Choosing the right fuel

The choice of fuel depends on many factors such as where You live and what fuel is available, but the choice depends also from and energy characteristics of this type of fuel. Below is a description of the most common types of fuel.

Is practical, clean and easy to use, it perfectly illuminates in all conditions, even at high altitude. The combustion process is not accompanied by release of odor and soot. Requires no pumping or preheating. A closed system allows Primus to prevent fuel spillage or the formation of harmful fumes. The only byproducts of burning liquefied natural gas are water vapor and carbon dioxide a person exhales the same! The first disadvantage of LPG is that it can not take on the plane. A second drawback of the disposable LPG cylinder as they use stops working in cold temperatures. Primus gas mixture consists of 60% butane, 25% propane and 15% isobutane.

Gasoline/motor fuel
Can be found wherever there are cars. This type of fuel can work in cold temperature. For our tiles we recommend that you use chemically pure gasoline/motor fuel or gas/motor fuel that is much cleaner than the standard gasoline/motor fuel. You can buy them in the shops with paints or in open warehouses. You can also use standard gasoline/motor fuel, but should take into account that it contains harmful substances. Gasoline/motor fuels are highly flammable fuel, for this type of fuel requires pumping and preheating, when the combustion soot is formed.

Easy to obtain, easy to store, and it has approximately a similar gasoline/motor fuel quality. As well as for gasoline/motor fuel, kerosene requires pumping and preheating. The disadvantage of kerosene is the fact that it does not possess the same purity as liquefied gas or chemically clean gasoline/motor fuel. This means that the tile, working with kerosene, it will require more care. When burning kerosene smell stands out and generates large quantities of soot.

fuels and their energy characteristics

Fuel the energy Released Index cooking
Primus liquid fuel 11 900 100
Propane 12 000 101
Bhutan 11 800 99
Gasoline 10 200 86
Kerosene 10 100 85
Diesel 9 800 82
Coal 8 400 71
Methyl alcohol 6 300 53
Dry wood 4 000 34
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