Sleeping bag: purpose, design, temperature

Sleeping bag is a necessary item of personal equipment mandatory in any nickelcadmium the campaign. In the summer heat or the freezing cold winter is a mobile sleeper will provide the tourist a welcome night in a tent, a shelter, and in extreme cases, under the open sky. The main thing is to find a travel sleeping bag correctly, focusing not on the price (minimum or maximum) or a high-profile brand and on your own needs – that is, those trips that you want this sleeping bag for the night.

Well, I, in turn, will Orient you to the variety that is presented today in specialty stores. For this I have prepared a series of articles which I hope will give an exhaustive answer to the question of how to choose a sleeping bag.

Sleeping bag: classification and design features

Sleeping bags and travel tent, classified by function, design, size, material, temperature use.

Purpose sleeping bags

  • camping
  • tracking
  • extreme

Although, of course, this classification, like any other, is conditional. But still...

Camping sleeping bags. Usually so called are not the easiest and not the most compact when folded. As a rule, they are made of natural fabrics with heavy insulation. On the form, usually a sleeping bag-blanket.

Trekking or tourism. This species is more demanding to the material of manufacture, you can find many varieties of trekking sleeping bags.

Extreme. These are the most reliable, warmest (many of them down), best of the best but also the most expensive.

Design sleeping bags travel

The two types of designs of sleeping bags.

Design sleeping bags

  • Blanket
  • Cocoon

Sleeping bag blanket. It is folded in half along a blanket, sostenute lightning. Can easily connect with similar, turning into a double sleeping bag. There are varieties with a hood (aka headrest) and without.

Sleeping bag blanket

Sleeping bag cocoon. The most common tourist option. There is a minor variety of models (even with sleeves), but in General all the same cocoon.

As sleeping bag blanket, sleeping bag cocoon can be with left and right-side zipper.

There are all sorts of exotic designs sleeping bags travel, for example, "elephant foot" (shortened to the armpits, involving the night in down-padded coat) or a quilt is a sleeping bag without a back that attaches special clothespins to the Mat (mattresses), play this role. Both of these structures there is no zipper.

In my opinion, these kinds of sleeping bags is absolutely not functional — they can "survive" the night, but restful sleep not even dream.

As a rule, sleeping tourist "unisex", but I met the model designation gender (M or F) that is explained by the manufacturers as great adaptability to the anatomy of the female or male body. Me, personally, this diversification smiled. I doubt if such sleeping bag to buy a woman decides, she will suit it more than usual

How to choose a sleeping bag size

In this article I will not talk about the giant, multi - "box" sleeping bags, which today is a rarity. It's about the serial provided in the stores.

How to choose a sleeping bag size? Standard options for the length of a sleeping bag cocoon 2 m and 2.2 m suitable for almost any average tourist.

Width depends on your complexion. The man of medium build quite 80 cm (at the widest part sleeping bag). If a user more tightly, the best sleeping bag for him will be 90 cm wide. These are the most popular sizes.

Width sleeping bag blanket, typically, 75 cm, although there are size XXL – 90 cm. Length, and the cocoon, a standard 2 – 2.2 m.

On sale there are children and teenagers sleeping on every grow – in size they are smaller and the price cheaper.

If you still consider sleeping bag standard length or choose it for your baby, keep in mind that your growth you need to "add" 20 cm


On each sleeping bag designated season of use – summer, fall, winter, or temperature of use — at what ambient temperature it will be warm and cozy.

As a rule, manufacturers specify two temperatures "comfort" and "extreme", and sometimes even three temperature indicator. For example, from plus 8 to minus 25, "comfort" minus 15, plus where 8 is the temperature sweating, minus 25 survival. By experience, to be oriented at a temperature "comfort" as it is more close to reality. That is the temperature "overboard" in a sleeping bag you can sleep and not wait for the end of the night, teeth chattering loudly.

Sleeping bag cocoon

Keep in mind that indicators are always a bit exaggerated. Therefore, before choosing a sleeping bag, think about at what minimum temperature you have to sleep in it.

And, of course, convenience of overnight stay depends not only on the temperature outside, but the wind, humidity, elevation above sea level (altitude above 4000 the feeling of cold sharp).

I've seen tourists using two sleeping bags at the same time, for example, 0 and minus 5. This is handy in the mountains. As you climb, first use a sleeping bag designed for 0, then the minus 5, and then inserted one into another and it's about minus 10 to minus 15. Here's a best sleeping bag with temperature control " ".

In any case, consider where and when (time of year) you are going and your personal merlefest. Cost, weight, compact sleeping bag are highly dependent on its "hardiness". Summer options and accordingly easier and cheaper.


I will not undertake to say that the best sleeping bag is a blanket or a cocoon. I think both designs are very comfortable. Someone like that. Even though I met the view that the blanket is heavier and less warm than the cocoon, K. he anatomicae has tie cords. I think a strict weight savings and warmth when critical every 50-100 grams 1-2 degrees relevant to vysokomanevrennyh Hiking and altitude climbing, and Amateur, non-categorical hikes, which are unlikely to be arranged in severe frosts, more important than personal preferences. I, for instance, don't like to pull the hood, it is easier to dive into the depths of a sleeping bag, good length allows.

Before you buy a sleeping bag you need to decide where (in any difficulty) you are going and what conditions will have to spend the night.

If you go to different trips, they have several designed for different temperature regimes. In 30 plus in the sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of minus 15 as it is not very.

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