Winter clothes for Hiking

In the last decade has been a welcome time for the holidays. Many people choose to spend hot summer days in air-conditioned comfort of the office to later experience the fairytale snow-covered forests, or learn a ski slope.

the prestige of the winter holiday is determined by the ever-expanding list of diverse Hiking trails.

winter equipment requires a serious thoughtful consideration, you should be prepared for possible unexpected weather changes. In extreme situations, the correct choice of winter clothing for tourism may depend on your life. Thermal insulation properties travel sets are defined with standard parameters for winter range in accordance with GOST 25295.

How to choose winter clothes for Hiking

the Basic principle of formation of the tourist's wardrobe is a mandatory combination of several layers. Functional lingerie, as a rule, is the base layer. Pure wool you should buy if you plan situations with little physical activity, for example, winter fishing. In other cases, the optimum choice of high-tech synthetic materials. The system design provides so refined and stylish appearance that you will be quite comfortable to feel, by removing the top coat, in a cafe or disco. The color palette of winter clothing for tourism is represented in rich shades of chromatic, although if you want you can pick up and restrained monochrome palette.

the Pants and jackets transformers are ideal for the top layer of clothing. Manufacturers offer different modifications of the materials and styles of winter clothing for tourism, however, are the degree of popularity of the model with a membrane. The membranes represent an ultra-thin film with a porous structure. Dual function fabric with membrane components allows sweat to freely be discharged outside, but prevents the penetration inside any moisture from the external environment.

Requirements for winter travel clothes

when deciding On the design of models of winter clothing for tourism, should pay attention to the presence of the hood and a convenient cuff design that blocks snow penetration into the sleeves. The shape of the trousers must be consistent with the model of the Shoe. If you plan to fix the bottom edge of the pants over the boots, pay attention to the presence of additional fasteners along the side seam. Pants, tucked into boots, should have a greater degree of fit. for winter tourism is made of high quality certified raw material, be sure to test for the presence of allergens. Among the technological features include the preferential use of a flat seam in products that directly come in contact with the skin, e.g. underwear which effectively protects against the cold.

Experienced traveler will complement your set of bright sweaters and scarves. If you relax with the family, kids can find dressy jumpsuits, on the basis of fleece and down. Always can rely on the adage "No bad weather, there are unseasonably dressed people".

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