Fabric Mirage

- synthetic fabric production company JSC "Mogotex". Consists of a mixture of polyester and cotton, viscose. Polished and velvety to the touch fabric.

These fabrics and insulation have the ability to retain heat, not inferior to wool, unlike natural fabrics do not accumulate, and dissipate excess body moisture, providing comfort, not create obstacles when moving, resistant in continuous operation, restores the form at any deformation, do not cause allergic reactions. These fabrics can be with anti-electrostatic thread, which removes the static electricity. Shirt fabric finish is applied by sanding, creating a noise-reducing effect.

Existing brands:

Mirage-180, polyester - 67%, viscose - 33%

Mirage-210, polyester - 67%, cotton - 33%

Mirage 250, a polyester - 67%, cotton - 33%

A collection of tactical clothing "Attack" manufactured by Magellan, is made entirely of fabrics of group "the Mirage", which applied in new chemical technologies.

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