All-season set of basic uniforms (VCBO)

WKBO – new type uniforms, created on the principle of layering. All of the elements in accordance with the heat-shielding properties are divided into multi-level system (for use at temperatures from -40°C to +15°C) and summer (temperature – from +15°C to +40°C). The multilayer system includes 8 levels of clothing that can be combined depending on the intensity of physical load of the soldier and weather conditions. Summer suit consists of a jacket, trousers, cap and summer shoes.

designer and manufacturer – the Russian holding of consumer goods industry BTK group – began work on the set in 2011 when the clothing Department of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation received a request to create contemporary clothing suitable to the advanced armies in the world. Using our own experience and after examining the development of the armies of the leading countries, the experts of "BTK group" with the participation of the laboratories of scientific institutions – the Institute of occupational medicine Academy of medical Sciences, naval engineering Institute, Military educational-scientific center of Navy "naval Academy named after N.G. Kuznetsova", Saint-Petersburg state University of technology and design has created a lightweight, compact energy efficient form field. Due to the increased wear resistance of fabrics used in the production of VCBO, the service life of all elements of the set, with the exception of underwear and socks, is three years.

When designing VCBO were used innovative technologies and modern fabrics of synthetic fibers, which are widely used in the production of costumes for the athletes and fans of active recreation. For example, layers body kit with bicomponent fibers in the weave of knitted fabrics have a high ability of abstraction of moisture out. Top protects from wind and rain with a permanent water-repellent treatment, the tissue lamination and encapsulation silicone. All the elements of VCBO dry quickly due to the low hygroscopicity of synthetic fabrics and high capacity to take moisture out.

the Kit includes: -

1 underwear wicking lightweight short
2 underwear wicking lightweight long
3 underwear fleece
4 fleece jacket
5 jacket windbreaker
6 costume demi-season
7 suit petrovtsiy
8 warm vest
9 insulated suit
10 summer suit
11 scarf
12 cap summer
13 hat-face mask (Balaclava)
14 hat insulated
15 gloves wool blend
16 mittens insulated with removable insulation
17 Baul-1

included In VKB includes 23 pieces of clothing, including 3 pairs of shoes. The kit includes three choices of underwear (t-shirt and panties, as well as two choices of t-shirts with long sleeve and pants), jacket, windbreaker, fleece jacket, winter jacket, windbreak moisture proof jacket and pants, insulated suit, a few pairs of shoes, a scarf, three choices of hats, gloves, mittens, socks, etcD. All garments for transportation and storage are Packed in the trunk.

According to reports, is a set of WCBA provides a comfortable work of the soldier in different weather conditions. The minimum composition of the garments is designed to work at temperatures above +15° C. In the maximum configuration of the insulated VCBO protects against temperatures up to -40° C. The possibility of combining the layers in accordance with the weather and intensity of the planned works is one of the main advantages of VCBO front of the uniforms of the old models.

By design, the kit, the main item of clothing in the summer will be the summer soldier costume consisting of jacket and trousers, light cap and shoes with high bertsami, intended for use at temperatures from +15°C. For autumn and winter use are offered windbreak moisture proof suit and a set of insulated clothing. Depending on weather conditions and chosen shoes.

Great attention in the development of a set of WKBO was paid to the garments designed to ensure comfort at low temperatures. So, during the research it was found that cotton fabric does not fully meet all the requirements, resulting in their use only as material and linen summer suit. Other pants and jackets are made of modern synthetic materials, including insulation. An additional advantage of the new materials is their portability. Insulated suit, if necessary, can be coiled and folded into a compact bag the size 20х20х20 see Old materials do not provide such ease of transport.

To protect the head and neck designed scarf-bib, hat-face mask (T.B. Balaklava) and warm hat (ushanka). Given the emergence of new means of communication, the latter has special valves for ease of use headphones. Less in comparison with other items of clothing the number of hats sharply reduces the number of possible combinations of their use, however, and in this case ensures comfortable working in all the stated temperature ranges.

Despite the many disputes, a set of WCBO does not include the traditional for our army puttees. Instead, soldiers and officers are encouraged to use socks two options, summer and winter.

hand Protection at low temperatures is provided by gloves and mittens. The latter can be strapped to the bags, quickly remove and put on. Mittens have a relatively simple design and are only meant to protect your hands from the cold. Using them when carrying out any works can be difficult. In addition, the gloves impossible to shoot. For weapons they have to remove.

Claimed the life of an all-Season set of basic outfit – 3-5 years. The kit issued to a soldier, and after his demobilization passes sanitization, repair and, if necessary, be issued to another recruit. In this case, all recruits will receive a new set of underwear. It is alleged that the materials used are able to withstand a full-scale operation for three years.

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