Setting the tent up in the rain and high winds

The rain

In the rain it is most convenient to pitch a tent with an external skeleton. Thrown to the ground, stretched between arcs and finished. Everything inside is dry. But with more extended ones we vnutricletocnami tents is also all not so tragic.

First of all, if there is a group tent or some tree with spreading crown, the tent is going under it, and then simply transferred to the desired location (many modern tents due to its flexible frame keep their shape even without being pinned to the ground).

If anything similar is not present, then proceed as follows. Lay on the ground inner tent thrown over it pre-assembled and arc immediately put on top of the awning. After which it assemble all this ugliness. Perfect dryness here, of course, to be expected. But it turns out quite acceptable.

The wind

Generally, strong winds for our flat terrain it's not frequent. And especially if the camp is set up somewhere in the forest, under the protection of the trees. But here in the mountains, sometimes blowing very seriously. To the extent that angle you can stand, and the water pouring from the mug horizontally.

When the wind is strong, the worst that can happen is that the corny tent will rip from your hands and will be swept away in "boundless space". Hop - and today you spend the night under the open sky. So during installation it is better to be on the alert:

  1. The first thing that is done, taking the inner tent out of the bag, she immediately perestrahovatsya (fastened for any loop) to the backpack. Not to fly away.
  2. Installed on the arc, and thereby stretch the bottom of the tent. But don't hang the ceiling so as not to increase the windage . And in this state safely fasten the corners of the tent to the ground (mount the tent on the rocks, sand and snow...). Then we throw the same backpack already inside the tent.
  3. Only after that, put on the hooks in the ceiling and see how it will behave in the wind.
  4. Similarly, pristrojova to the hand or to its own belt, fix it on the tent and fastened storm delays.

Putting up the tent, try to Orient it to the wind. That is thus that it creates the least resistance. This is especially critical for tents, similar in shape to a sunfish full face . And, if possible, do not put it to the wind entrance. Otherwise, you will have to unbutton to take something, it will swell like a sail.

To the smaller tent shook and blew into her from below, storm skirt (subject to availability thereof) halt on the perimeter with snow or stones. Also, in strong winds making it secure around often vozvodyaschimsya wall of great boulders or blocks of dense, chirovanga snow.

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