Winter sleeping bag: down or synthetic fiber

Sleeping bags with synthetic insulation – batting had appeared in the Soviet sports shops in the early 80-ies of the last century. It was made in East Germany that made a splash for its light weight and modern materials. They clearly won compared to heavy cotton, which was used everywhere. But to compare them with sleeping bags feather could not everyone, as those were issued only to geologists, but particularly a luxury view was designed for polar explorers. But it was a real sleeping bags for extreme temperatures, which can withstand and the Siberian and Arctic frosts.

In the universal scale was designed as a cheap and durable substitute fluff. Today the situation has changed. Thanks to modern developments of synthetic insulation, about which we talked in detail here , came close to Pooh, and for almost all characteristics, while remaining much cheaper in 5-6 times or more. What prevents the sleeping bags with synthetic insulation to push down sleeping bags?

Winter sleeping bags: the advantages and disadvantages of natural and synthetic insulators

Although both types of heaters are used for different temperature ranges, the most acute question of which is better winter sleeping bags to buy — down or synthetic.

Because of the harsh weather conditions require the best heat-saving characteristics. Compare the most important properties of a sleeping bag down and synthetic.


The ability to retain heat superior to any synthetic insulation. Of course, it comes down good quality (marked from 600 and above, which denotes the elasticity).


Depending on what temperature range they are designed, sleeping with synthetic insulation is used in all conditions: from camping to extreme.

Downy sleeping bag, in theory, also can be used anywhere, but make it last a long time, it is desirable all the same only under certain conditions. For example, as a sleeping bag for extreme temperatures — in cold weather with low humidity or at high altitudes.

If there is a danger of getting caught in the rain is better to take synthetics. Wet down will not dry out to the house, and keep heat not unlike synthetics, so not as warm downy fiber, and air pockets between them. When wet they are sticky.

A small remark about extreme sleeping bags. The definition is conditional, that it includes in the directory are not described. Some manufacturers have already considered extreme, the bags are designed for a temperature of minus 9 degrees. Others give this name to the products that enable you to relax in minus 25.


Synthetic unpretentious. Special conditions are not required. Wash in the synthetic mode, the storage in his home not late wrap-bag. The only limitation – do not store wet.

Sleeping bag down requires special care. It must be stored in the form of hung-out, occasionally shake. Wash if possible (with each wash wear) in a special shampoo for down products. Drying is not on the weight, and spread out on the dryer.


With proper care and storage the lifespan of synthetic sleeping bag insulation is higher than the duvet.


In the same temperature range synthetics will always be heavier, but not much modern.

Before you buy a down note on his weight – if he's lighter than a synthetic with the same heat-saving characteristics, it indicates a good quality of insulation. If not, then it is worth considering.


Sleeping bag with down insulation is more expensive and 5 times more than with synthetic insulation the same size designed for the same comfort temperature. There is such a winter sleeping bag to 20 thousand RUB


As the owner and user of different sleeping bags, etch. and down, I came to the conclusion that for the summer and autumn campaigns with synthetic insulation, the most appropriate option.

Before winter, I suggest you to thoroughly evaluate the conditions of your future campaigns. If you are going to go in a tent without a stove in winter ski trip in sub-polar and Northern Urals, where temperatures are minus 40 and in the early spring, a winter sleeping bag, insulated with down, you will by the way.

If the trip is not expected in such a harsh "daylight", then I would recommend a synthetic sleeping bag for winter.

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