Setting the tent up on rocks, sand and snow

When parked on the rocks sticking pegs, usually, nowhere. And all sorts of options with their rasklinivaem and prisalivaya stones due to turbulence in the wind is very often end the night by rush with a restore destroyed homes. So in mountain Hiking for reducing weight pegs as a rule, simply do not take. And take instead of them a coil of thin rope 2-4 mm in diameter. Her pieces by 1.5 - 2 m cables to lugs, in which were inserted the pegs, wound on large stones, firmly securing thereby the tent .

With frequent stops on the stones, not to slash them on the bottom of the tent, sometimes use an additional fabric lining - Floor Protector or Footprint .

When installing tents on the sand or other loose soil, such as peat, pegs, even being stuck until it stops, keeps very badly. Minimum force, and snatches them from the earth.

If you have the opportunity to prepare in advance, and think it is possible to take a small additional load, then you can use a special wide pegs for loose soil  or to put on the usual pegs additional "wings" .

Of alternative ways, if there are stones (in sandy soils they generally curved shape and is difficult to wind the rope), you can flatten them getting out stakes . Or instead of peg can be in deep to get the piece tucked under the arm of the stick. If you have trekking sticks – all wonderful. With their rings they can easily even stubborn stuck in the sand.

As another option, you can mount the tent on a sand anchor – buried in the soil at 20-30 cm any bulky items: branches, plastic bottles, plastic bags filled with the same sand . Method requires a little work pot as shovels, but very effective.


In the snow all of the techniques are similar. With the only difference that more often there are good substitutes for pegs: the axes , ice screws, skis, telescopic sticks (sticks better to stick upside down to remove the ring, so then it was easier to pull out of frozen snow ).


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