Choosing shoes for Hiking: the correct fitting

To shoes for mountain hikes – always special requirements. Still, because of uncomfortable shoes or urban sneakers wet, we can remove and wear another few days. But in the campaign it is excluded: you only have one pair of shoes in which you need to complete the route. Now we will talk about how to try on Hiking boots to hike in not have any surprises.

Decide the size

You know your size of shoes or sneakers? Probably, Yes. However, trying on shoes for Hiking, it is worth to try the model one size larger than usual. The fact is that during the day the leg swells often – especially if the day had been strenuous exercise, and as a result can become cramped. If we are talking about a winter hike, you need to take into account thicker socks and the fact that in tight shoes the foot feels cold faster. Thus, the size of winter shoes for Hiking can be about 1.5 times larger than normal.

Check the position of the feet

Wearing shoes or sneakers, load leg, moving her center of gravity. Rate if by width, not too tight in the toes? In the correct Shoe from the toes to the toe there should be a distance of about 1 cm. You can check this: push the foot as far forward as possible and try to put your finger between the heel and the boot heel. Happened? Hence, shoes for the trek have been chosen correctly. Please note, the toes should not press against the toe.

Properly tighten the lacing

to Evaluate the convenience of the foot in the Shoe or trekking sneakers, it is possible only after you have fully laced up shoes. Be sure to try on on both legs. Align the tab, tighten the lower lacing zone, and the top (with hooks) leave a little free, ensuring the movement in the ankle – so it will be easy to move on level surfaces and on the rise. During the descent the lacing in the upper zone will need to tighten to secure the ankle and prevent slippage of the foot inside the boot.

Test up and down

Put both of the boot or Shoe, having dealt with lacing, walk around the store. And not just walk, and look for any inclined surfaces on which to test the climb and descent. Remember, when purchasing shoes for a mountain hike, no need to rush – take a fitting pair you liked at least 10 minutes. Let sit on the leg, the skin or thermostable warmed up, accept anatomic form.

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