLoft®  contains not less than 50% recycled material ultra-thin fibers and in combination with standard fibres PrimaLoft® is thermally efficient and creates a waterproof insulating structure. With thanks increased softness and the ease of isolation clothing, which uses PrimaLoft® Eco provides You dryness and comfort.

Properties Of PrimaLoft® Eco

— environmentally friendly insulation

— excellent thermal insulation properties and comfort

— water resistance

PrimaLoft© Infinity

Heat-insulating blocks, produced by this technology is able to shrink to 20% more than short it competing insulation. The use of specialized ultrathin fibers makes this the insulation is incredibly soft, lightweight and plastic. PrimaLoft® Infinity features excellent heat resistance, water resistance and durability in General providing a level of quality far above accepted industry standards.

Ultra-thin fibers that are grouped together by one continuous thread, ensure the uniformity of patterns on thermal insulation the entire surface and enable you to prevent cold spots (holes) in isolation. And even when full wet this insulation provides an excellent protection cold. PrimaLoft ® Infinity is well tolerated washing and therefore will retain its shape and properties the entire time of use.

Properties PrimaLoft® Infinity

— Superior thermal and thermal efficiency

— Excellent strength and water resistance

— Incredibly soft, durable and plastic

— Compressed on 20% more than standard insulation.

Care instructions for products with PrimaLoft insulation©:

Follow these instructions for the care of garments made with PrimaLoft insulation. Machine wash and rinse in cold water in delicate cycle. Dry in the washing machine at medium temperature in a delicate spin cycle. Dry cleaning, bleach, iron or steam are prohibited.


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