A comparative test of camouflage JABA, MultiCam, A TACS FG, A TACS AU

In mid-may when the vegetation is finished its active growth phase, we decided to perform a small comparative test. They chose popular today, color MultiCam, A-TACS FG (Foliage Green) and A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban), in addition to the list added a new "green" JABA (TOAD "Field"). Thus, in the test participated two camouflage that focus primarily on desert sandy terrain, and two for the most part of the forest camouflage.

For "purity" test, we chose four completely new set of field uniforms, made of identical materials and from the same manufacturer. In the test were used new sets of military uniform MABUTA MK-2 from brand P1G-Tac. This costume, as it is known, is made of a proprietary blended material Profit-On, the material consists of 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

the Test was conducted in the first half of the day, that day was observed in partly cloudy weather without precipitation. In the test we tried to choose the best camera angles, lighting and background, if possible, compared camouflage colors in the same conditions. Plus, for greater objectivity rearranged "camouflage" in places at different distances.

In their comparison test we gave the advantage of flatter terrain with dense vegetation. Chose overgrown forest areas, areas near forest trails with low vegetation and forest hill with dry grass, rotten leaves. In addition, for completeness, filmed the edge of a forest with tall grass and green "young" field. The shooting occurred at distances of 10 to 20 meters, in the distance was increased to 50 meters.

Forest. Dense vegetation

the Woods. A wide forest trail

the Woods. The sandy slope

Edge of the forest

"Young" field

Below is a small video showing the movement in all four colors at the same time. The video depicted blocks "of the Forest. Dense vegetation", "forest" and "Young field". The last two blocks is made in two stages, with the swap of camouflage patterns.

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