Vibram — a world leader in the manufacture of soles for mountain boots. The sole is made of very durable rubber that has excellent traction. Ensures maximum support and durability.

More than 70 years the famous yellow octagon, associated with the Vibram brand, has been synonymous with quality and reliability. A company with a 30-ies started to produce the first mountain rubber soles, and since then has established itself as the standard in the market. The Vibram sole was tested in many extreme situations, participated in almost all ascents on the highest peaks of the world.

In the manufacture of soles always achieve three goals: guarantee best of work, maximum level of comfort and quality. The outsole Vibram® are constantly tested, both in laboratory conditions and in nature specially created for this purpose team.

  • the History of the company has more than 70 years.

In 1935, member of the Italian Alpine club and renowned mountain guide Bramaņi Vitale led a group of climbers who had to climb a few peaks in the Italian Alps.
at First the weather favored athletes, but during the peak Rasika (Punta Rasica), narrow ridge height 3305м was a heavy and prolonged snowstorm.

In those days, climbers used to navigate through relatively flat terrain of heavy boots with a black Shoe nails hard soles, and steep sections – lightweight shoes with flexible and thin soles felt.
They are allowed to feel good rock relief, but did not provide sufficient protection from cold and moisture.
And if the soles were wet, despite the negative temperatures felt icy just slip on the stone, so that the ascent and the descent became impossible.
That boots and has become one of the factors that killed six members of the group who died from frostbite.

Exactly this issue and asked Bramaņi.
To replace the felt was required to come up with a sole that would satisfy a number of conflicting requirements – would be thin and flexible, well shielded from cold and moisture and, of course, were great on the rocky terrain.
as the material Bramaņi chose a vulcanized rubber, a material known to that time about a hundred years.
Almost a year he picked up the rubber to achieve the desired hardness and abrasion resistance, and developed the picture that would firmly gripped on any surface.
In 1937, he patented his invention – the rubber sole Carrarmato, which translated from Italian means "ahead", and began producing soles with tire Pirelli Tire Company.
as a trademark, the inventor chose the acronym of his name and surname (Vitale Bramani) – Vibram.

Shoes with Vibram soles quickly became known among climbers.
But the real world fame came to the company in 1954, two Italian climbers, Lino Lacedelli and Achille, Compagnoni, made the ascent to the second highest (but probably first on the difficulties and dangers of) top of the world – mount Chogori or K2: one of the main items of the Italian athletes were boots with Vibram soles.
Since then, the boots with a bright yellow polygon and labeled Vibram soles have left their traces on all the conquered peaks of the Earth, and the word itself has become almost a household word for Hiking boots.
Now the company produces 35 million soles, one hundred and fifty species per year, and over a thousand manufacturers are using them in their shoes.

  • In the end, it is possible to allocate following advantages of Vibram soles:
  • Excellent traction - both in dry and wet surfaces
  • components Specially designed sole recognised as the best on the market - properties non-slip soles and excellent durability
  • the Lack of hooks in the middle of the sole allows the foot to bend naturally
  • non-Slip properties of the sole are stored in different temperature conditions - both in heat and in cold
  • Protectors located in all directions that provides excellent traction

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