The sleeping bags. Key features.

Each campaign is not only on the terrain, but also overnight accommodations, which make up 35% of Hiking time. Depending on how well people rested, so he actively behaves on the route. Hence the provision of comfortable accommodation is important part of preparation for a campaign in the first place, this requires good equipment, in particular sleeping bag. What to choose? In the modern market of tourist equipment a huge number of models, kinds, colors. How among such a variety to choose exactly what you need? In this article, we will discuss the main aspects to be followed while buying sleeping bags.

the Main index in a sleeping bag are temperature indicators, the range of which correspond to the climatic conditions of the area where it will be used. As a rule, each firm marked 3 sleeping bag temperature indicator, the so-called maximum performance, comfort and extreme temperature.

  • Maximum temperature - shows the temperature at which even when unzipped the sleeping bag you can relax and sleep soundly.
  • comfort Temperature - in these conditions, the sleeping bag will be warm and comfortable. You can have a good rest and sleep.
  • Extreme temperature - at this temperature, depending on Your sensitivity to cold and environmental conditions it is necessary to use additional clothing and mats. Indicator extreme temperature indicates the temperature at which the person being in a fully closed sleeping bag would not die from hypothermia.

Men emit more heat than women because women need warmer sleeping bags. Minimum temperature for a woman at 5 ° C higher than that of men.

Consider this example:

an Average woman can sleep comfortably in this sleeping bag when the air temperature is between +22C to +4C, and the average man - at a temperature of +22C to-1C. This sleeping bag should keep enough heat to prevent hypothermia (hypothermia) at temperatures up to -18OC. But at temperatures from -1C to-18C there is already a health risk.

the seasonality of use sleeping bags can be divided into three groups:

  • Trancezone ( early spring, summer, fall) ... -2 ... -5 degrees. This means that the comfort temperature of a sleeping bag will temperature up to 5 degrees, but under adverse weather conditions, You will not freeze in minus 12 - 15 degrees.
  • Summer ...0 ...+5 degrees. This is enough for a comfortable stay.
  • Winter ...- 10...- 25 degrees - but this is more suitable for professionals.

the insulation for sleeping bags used a variety of materials.

Synthetic fillers.

Artificial heaters are a non-woven fabric of synthetic endless hollow fiber. That is, it is such a thin "spaghetti" with one or several internal openings. Such easier to care for, K. they are much easier to wash and after that dry much faster, they, unlike down, does not rot and is absolutely not hygroscopic. Besides, they are much cheaper.

Many companies use their exclusive insulation, typically their properties directly depend on the prices. Cheap insulation can withstand lower temperatures and worse Packed in the fibers of these insulators there is a large amount of air, which only partially can be withdrawn when packing. Expensive insulation can withstand much greater temperatures and well Packed, with the packing of the fibers can be squeezed almost all the air, which when you unpack quickly replenished.

synthetic sleeping bags are much easier to care for, to wash them. Their drying takes 3 to 4 hours (the best result of the popular sleeping 9 hours).


Down the most warm and expensive. Even the "coolest" synthetic in its properties the Pooh has not yet caught up and is unlikely to catch up in the coming years - it is lightweight, highly compressible and after that fully restores its volume, also it is the best insulator. Pooh must be from waterfowl, as it has a natural lubricant, largely preventing the absorption of moisture - otherwise it will start to rot. Eiderdown - the perfect filler for a sleeping bag, but it will cost you many hundreds of dollars. More common type of down for the sleeping bag is goose.

the Minus only in that downy highly afraid of water, when wet it loses its volume, and hence all their insulation. Because wet sleeping bag store you can't (it starts to rot), it is not suitable for long expeditions to places with humid climate. And, unfortunately, it is a very long time to dry even in normal conditions, and therefore needed additional protection.

as outer material in the manufacture of sleeping bags are often used various modifications of nylon (nylon). Except for down sleeping bags, special fabric, which are optimally "hold" Pooh, such as Pertex, Ultrex and others. These fabrics metrosexuals, water resistant and extremely breathable. On the outer fabric of wool and, less commonly, synthetic sleeping bags sometimes applied to a special membrane that protects against moisture from entering and allows fabric to "breathe", that is, remove moisture from the body to the outside. This type of fabric is called Dry-Loft.

Some manufacturers as inner material for sleeping bags and camping travel series use polycotton, cotton and flannel. These materials convey a sense of softness and naturalness of the fabric.

Shape of a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are divided into two categories: a cocoon and a blanket.

  • Cocoon is a sleeping bag tapered at the bottom. To sleep warmer in a cocoon - such form of sleeping bag in addition to saving space in your backpack ensures a tighter fit of the body of the tourist, and, therefore, can be used to the cooler conditions of the campaign.
  • Blanket is a sleeping bag has a rectangular shape and is suitable for simple hikes, people who have no restrictions on the volume of transferred things. This sleeping bag if desired or necessary, can be undone and used as a regular blanket.

Also the majority of sleeping bags are divided by the parties. This means the side with the zipper for left-handers and right-handers. Most of the blankets has the capability to sostoyatsya and form a large double sleeping bag.

so... When choosing a sleeping bag, think about how and in what weather conditions You plan to use the sleeping bag, the temperature characteristics focus on the comfort temperature.

  • If You like comfortable camping, family trips, go out on weekends on the machine - choose a comfortable rectangular in shape, pick up each family member a bag of suitable size.
  • For hunting and fishing., Choose a large rectangular sleeping bag with strong and durable outer layer. Take the warmer sleeping bag.
  • If You are a tourist, like walking or Cycling trips, it is very important that your sleeping bag Packed took little space and was light and not cold in there at night. Best meet these requirements type "cocoon". And again, choose a warmer model.
  • For home and garden. Look for more beautiful and vivid models. Choose a sleeping bag designed for warm weather. Remember - the lower the temperature index of a sleeping bag, so it is heavier and larger in size.

to feel comfortable in sleeping bag you need to consider its length, so-called . Sleeping bags typically come in a length of 190 - 195 cm The less sleeping bag space the better it retains heat. Pick a sleeping bag to 'fit'. A large assortment of the store will always allow You to do this. Baby sleeping bags little of razmerov (110 cm) and cheerful colors; teenage women and more narrow and short (160 - 190 cm); long, 235 cm - high, or wider for a full or those who like to sleep freely.

Actually, choosing figure it out sleeping bag for your figure, and it is better if the seller allows it, to get into the sleeping bag right in the store to try on. The selected climb inside the sleeping bag, fully fasten and fix the zipper, tighten the hood, leaving the smallest possible hole. The only way to check if the sleeping bag length. Neither the hood nor in the legs the fabric should not stretch to avoid "cold spots". In the area of the hands there should be enough space. The best option if easy with the legs bent lateral walls not strongly tensioned. To further determine the width and length think: will you sleep in your underwear or to wear additional clothing, expect in a dream to turn together with a sleeping bag or inside it.

Useful stuff. Please note before purchasing!!!

  • Zipper should be large, to open and close smoothly, but with some difficulty.
  • the Filler should be distributed evenly, without lumps. It is desirable that was further quilted in a few places, so the litter mess. This is especially important for sleeping bags with a down filler.
  • Anatomical with a coupler. It securely closes the head from the sides and well will warm Your temples and ears. A large amount will come to the hood "depth", so that the forehead will also be warm. Screed along the edge of the hood will not allow cold air to get inside. The hooded sleeping bags designed for winter hikes and expeditions, are covered with special cotton insert. Your head will be dry, even if it will be hot.
  • a Special protective tape, stitched to the zipper from the inside, preventing zakusyvanie fabrics, the damage of a lightning and protective coating on fabric. You can easily and without annoying delay open and close even in the dark and cramped quarters of the tent.
  • Protective inner flap that runs the entire length of the zipper. It is filled with insulation and protects against penetration of cold air through the zipper. If You decide to spend the night in the open air, the cold night wind slips into the sleeping bag.
  • a Special fastener around hood (hook or button) that prevents accidental unzipping during sleep.
  • Warm collar. A special section in the neck helps the head and neck to quickly warm up, and an additional screed on its edge without missed goal inside the cold night air.
  • Right and left zipper. One good, and two is warmer. Right and left zippers allow you to colegiate among themselves two sleeping bags.
  • the ends of the zipper have a high-quality sleeping bags protected by an additional internal small cross valve, so that cold air could not penetrate into the foot section of the sleeping bag.
  • Reliable pocket. The sleeping bag is a small house. And, as in any cozy home, everything should be at hand. For this special provides a convenient internal pocket for documents and valuables. Needs to button up pocket with a zipper, which will not allow content to run.
  • loops at the foot-end helps You to hang to dry, to fix it or just conveniently placed.
  • Warming the feet. A specially enlarged section with reinforced padding at the foot-end of a sleeping bag will let your legs warm up quickly.
  • Good brand features and absence of "cold", right through the quilted, seams, curves, lines and visible signs of sealing that hole.
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