Airsoft (from the English. strike — blow, ball — ball) Russian equivalent of team play, better known as airsoft (eng. Airsoft) is a non — profit, command, military-sports game with the use of so-called "soft tires" (muzzle energy not exceeding 3 joules) using plastic balls with a caliber of 6 or 8 mm, not containing colored pigments (what distinguishes this game from paintball). Main weapon type the gun (pneumatic gun) in use called drive. There are also models of weapons with compressed gas. Basically the game involves two or more teams. Airsoft games are more extended in time the plot over a large area limited only by imagination and desire (hence the branch in the form of stalkerlike and role-playing games using airsoft weapons), high copy number (up to full compliance) existing military formations of different countries, the lack of individual and team rankings (due to the lack of judges, scoring). The game is conducted on honesty. In different countries there are limitations to airsoft weapons and rules. Regarding airsoft, there are two basic rules: the first by the Association of airsoft and the Council of commanders.

the organizers of the games indicate which set of rules the game is played. In addition, it is possible to deviate from the General rules on individual games or own rules. But the basic idea is that airsoft is a game of friends, so you have to play so that the enemy was nice.

Airsoft (airsoft) - command military-sports game, common almost all over the world (banned in some countries). Has many subspecies and versions: from the most entertaining half-hour's rest on the analogy of paint-ball to a very thoughtful approach to the game, where tactics and strategy are crucial, and the game itself can last several days, which makes airsoft look like real fighting. In the latter case, the load on the player's very strong and not all airsoft is able to withstand the psychological and physical pressure. In our understanding, the correct airsoft is a game in the middle between simple entertainment straykbolistov harsh and exhausting.

Airsoft is a military-sports game in which participants use for firing electro-pneumatic realistic copies of military small arms, made of metal or plastic. They fire plastic balls with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm weighing between 0.12 to 0.43 grams. The game is played on honesty — when hit in any part of the body, the player should find himself amazed, wear a red headband during the day or turn red in the dark and out of the game on certain game rules. The duration varies from several hours to several days, at the games are used as special ammunition — binoculars, scopes, night vision equipment and military vehicles — the UAZ, BTR, BMP, BRDM, some games uses water and air equipment.

Among the airsoft guns there are rifles, machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns. The weight, appearance and even the rate of fire is fully consistent with real-world counterparts. Also use grenades, mines and streamers, using as damaging elements plastic balls or peas with initializer on the basis of industrially manufactured firecrackers "Corsair 4" or "Corsair-6". The games often present mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and models of guns.

welcome To the airsoft simulation. In this case, the players use the uniform and equipment of actual military units around the world. Uniforms usually are delivered in order from the country of the simulated units.

the complete straykbolistov have a radio with headset for communication with the command and group partners.

this is a game in which the tempo constantly changes, then sit in ambush, to escape through the spruce forest, crawl through the swamp. Realism and closeness to combat stress - the main reason for the love of airsoft.

the Story of

According to the magazine "Kommersant", originated in Japan, after world war II, the Japanese lost not only the army but also the rights of vladeniearhipelagom weapons. The terms of surrender should have been followed, but to work out the tactics of the self defense forces the Japanese came up with toy guns, which shoot plastic balls. Instead of the powder charge used compressed gas having a lower energy, allowing to carry out tactical exercises without risk of loss of trainees.

In the late 80's, early 90's the Japanese have created a complete copy of military weapons, the principle of which is based on pneumatic shooting plastic balls of 6 mm caliber, many of these copies not only to fully reproduce the appearance of the military sample, but have the same weight, firing rate and even the principle of Assembly disassembly, and recoil when firing. The weapons are divided in principle into three categories: mechanical, electro-pneumatic and gas cylinder, this will be discussed later.

so, is a team game in which shooting is conducted from the pneumatic precise copies of real military weapons, made of plastic and light alloy plastic balls of 6 mm caliber and weighing from 0.12 to 0.43г. The defeat of the player at least one ball in any player's position or his suspension is considered to be that player killed. The game is conducted on HONESTY. Immediately explain that you should not look for analogies with paintball: too much of a difference between game weapons, equipment and tactics, and goals of the game, although according to some American paintball players, paintball newcomers come here, and held the paintball players looking for comfort and new experiences in airsoft. Us airsoft provides the ability to get the adrenalin, the maximum reproducing some realities that had formerly a place in military history. Worth at least fun to crawl on his belly through the swamp, overgrown with sedge and fern in a real tropical uniforms and combat gear U.S. army during the Vietnam war with almost a real M-16 rifle in hand, to surprise the enemy, not waiting for the attack, and plenty to mock, watching as he runs up under the barrage of "white cranberry" as it is called 6mm balls because of their predominantly white.

Manufacturing of airsoft weapons and equipment employed about a half dozen firms, located mostly in Japan, among which the leading place is held firm from Tokyo called "marui".

Now marui - firm, most popular both in Japan and in Europe. It has the most impressive range of airsoft guns and accessories at affordable prices - more than 100 items. The individual nodes of production marui, as well as some technological methods used by other manufacturers.

All weapons production to marui and many other manufacturers can be divided into several categories:

  1. Mechanical weapons. The most numerous category. Includes about 50 models of pistols, submachine guns and assault rifles. Shot is produced by running a modified trigger spring-loaded piston, moves within the pneumatic chamber. Before each shot, the piston is required to cock the muscular force of the arrow, distorting the valve, or allocating back the loading handle (for machines). All the models in this and other categories are provided with weights positioned in the handle and inside of the bolt. The purpose of weighting is to bring the weight to the weight of the prototype. The main body material - high impact plastic. Pneumatic chamber, piston, trigger mechanism - high-density polyethylene. The barrel is brass, the bore is polished. Sighting range is 10 - 15 yards for pistols and 20 -25 m for the machines. Rate - 1 aimed shot per second. For machines the rate may be somewhat increased by the introduction of auxiliary devices of reloading. There are two types of shopping for of weapons in this category, with capacity, typically 14 - 20 balls. Quite clever in design, but not very convenient to use the so-called "bulk" store, to fill which need with a special lever to take down and put spring loaded feeder on the latch, and then, inside covered balls. Such a store cannot be reversed, which does not allow to have a curb replacement shops. With the introduction of such a store to handle special ledge inside it releases the latch and frees the feeder that sends the balls into the inlet tract. If you take the store not having spent all the balls, the rest just scatter in different directions. Another type of shop easier, but it requires complications in the design of the weapon. Such a store does not have a latch, but the top is provided with a protective arc, holding the top bulb with a coiled spring shop that simplifies the process of loading a magazine of balls, a number comparable to the real process and makes it possible to carry a few curb stores. To load such a store must be through a cutout in the wall of the take down lever spring feeder and hold it in this position with one hand, gently sprinkle the balls in the store, and then gradually return the lever into place. Finally, the third type is the shop, which are equipped with models of machines in this category. Instead of crash bars in its upper part they have a stopper that is released when the introduction of the store into the neck of the machine. Capacity automatic store 40 - 50 balls. Marui produces, also, a considerable collection of "children's" automatic pistols reduced weight. Precisely copying the "adult" sample, they are attenuated and reduced weight hammer spring for easier cocking and reduce the likelihood of injuries in children's games.
  2. Gas-cylinder weapons: in the catalog "marui" is Copied, as a rule trigger patterns that are driven by energy of compressed gas injected through the valve in the handle. The principle of operation is similar to the gas-cylinder pistol under steel balls of calibre 4.5 mm. When retracting the bolt along with it leaves the feeder, which during reverse pushing into the chamber the next ball and keeping him there, firmly locking the barrel with a rubber gasket. Cut the rear of the bolt cocks the hammer and sheptala remain in this position. During the descent the trigger his head hits the gas filled valve of the dispenser, opening it vigorously for a short time. Extending, pushes out from the chamber and the bulb that twists up, thanks to a special rubber gasket special shape, situated at the start of the receiver channel. This system of twist of the ball, which, incidentally, is equipped and some models are "mechanical" in the series have the untranslatable name of "Hop-up". It allows the ball to achieve a more sustainable trajectory while increasing effective range, which is more than 20 meters. Also, shooting from compressed gas weapon may occur and samutpada, which greatly increases the rate of fire, however, at the expense of accuracy. Shopping at these pistols are, like the "mechanical". Relatively not so long ago marui has started the production of gas revolvers. Now among them a Colt Python and a Smith-Wesson M-19 in various embodiments with a barrel length of 2.5, 4, 6 inch. The drum of this revolver has a 6-bolt, each of which is manually charging 4 balls. It is easy to count that the ammunition of this gun will be 24 balls. An ingenious device, the gas is fed to each chamber alternately after turning the drum. Was recently released and a speed loader in the form of tubes with balls and the stem that allows you to fill balloons at once one chamber.
  3. Among the gas samples by their originality copies of pistols, as performed by "Blow back", which literally can be translated as "return blow". Compressed air is pumped directly into the store with the balloons. When firing it the bolt carrier of the gun moves back, simulating the recoil like a real gun, and after firing all the balls from the store stands on the slide stop.

the Advantages of airsoft compared to other military games

  1. the Reality of weapons, (meaning almost complete line of airsoft guns, real gun).
  2. Small traumatic impact on the player. Unlike paintball, where a player needs to be protected rather bulky armor, which reduces mobility, sight and hearing, the player in the airsoft may be limited to protective devices for the eyes, whether light plastic or net-mosquito-net.
  3. Unlimited area for play, which can be any forest, field, playing fields or urban settings (buildings, construction).
  4. the relative cheapness and ease of ammunition (compared to paintball).
  5. the Principle of operation models can fire from any position of arms.
  6. Minimal impact on airsoft guns climatic conditions.


What is airsoft? There are many definitions. Here are some of them.

(English version of "airsoft") is a modern type of outdoor activities. Command military-sports game in which shooting is conducted from exact copies of firearms from different countries of the world, the model not only recreate the look of the combat, but having the same weight, firing rate and even the principle of Assembly and disassembly.

the Game – a collective rest in the bosom of nature, neutralizing negative emotions and aggression, the joy of mutual communication. Constant mutual support when playing airsoft increases team spirit and unites the team together.

– a new type of training on team building. It's no secret that special agencies are already using elements of extreme sports (Wh. airsoft) for the cohesion of working teams. During the day's play in the team accurately tracked the strengths and weaknesses of people, revealed a vowel and the secret leader, the Executive are determined and resourceful people. Cooperation needed for success. And due to the extreme conditions (war is war, even if it is fake) increases stress resistance of the staff.

Airsoft (AIRSOFT) is primarily informal military-applied sport, as well as command military-sports game that can provide collective active outdoor recreation, to relieve stress, to neutralize the aggressive moods and emotions, to deliver the joy of mutual communication of people, United by a common passion, spirit and desire, those wishing to strengthen their physical and mental health, find true friends, to learn new things and develop existing skills in the military-applied kinds of sport.

Airsoft is a team's unofficial sport, with military-applied orientation and includes various forms of the games and competitions.

the Essence of the games lies in the modeling of hostilities by the warring parties with the use of pneumatic copies of small arms, standing on the armament of armies of different States. appeared in Japan in the late 80-ies of the 20 century as a member of the Japanese self-defence forces, subsequently became popular in many countries around the world as an extreme sport for teams simulating military units of armies of the world. In Russia began to develop since 1997 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. At the moment the sport in the Moscow region is engaged in more than 4 thousand people who work in teams of 10-40 people. Throughout Russia the total number of airsoft exceed 8-9 thousand people and this number is growing every day.

Airsoft games are conducted according to the standard rules, taking into account the observance of various safety rules and standards of behavior among participants and observers. With the emergence of various directions in airsoft, there are some differences in the rules, which reflect the essence of this diversity.

pneumatic Airsoft copies of small arms, appearance, and often weight and some elements of Assembly/disassembly firearms resemble those prototypes. As a striking element used plastic beads with a diameter of 6-8 mm, which are in direct contact with the exposed areas of the body is not capable of inflicting serious injury. Pneumatic airsoft copies of small arms according to the legislation of the Russian Federation are not weapons and are in free float.

Airsoft is often compared to paintball, but there are significant differences. First of all, the principle of recognition of the defeat of the player. If in paintball is the paint on the uniforms in airsoft it's only a personal recognition a player of his defeat, as plastic balls do not leave traces. The game is played on honesty! The effective range of fire in airsoft is 60-80 m. that allows you to successfully simulate in terms of woodland, and urban development. Area of polygons airsoft much more than paintball sites and is typically 4-15 km2 or more. A less traumatic and airsoft, unlike paintball, you do not need additional protective equipment, in addition to ballistic points. Airsoft teams try to simulate specific units of the various armies of the world that lies in using specific forms, equipment, armament. Many teams choose the simulation object units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Army.

the Bulk of airsoft, it is a youth - students, young employees of various specialties, as well as former and current military personnel, Russia and other power structures. Gradually in the sport comes the youth pre-conscription age. In addition to Russia this sport is actively developing in Japan, England, France, USA, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Belarus.

Airsoft is not like journalists. Here's a simple introductory report on the subject. In the frame members of different teams from Pskov and St. Petersburg, for example, White, givati, OpFor and Sea Rats.

Particularly effective play airsoft when you need to solve the problem of Dating and establishing relationships between "established" team and new employees. At the same time, Airsoft is a kind of healthy life without alcohol and other bad habits. Airsoft - original gift for yourself, friends and loved ones. Want unusually to celebrate an important event? Order the game of airsoft for the whole company (10 people). To play airsoft on our playgrounds or in your territory. A small digression into history. Airsoft (in most countries airsoft) originated in post-war Japan for training of the national forces of self-defence the use of weapons, both firearms and paintball markers are prohibited. In the end we developed "weapons" that exactly mimic the weight, size and appearance of the present, but shot six-millimeter plastic balls. It allowed for tactical training, to fix the shots and hits, plunging the participants of the training in situations as close to real conditions. Over time, airsoft has gained popularity worldwide as a form of active recreation and Hobbies. In Russia airsoft came in 1996 In Belarus, according to some airsoft began to appear early 2004. Weapon (drive airsoft, AEG (airsoft electric gun)) "Weapon" in airsoft is called "drive", as in fact the weapon according to the Law "About the weapon" it is not. In airsoft shooting is soft Pneumatics — structurally similar to arms products, using compressed air tossing a plastic ball with a diameter 6 or 8 mm, weight from 0.12 to 0.43 g and a muzzle energy not exceeding 3 joules. Getting perceptible, but not painful, if you wear the mandatory protection. Unlike paintball, where you shoot paint balls, plastic balls of paint traces do not leave. The game is conducted on honesty.

The airsoft play, primarily because of "Anthracnose", atmosphere, sense of immersion into the reality of real fighting, which is modeled in the game. The weapons and equipment looks no different from real one. Polygons for the game can be any sufficiently remote from civilian population areas: abandoned factories, military units, day camp, vacation houses just woods and any other rough terrain.

the Rules

the Essence of the game is the team carrying out the scenario tasks in compliance with the rules of the game. Participants must be mentally balanced citizens not residing in the state of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication.

as a gaming equipment players use so-called soft air gun, driven by an electric motor, a reserve of compressed gas (gas mixture of carbon dioxide) or the muscular force of the player. In the player's equipment also includes protective gear, including safety goggles. The player without goggles that can withstand to stop getting plastic bulb, to participate in the game is not allowed.

the Game is played on honesty, until the first hit, so there is no dispute between players during the game are not allowed. Players are exploring relationships among themselves during the game, leave it until the very end.

honesty of the players is the cornerstone of airsoft, since the responsibility for compliance with the rules (unlike otpanel) is on the players. This means that affected by the rules the player must recognize the fact of defeat, immediately to wear a clearly visible armband red color and follow to camp or otherwise specified by the scenario.

the Duration of one game is from several hours to several days (depending on site, game scenario and number of players). The games can be different tough conditions of participation — for example, conformity of equipment defined model.

Types of games

depending on the number of players of the game are divided into Military and tactical command.

Military-tactical game is held at a relatively large number of participants (100 people or more), the game takes place on a pre-developed scenario.

a Team the game is played with fewer players (one team of 6-10 people), represents the testing of specific tasks (capture the growing area of the enemy, a group, ambush, etcD.) Depending on the game types, is different and the time they took place. So, if Military-tactical game can last from 12 to 48 hours, the team is no more than an hour.

There are several types of games with different objectives, venue, Cycling equipment, requirements and so on. The most common and popular types of games is "Sausage", CQCS , MilSim and ARW.


Or "sausage war", the everyday name regarding short games in a small area regardless of the type of property. Without exaggeration sausage is the starting point of airsoft in Russia. It is a dynamic game on almost any terrain, essentially representing an embodiment of computer games in reality, was (not without merit is the Chinese producers airsoft weapons) the impetus for involvement, dissemination and further qualitative growth and popularization of airsoft.


  • CQCS or Close Quarters Combat Simulation — simulation of fights in rooms with facilities no more apartment rooms. Fight of this type is characterized by stiffness , the suddenness, the cohesiveness of teams.

Some features:

  • the Shape of the garment have to match playing period and unit;
  • using the stores only type of "mechanical" (50-120 balls in one);
  • Allowed the use of unarmed combat within the stipulated rules.

Military simulation

  • MilSim or "military simulation" implies the imitation of the actions of the real soldiers (the Charter, marches, guards, patrols), and sop.

Some features :

  • the Shape of the garment have to match playing period and unit;
  • using the stores only type of "mechanical" (50-120 balls in one);
  • stores the type "hopper" (400-2000 ,and even 4000 balls) can only use heavies;
  • Sometimes it is pretty hard for beginners because of longer duration than in other games.
  • the Main difference from other games, this one life the entire game


  • ARW or "airsoft real war" - is performed without time limits, without lively, with "wounded" and a limited "ammunition". The rules require in store such number of the holders envisaged in the prototype of combat (if in combat AK-74 30 rounds, can be used in a "mechanical" shop for 100 balls only 30). Players only die once per game.

Rules are mixed in any proportions. On big official games (Opening and Closing) play by the rules of the game suits the organization, and by agreement between the teams, to add to the normal rules of injury and limit the ammo (up to card, torn from the cartridge drawer before you can recharge it). Cartridge boxes were introduced and the FIGHTS — you cannot Dasaratha, and boxes players carry between checkpoints. Informal games can be different extraordinary (by airsoft standards) plot to demand from the players solve unusual problems, to have a more interesting "package" of tasks and even include RPG elements.

the Official game

Large game is primarily an annual Opening and Closing airsoft season, as well as some themed games. In such games the players come from many cities, and sometimes from abroad. The total number of players can reach a few thousand people. To create environment for big games can attract technique: trucks, armored vehicles, water transport, tanks, aircraft. Opening and closing by the Association of airsoft the AC are interpreted as the festival of airsoft.

Private games

Private games organized for the games with reinforced requirements on the surroundings or the pilot test of the planned innovations in the rules. Be in the courtroom only invited teams or players. They may be introduced some restrictions not provided for by the General Rules of airsoft, or doing some specified.

International game

Europe's Largest airsoft games are considered games in the series "Berget"

Spread airsoft

Photos from the game "Time 2 rage", which took place near Kiev, Ukraine, 13 October 2007

the Airsoft guns in the world

Airsoft to date, not widely spread in the world , but in developed countries such as Japan or USA, is a sport . In these countries official airsoft community and associations , such as Columbus Airsoft Association .

Airsoft in Russia

the Airsoft was created in Russia as a local variety of the game with equipment class soft air in 1997. Every year in the forests near Moscow are airsoft battles (around 10 per year/season). The biggest games are: The opening of the season (may day holidays) and end of season (last weekend of September). Every airsoft season in Russia is gaining momentum. For example, in may 1997, the first game went 12 people, we had only two units of the automatic weapon. In August 1998 and played, about 30 people, which account for about 25 units with automatic weapons, in may 1999 we had over 40 people and everyone had automatic weapons, may 2000 - playing for about 90, may 2001 - 120, and at the close of the 2001 season, in September, was playing more than 140 people, nearly all with automatic (electric) weapon, and in early 2002, we gathered for a game more than 300. Of course, the bulk of playing airsoft is concentrated in Moscow, but there are plenty of teams in the regions and in the neighboring countries. For example, a fairly large team in St. Petersburg, Perm, Murmansk, Rostov-on-don and also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. I would like to mention that airsoft in Russia is not a commercial game and therefore all the weapons and equipment players buy themselves and for their money.

In Moscow as of early 2013 there are two major informal public associations — the Association of airsoft and the Council of Commanders.

In St. Petersburg as of fall 2012 there are several airsoft associations: SAVED ("St. Petersburg Association of airsoft" 86 teams, 12 blocks according to directions), USC (the"Company airsoft team";21 team) and others. Only in St. Petersburg more than 150 teams.


illustration of the version 2 gearbox

the Main facet of his game is straykbolistov equipment class soft air (eng. airsoft), hurled by compressed air or gas mixture plastic ball with diameter 6 or 8 mm weighing from 0.12 to 0.43 g. In this regard, the playing eye protection (safety glasses) is mandatory in airsoft.

the principle of operation there are three types of "drives":

  • Spring piston (spring) - the closing spring is effected by the muscular power of a player, mostly sniper rifles, and shotguns.
  • electro-Pneumatic (AEG) - powered by a gear motor supplied from the battery (the most common in airsoft the type of equipment).
  • Gas (GAS) is used as the working fluid compressed gas mixture or carbon dioxide.

Classification on the sides of the games:

  • USA: Camouflage - tan, multicam, etc. Drive: assault rifles M-series (M16, M4A1), FN SCAR L(H); sniper rifles Barret M82A1, M14 and M24; pistols Colt 1911 and Beretta; machine guns FN M249 and Mk 46.
  • Germany/Germany: Camouflage - flecktarn, multicam, etc. Drive: assault rifles G-series (G3, G36 and modifications); sniper rifles Barret M82A1, G3A; pistols Heckler und Koch (45, USP), Mauser; submachine guns HK MP7, and HK UMP and MP5 (variants), machine gun HK MG 4.
  • Russia/USSR: Camouflage - Russian figure, Slide R. Drive: the AK series (AK, AK-74, "hundredth" series AK-12), АН94, AEK; SVD sniper rifle, special sniper rifle "Val" and VSS "Vintorez"; pistols, PM, PYA"Grach"; submachine gun PP-19 "Bizon" and MP5N (special services); machine guns RPK, PKM and PKP Pecheneg.
  • China: Camo - multicam red or blue, a "kink". Drive: Type a machines-series (Type95/97/03), the Chinese modification of AK; M99 sniper rifle and SVD; guns the type-series; submachine guns NR08.

the Classification of players:

  • re-Enactors — most copy of the selected unit. There are separate (only go to a reenactment of the game is all reenactors of all conflicts and wars to 1957), public and private , playing in the big games.
  • Modelers — not possible to "simulate" the selected OU, they roughly correspond to "edinorossami" commands that no one model, but essentially dress in the same arm and same drives. The level of combat effectiveness equivalent to that of the reenactors.
  • Pokemon (local application) — teams or individuals whose only common colours of camouflage and its availability.
  • 't be scared - without any equipment and clothing (in civilian clothes) that is in bad taste and discouraged in the game.

Firearms for airsoft:

To participate in the game allowed air guns industrial manufacture of plastics and light alloys from among available in free sale. Small airsoft guns must shoot industrially manufactured plastic balls of caliber 6 mm of weight from 0.12 to 0.43 grams. Muzzle energy of the firearms should not exceed 7 Joules. (Turnover of the pneumatic weapon indicated characteristics of the RF Law On weapons is not regulated). Speed bulb at the outlet of the barrel must not exceed: for pistols - 90 m/s. for electric, automatic weapons - 160 m/s. for long guns with single shooting - 200 m/s. (speed is specified by firing a ball of mass of 0.20 grams.).

Varieties of airsoft guns:

1. Model airsoft submachine guns and automatic machines with electric drive on an air compressor. This device allows to conduct automatic fire at a speed of around 700 - 800 rounds per minute to a maximum distance up to 80 meters. This system of twist of the ball,has untranslatable name of hop-up. It allows the ball to achieve a more sustainable trajectory while increasing effective range, E. the shooter can change the strength of the twisting ball, reaching the highest range with sufficient accuracy. Operate such machines high-precision voltage motors 8.4B, which is powered by Nickel cadmium batteries with a capacity of 600 and 1300 mA/h and above. A single charge of the battery is 1300 mAh is enough for about 1000 - 1200 rounds, 600 mA/h - 800 shots .

2. Gas airsoft guns: Copies korkovyh weapon models that are driven by energy of compressed gas injected through the valve in the handle. When retracting the bolt along with it leaves the feeder, which during reverse pushing into the chamber the next ball of caliber 6 mm and holds it there securely locking the barrel with a rubber gasket. Cut the rear of the bolt cocks the hammer and sheptala remain in this position. During the descent the trigger his head hits the gas filled valve of the dispenser, opening it vigorously for a short time. Extending, pushes out from the chamber and the bulb that twists up, thanks to a special rubber gasket special shape, situated at the start of the receiver channel. All models of this category are equipped with adjustable system Hop-up. Sighting range of models with gas systems is more than 20 meters. Among gas samples by their originality copies of guns, in the performance of the Blow back that literally translates as kick back. Compressed air is pumped directly into the store with the balloons. When firing it the bolt carrier of the gun moves back, simulating the recoil like a real gun, and after firing all the balls from the store stands on the slide stop.

the STS TV Channel about airsoft and airsoft guns

Pyrotechnics for airsoft:

for the manufacture of imitation grenades and mines allowed the use of firecrackers industrial manufacturing, certified from among available in free sale. Playing airsoft pyrotechnics shall be made on the basis of industrial production of firecrackers that passed state certification in Russia, and commercially available in Russia. Forbidden to imitate its appearance similar to an actual prototype and developed on the base of firecrackers, without additional effects, where damaging elements are balls airsoft, calibre 6 mm and weighing up to 0.20 grams or of whole dry peas.

"Possible" the use of pyrotechnics in airsoft games:

many airsoft games widely used gaming equipment. It can be invited to play the samples of military equipment under the military, and airsoft gaming equipment, restored, reconstructed or created by the hands of airsoft enthusiasts of motoring, driven by airsoft players.

the Use of gaming technology in airsoft games in Nizhnevartovsk.

Criticism airsoft


Need to be sure to protect your eyes during the game does not save players from multiple injuries: fractures of the arms and legs in falls on the playing areas, broken teeth, perforation of the cheeks and ears. The trauma of airsoft guns is determined both by the nature of the territory in which the game is played (usually rough terrain or buildings) and the experience of players. The experienced players try to pre-inspect game site on the subject of dangerous places. However, it is strongly recommended to have a team kit and players to master the skills of first aid.

the attitude of the public

In Chelyabinsk, was sentenced on first conviction for possession of improvised explosive devices: straykbolistov, home collected improvised explosive devices and detained at Yuzhnouralskaya GRES, received 2 years conditionally with a delay for a year. In production remains and other things.

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