Tactical gear

includes some parts of equipment. This and the classic elements: a backpack, a vest and a satchel, and more advanced types of ammunition, which continue to grow with new members. Interestingly, even the first parts, among them military caps, invented several tens or even hundreds of years ago, have not lost their relevance, but have undergone some changes and improvements.

the Value of the technology

Modern technologies which are being actively implemented in development of the tactical elements of the equipment, allow to give all the details of new properties to meet modern quality standards. Keep track of the latest innovations on the example of the range of the Abrams. The changes affected such aspects of manufacturing equipment:

  • style;
  • cut;
  • materials.

the New models are characterized by improved functionality and new look. Most of the details, including the same boots, different more sporty forms. This approach allows to reconcile them not only with the army uniform, but civilian clothing.

What does tactical gear

Range parts tactical gear constantly grows and changes. Among the most traditional items are:

  • the body armor. Modern configuration provides the ability to quickly drop in order to save time;
  • a special belt. Usually are supplied with suspenders, which allows you to mold the belt-shoulder design of a modular type;
  • gloves, elbow pads and knee pads to protect limbs;
  • points;
  • boots, caps, etcD.

the Materials used for the manufacture of tactical equipment, selected according to several criteria. They must possess excellent dynamic strength to a large active loads, being resistant to shocks, possible to "extinguish" them, preventing the influence on the body of a fighter. In addition, it is important that the materials he possessed all the qualities resistant to frost and heat resistance, to provide a more comfortable environment weather.

Another factor that has received particular attention is the security of raw materials for the manufacture tactical gear. It should not contain toxic elements or colors.

Modern production continues to introduce new technologies that would provide a more practical and functional items with a high level of reliability and improvement of protective properties.

There are several types of personal equipment of soldiers, not counting the satchels, backpacks and body armor. Some of them have become true classics and are used in modern conditions, having a significant evolution, and some were invented recently, using the latest materials.

the Introduction of modern technologies and new requirements for tactical equipment are unable to be reflected on his appearance. Has changed not only the style, the cut of the outfit, but the material from which it manufactured. New models have acquired more functionality and considerably changed in appearance. Now they have an excellent sporty look and are suitable for use, both military and peaceful purposes.

Modern equipment includes a large number of items, which include, for example, stores of ammunition, equipment, ammunition, weapons and electronics. Basically, all of the above in one way or another fixed on a body. Therefore, correct their placement allow the fighter to save advantage when solving operational and strategic problems. In this regard, was the topical application of different schemes and unloading systems:

CPF - Belt-Shoulder System.

Is a shoulder strap and waist belt, features a quick-release clasps made of plastic. To your belt using the attached clip pouches.


we Can say that the bib consists of three components: panel, waistband and shoulder straps. On the panel of the bib are fixed or can be sewn on MAG pouches, shoulder straps are usually crossed on the back and strap secures the bib bottom. Bibs conveniently used in the techniques that made them very popular.


Refers to the subsidiary parts of equipment. This is a kind of for shops or modular platform, which has a long, wide strap and is worn over the shoulder. Modular bandolier appeared recently, but already widely used. With their help it is convenient to carry ammunition used.

Tactical belt and thigh platform

Tactical belt, usually used in conjunction with the bib. Soft modular belt sometimes comes with suspenders that convert to a modular PSA. Thigh platform designed to host small pouches, sheath, auxiliary equipment. Can be modular or fixed pouches. Be attached to tactical vest or belt with fastex.

Tactical (unloading vest)

Modern have net based, which makes them "non-dimensional", so that they easily can be worn in a variety of figure fitting using adjustable belts with buckles. In front they fasten with a zipper or fastex. In waistcoats, the load is distributed over a larger area of the hull, not on the belt like in the CPF system.

the Use of different schemes of placement of equipment and ammunition on the body allows you to achieve the right balance, which is essential in the realization of the fighter tasks. This allows to reach and also their rational combination. So, for example, along with wearable location of ammunition used g-platform, which increases the useful area for additional weapons and gear. The application of such solutions allows to remove unnecessary burden from your shoulders, and it more evenly distributed, to shift the center of gravity down, thereby ensuring greater stability of the fighter.

Special tools for placement on your own body of a huge number of items are essential not only to the soldiers. Paintball player or need special pockets for storing ammunition and empty shops, the hunter needs to have a decent supply of ammo, and lover of active recreation, a flashlight, a shovel, drinking water and ration.

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