Sports tourism

Tourism — temporary visits (travel) people in another country or locality other than the place of permanent residence for a period of from 24 hours to 6 months in any one calendar year or with the Commission at least one overnight stay in entertainment, recreation, sports, guest, educational, religious and other purposes without being engaged in the activity remunerated from a local source.

the Problem of the definition of "tourism"

to Give concise and full definition of "tourism", due to the diversity of functions and a large number of forms of existence, quite difficult. In the process of development has been given different interpretations to this term and each one reflects the various aspects of tourism. The basic criteria for the definition of "tourism" are the following:

Change of venue: moving to a place outside the daily environment.

Stay in a different place: place of residence should not be a place of permanent or long stays (12 months or more).

Payment activities within the place visited: the purpose of the trip should not be the implementation of activities paid from a source within the place visited, or employment (wages).

Modern is impossible without the production of the tourist product: special clothing, equipment, hotels, tour Desk, transport,d and T.p. However, the currently proposed definitions of this activity is not reflected.

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