Equipment list in the campaign

To participate in the mountain Hiking, you need to collect the right clothes, shoes, backpack, etc. - everything that is called personal gear.

Mandatory equipment:

  • Backpack: 60-70 l for women and 70-90 l for men. It is desirable that to it was a waterproof case.
  • Sleeping bag. For winter nice to have down sleeping bags 1.5-2 kg, or synthetics with a temperature of comfort -15-10. For spring, autumn comfortable temperature -5-0, summer 0-+5, for the summer of Crimea will do more lightweight sleeping bag.
  • Mat travel. Placed under the sleeping bag to protect you from the cold during sleep. Might come in handy during the day at rest
  • Tent. If you go to Crimea or the Carpathians, a fairly conventional two-layer arc tent with plastic arches. For 4 people it is easier to carry one large tent than two small. For the Caucasus mountains and winter may need better and more expensive tent with duralumin arcs aerodynamic shape.
  • Mug, spoon, bowl - utensils should be of stainless steel or special plastic. Fork is not needed.


  • Shoes main: worn trekking shoes or boots with non-slip soles. For a hot summer Crimea better running shoes with mesh and non-slip tread soles.
  • Shoes interchangeable: sneakers, sneakers or trekking sandals
  • Rubber flip flops to stay in the Parking lot (if you take sandals, it is possible to do)
  • Socks: from 2 to 5 couples (a good thing Trekking socks (thermo socks) or not to RUB your feet, you can wear two socks)
  • thick woolen Socks for the night (spring and autumn)


  • headwear from the sun (Panama, cap, buff, bandana). When you use caps you have to grease the ears of sunscreen. If you wear a buff or bandana, it burns the nose.
  • t-Shirt 2 PCs. Synthetic is preferable, K. dries faster
  • Thin synthetic or cotton trousers for walking (not jeans - they are uncomfortable, heavy and a long time to dry)
  • Shorts, it is better not denim, and synthetic
  • swimming Trunks (bathing suit)
  • a Change of underwear
  • Windproof waterproof clothing: hooded jacket and pants made of synthetics, ideally the membrane. For rainy mountains such as the Carpathians, is very good to havecloak-poncho (covers you, together with the backpack). As a budget option can be used ordinary plastic raincoat, in this case I advise to take at once 2-3 pieces, K. they are very fast break
  • Light sweater fleece (Polartec) or regular Golf
  • Sweater warm, better a thick fleece (Polartec), spring and fall be sure to take
  • Underwear (set), if not, the pants and t-shirt
  • Warm hat and gloves (fleece or wool). Can be useful in cold weather, especially in spring or autumn. In the header you can also sleep if the head gets cold


  • waterproof bag or plastic bags for packing things. In case of rainy weather you need to have at least one spare things Packed in a sealed package. Then you will change and you will be warm. The sleeping bag also be sure to pack it in a package! If you have a warm sleeping bag, you don't have to think about what to wear for the night, as long as he stayed dry
  • personal care products: a small piece of soap, a toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, wet wipes, toilet paper
  • Led flashlight (headlamp is better) - at least one per tent. You can take spare batteries
  • Documents and money (be sure to put in sealed package)
  • personal first aid kit: a band-aid (normal and bactericidal), an antipyretic, an antibiotic, a stomach disorder, the medicines of their diseases
  • Individual repair kit: a needle, thread, tape. Without fanaticism, one set on a few people
  • Sunscreen (spring, summer). To reduce the weight you can take one tube to multiple people
  • water tank (plastic bottle) 1-2 l

Summer: 01 June-15 September
Autumn: 15 September-15 December
Winter: 15 December-1 April
Spring: 1 April-1 June

Division is conditional (especially for fall and spring) and are affected by changes in the weather.

Optional equipment:

  • Knife
  • the Seat (piece of foam) - allows you to sit on the cold ground, wet grass, protecting against cold and hypothermia. As fastening to the waist elastic band is typically used with the carbine.
  • working Gloves (collect firewood, sitting by this campfire, etc.). Plus you can warm your hands in bad weather
  • Waterproofing and impregnation (spray) for shoes (humid mountains, like the Carpathians)
  • Towel (if you take, small and light)
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone
  • trekking Poles or ski. Recommend to take stick in the Carpathians, the Caucasus, and in Crimea, without them you can do. Useful thing, the most convenient telescopic folding stick. Protect your knees, prevent podvertyvanii foot, save you from injury, help in crossing the Creek. Telescopic poles from low-cost producers are quickly broken. Alternatively, you can find a stick in the woods (not so convenient) or take a regular ski poles.
  • Lanterns (leggings, Shoe covers) on your feet to protect from snow (topical for spring or autumn when the mountains have snow)
  • Sunglasses

do Not bring:

Heavy books, appliances, boilers, axes, stoves (winter), food, glass bottles, cosmetics and other unnecessary things. The public equipment will be evenly distributed depending on gender and strength of the participants. So if you do not want to carry a very heavy backpack, do not bring unnecessary things.

The following list is not intended for full flexibility, you can adjust it depending on the time of year, weather conditions in the region, the nuances of the route, personal characteristics of the organism (e.g., very cold) and soD.

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