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No doubt, uniforms for airsoft guns is one of the most important conditions for a successful game. To survive in this exciting military-sports competition requires not only good physical training but also truly reliable equipment, which will protect against injuries and help to get rid of the competition winner. At our professional online store you'll find the highest quality, durable and comfortable gear for airsoft.

Using the easy site menu, you can easily pick the desired items of equipment. So, we present three groups of products:

  • for head protection
  • to protect the body
  • subsidiary airsoft ammunition

Head protection

In this directory you will find airsoft gear, securely covering the head and face. It's different helmets, masks (both classical and stylized, for example, under the skull), the liner (summer and warm). And, of course, army points - you can purchase as the most simple and inexpensive models and interesting design, colorful ballistic, tactical, small, mesh goggles with interchangeable lenses and without them.

Body protection

This directory contains airsoft outfitthat covers the body, arms and legs. This gloves (neoprene, leather, with and without fingers), knee and elbow pads of different designs and colours, jackets. The last group of products is particularly important for any fan of airsoft, as ergonomic, comfortable and reliable, wear-resistant, lightweight vest is 50% of success in the game. In our store you will find models with integrated pouches, modular, combat, discharge and tactical vests drinking system, and also thigh modular platform.

Together with our equipment, you will be assured maximum protection for airsoft from any injury and damage.

Auxiliary ammunition

This group of products represented by sports bags, weapon straps (two-point and single point), holsters (belt, thigh, universal), pouches (for shops, grenades, walkie-talkie, universal), the covers for weapon and other things, which provide for a comfortable game of airsoft.

Airsoft – Airsoft second name in the first place is a tactical war game, the game principle is based on the maximum realism of military action. Gear for airsoft guns available for sale in specialty stores around the world. The battle is fought with pneumatic guns, which are exact copies of military weapons. The difference between airsoft guns from military weapons is that they fire plastic balls caliber of 6-8 mm, and the speed the bullet is fired from 27 to 420m/s and the weapon itself is made of light alloy and high quality plastic.

Let's consider the basic airsoft equipment

The choice of weapons plays an important and even major role in airsoft, but the weapon is not classified as equipment
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for airsoft. The protective ammunition, the important point of the basic airsoft equipment, without which you will not be allowed to play. Don't ignore the fact that we simulate real military action, the conditions under which the game is played can lead to falls, bruises and even sprains.

That includes basic protective gear for airsoft?

Basic protective gear
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for airsoft includes the following list of ammunition:

  • Points is the most important attribute, the main task is to protect the eyes from accidental contact with the ball. Depending on the speed of flight of balls, points to classify 4 classes of protection.
  • Face mask – mask that protects the exposed parts of the person are made on a sturdy metal or plastic base.
  • Unloading vest – the attribute that needs to be paid special attention, because not quite convenient to move around with full pockets, filled with balls or gas. The vest should not hamper your movements, while being quite functional and, of course, simulate a copy of vest units, in which you play.
  • Camouflage is an important part of gear for airsoft, camo is not only simulating the cloaking attribute and handy game gear.
  • Shoes – shoes with high ankles or as they are called, Berets. Are practical, comfortable and most importantly reliable shoes. Tight fixation of the ankle will prevent dislocations and sprains when moving over rough terrain.

That is an additional gear for airsoft?

It's time to consider extra airsoft gear that can be attributed to the following equipment:

  • Helmet – of course, the main function is to protect the head from bumps and falling balls, but do not forget about the modeling units for which you play.
  • Gloves – used to protect the hands when hitting the ball, to overcome obstacles or in the fall. Divided into full and fingerless, with protective inserts and without.
  • Knee pads – elbow pads – used to protect knee and elbow joints in the vision of the game in bunkers, halt grounds or forests, where can be injured.
  • Radio simple, no radios, no command and control.

Protection when playing airsoft

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for airsoft includes many elements. Some of them are really necessary.

Eye protection, and when playing on a short distance and the entire face is required. So the player uses:

  • or special glasses,
  • either a mask or Balaclava.

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should be selected according to several criteria:

  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • anti-fogging,
  • durability.

Online store airsoft gear Shock power offers points
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from numerous manufacturers, with varying degrees of protection and in various price categories.

Other kinds of protection (of ammunition)

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straykbolistov should be convenient for different situations. It is adjusted depending on the role played by man in the battle. It's clear that equipping your sniper, which is sometimes enough time has to be in the supine position, and equipment of the ordinary soldier should be different from each other. Therefore, such garments as:

  • pants,
  • jackets,
  • vests,
  • raincoats,

as well as the necessary accessories:

  • sleeping bags
  • or bivouac bags
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must be selected carefully.

Safety glasses

The most important facet of straykbolistov are safety glasses. It should be chosen according to several criteria:
Security. Any protective eyewear should keep the shot in focus (with distance less than 50 cm) from the most powerful allowed by the rules of airsoft weapons (the ball's speed of 172 m/s when fired the ball mass .2 grams). Therefore, buying goggles, you need to choose airsoft or a special model, or to hire a professional safety glasses that provide protection class "A" (these glasses are sold in stores overalls). Provide good protection and some military models, for example, Sawfly glasses didn't make even a rifle shot.
Comfort. Wear protective glasses on the big game without a break for a few days. Therefore, the choice points should be paid attention to, whether they sit comfortably, if well regulated the bow, do not RUB the skin, not too heavy. Some closed models of glasses are very "hot", a person in sweats. If you wear medical glasses, make sure to wear safety goggles over their normal, and two pairs will not interfere with each other.
Anti-fogging. The active exercise that airsoft is not uncommon, glasses keep fogging up. Fighter in the misted over glasses practically blind and had to wait until points dry out. To remove your glasses to clean in combat conditions is prohibited by safety regulations. To less glasses to fog up, some models have special coating is being applied. Several models of airsoft glasses have forced ventilation that helps to quickly get rid of fogging. In Cycling and motormagazin sell sprays that protect against fogging (fog effect).
Durability. Over time, any points are covered with a grid of scratches and distorts the outlines of objects. Therefore it is better to choose glasses from the most durable polycarbonate. In addition, points must be carefully care and carefully to wipe them. Pay attention to the instruction points to: if the glasses have a protective layer against fogging, when cleaning care must be taken not to use aggressive substances.
Additional options. Many glasses have interchangeable lenses – plain, black, yellow (to enhance the contrast of the visible image), enlightened, protecting against laser beams and so on. The possibility of replacing the lenses will be comfortable to many players. In addition, as lens most wear out quickly, an additional set of lenses gives the glasses a new life.
Points-the grid. There are points where the role of the protective element is not polycarbonate, and a metal grid with small holes. These glasses do not fog up, but when observed in the forest create a constant illusion of movement. In addition, there is a possibility that when they hit the net the ball will break into pieces smaller than the openings in the grid, and hurt the eyes.
Most prefer airsoft goggles brands Bolle, ESS, or Guarder. The cost of a good airsoft glasses in stores from about $ 50 to $ 100.

Face protection

For short distances the ball falls on the skin quite painful, so some players will have to protect not only the eyes but also the entire surface of the face. It is most relevant when the games in buildings where the minimum distance of the fight.
Masks come in different types: fabric that protects the lower half of the face, special airsoft and paintball (usually with integrated glasses), as well as clip-on glasses to protective guards for the lower half of the face.
When choosing a mask, it is necessary to pay attention to certain characteristics.
The protective properties. Many fabric face masks are designed to protect from cold and not from the balls, and will not stop the kick. Some plastic masks brittle and after hitting the balls may burst. Part of the paintball mask has a sufficiently large ventilation hole, and the ball can fly in them.
The convenience of the review. True for masks with integrated glasses. Quite often the mask covers a large part of the field of view that the game will bring significant inconvenience.
The weight of the mask. The heavier the mask, the less comfortable it is to wear a long time.
The ergonomics of the mask. The mask must fit the face or to be adjusted to fit. Most often masks are applied to the nose and cheekbones, so if when fitting you experience discomfort in these locations, mask, most likely, you will not do.
Ventilation masks. The mask must ensure adequate ventilation, otherwise the score will fog up constantly. In addition, prolonged wearing too warm and misted the mask may cause skin irritation.
The color of the mask. A bright mask in the game to unmask a fighter, so it's best to choose a mask used in a tone camouflage.
To buy a mask can be a specialized airsoft or paintball shops, as well as in the stores of clothing. The price of the mask depending on the model 30-120 dollars.


Gloves protect the hand from cold, damage due to drops and hits to the balls. From the latter it is necessary to protect the fingers, as the impact of even the plastic bead at the joint feels painful. This is especially true when fighting at close range. To protect your hands, just normal leather shooting gloves.
For the active style of the game, when the player has to climb, to crawl or move around on rough hard surfaces, you can use reinforced gloves. To increase the protective properties of gloves used Kevlar and plastic inserts. These gloves protect hands from bumps and cuts.
Some small gloves have a special insert that helps better grip on the weapon when firing. For the winter games need insulated gloves.
Gloves should not be too warm, otherwise wear them will be uncomfortable. The surface of the gloves should not be slippery so as not to disturb to hold the weapon when firing.
Tactical gloves are sold in military stores. The cost of a good pair of gloves $ 50-100.

Unloading system and parts thereof, unloading waistcoats, CPF, backpacks

The set of equipment of straykbolistov includes a variety of items: extra magazines, sidearm, grenades, spare balls and gas, knife, radio, compass, much more. All items need to carry, while taking into account certain requirements.
Easy to find and use: things that might be needed urgently, should be on hand and easily removed. This particularly applies to emergency stores and second arms.
Location on body: items must be packaged so that they as less as possible interfere with the player when he is crawling, lying down or raises his arms.
To ensure the protection from loss: all the equipment must be either fixed or removed in a closed pocket, otherwise it is easily lost during active play.
Resistance to weather conditions: gear should be Packed so that bad weather conditions did not lead to its damage or inability to function. For example, the radio should not pour rain, and the neck of the merchants should not collect dirt.
Balancing by weight: if the weight of the rig will drag the body to one side, the fighter will feel uncomfortable and get tired quickly.
The equipment should not prevent hidden (secretly) to move: shiny and the telltale elements should be hidden, the equipment should not emit noise when moving the player.
There are three most popular solutions for carrying equipment: belt-suspension system, unloading waistcoats and unloading systems. The basis of belt-suspension system (RPS) is a waist strap and two shoulder belt, supporting belt. The rig is suspended on a belt in pouches, and shoulder straps do not give the belt to slide and distribute the load on the shoulders. Strap length adjustable for any shape of the holder and subject to the availability of body armor. To remove or put on RPS, it helps to fasten the lap belt, so it is usually the waist straps are equipped with buckles CPF that allows you to quickly fasten or to reset the belt. However, fixing the shoulder straps to the waist usually metal and can snap when moving. To prevent noise they wrapped with tape or bandage. The lack of CPF – limited number of pouches, sleeping is not the belt. If the player is required to wear a lot of gear, RPS may not be appropriate.
Discharge vest has plenty of pockets for equipment storage. The location and purpose of the pockets depends on the brand and the manufacturer of the vest. Unloading vest redistributes the weight of the equipment on the shoulders and, if it has a belt clip on the belt. To tailor the vest for the owner, you can use the belts, in particular, to pull them, adjusting the height and the circumference of a human body. However the limits of adjustment of the discharging vest less than CPF: major player vest may not be suitable. On too slender fighter vest will hang, or the pockets of "venture" on the sides and hurts to move. When creating modern body armor is developed paired him unloading vest. For example, the complex elements of domestic 6Б11 (vest) and 6Ш92 (unloading vest) can be worn together or separately. Unloading vest fastens with the clasp (closure) or the closure.
As can be seen from the descriptions, the RPS is more convenient unloading of the vest, but the latter has an important advantage – it allows you to store more equipment. For example, the front panel accommodates 6Ш92 pockets for four long (45 rounds) magazines for the AK, two short (30) shops to AK, pocket for radio, 2 pockets for grenades, sheath, a pocket for a chemical light source, a large internal pocket for maps and small hermetic storage of documents. The disadvantage of unloading vest is little flexibility in the placement and specification of equipment. The user may add another pocket or change a couple of spare magazines for pistol holster. For fighters of different specializations and with the weapons require different vests.
Unloading system allows you to add to the spaciousness of body armor pros flexible system placement of pouches. Unloading system is a vest or a set of plates, on which is sewn the rows of fasteners. To these bindings, the user can fasten the pouches, putting them in their choice. Such systems have proliferated recently, but they are more expensive than conventional PSA or unloading waistcoats.
Choosing pouches for CPF or unloading system, it is important to understand how easily they open and protect equipment. Electronics, say, the radio, better than special bag, wrap in a plastic bag to get more protection from water.
For carrying large amounts of equipment to which access is required infrequently (spare clothing, rations, foam and a sleeping bag, extra stores and grenades, tools, etcD.), used backpacks. For airsoft the best suited modern army backpack, painted in the same camouflage as the player's form. The bag should have comfortable straps, not to interfere in throughout the game and not to cling to other equipment. Some backpacks are specifically designed as a discharge element of the vest or of the unloading system and will, of course, more convenient for use in the kit. You should also pay attention to how well the backpack protects gear inside from dirt and water. Most army backpacks has a quick reset, allowing in case of getting ambushed is easy to get rid of the extra weight.
Very comfortable for long games, especially in hot weather, backpacks with built-in flasks of a type camelback. The jar is in the back, the hose from it goes to the shoulder and allows the soldier to drink and cool off, without the distraction of retrieving the flask from a backpack or pouch.

Night fight: flashlights, monoculars and riflescopes night vision

In night battle the affected soldier according to the rules of airsoft is indicated by a lamp with a red filter. Any member of the night's battle must be in possession of a lantern. But besides this, there are many other devices to facilitate play in the dark.
Tactical lights allow you to illuminate the target and provide a bright beam of light at distances up to 100 m. Depending on the version, the lamp can either be mounted on the weapon or carried in the hand. In the first case, the light is always there and leaves the arms free, the second light maneuverable, and it can be kept so as not to unmask their exact location. There are also headlamps, but they are useful only in the camp when the defense.
Floodlights are used in defense to highlight approaches to the database and identify "friend or foe". Usually floodlights are only used for major bases, equipped with generators, during the games, lasting a few days. You can also use the floodlights from military equipment.
For a concealed movement in the night some players use devices or night vision sights. NEC make the game diverse and open up new tactical possibilities. At the same time, the player with the NVD should be protected is a complex electronic device from dirt, bumps and exposure. Image quality in night vision directly depends on the price: good device less than $1 thousand find unlikely. In addition, many of the plan's inconvenient to use a required element airsoft gear – goggles.
The player using the NVD may also be installed on the weapon infrared laser designator, the beam of which at night will be visible only to him.


For communication are the radio, mostly operating in the range of 433 MHz. Now on the market there are many different radios in this format, and to talk about the superiority of any particular model difficult. In any case, choosing the radio, should be guided by the following considerations.
Duration of work: the radio must operate with one set of batteries or rechargeable batteries as long as possible and to have interchangeable sets of batteries. In my experience, even the best radio in terms of radio traffic and bad weather conditions are on one set of batteries is not more than 10-12 hours.
The strength of the radio: the radio must have a shockproof and waterproof case.
The capacity of the radio: the more powerful the radio, the farther the distance at which you can contact. Estimate the distance stable connection is better for the experience of friends or independent reviews, as disclosures by manufacturers of radios, usually do not take into account the possibility of transmission in the forest or lowlands. Most radios with the full battery charging in the forest provide connectivity at distances up to 1500 meters.
The frequencies used: the radio must operate in the range of 433-434MHz, which is divided into channels 69. In the radio must be 69 or channels, or the ability to enter a frequency manually. There are cheap radios that work in the same range, but only supports 8 channels. These will not fit. What radio select (frequency or channel), everyone decides for himself. Switch between channels faster and need not be considered, which frequency corresponds to a channel. But the radio frequency can be supplied to the frequency outside the channel and conduct secret negotiations.
Uniformity of radios. If your team uses radios of one brand or model, the connections are usually better. It is caused by the differences in the circuits of radios from different manufacturers.
The ability to connect a headset. In the radio should be under the headset connector of the conventional sample. There are two standards: odnostoechny and two-pin (alinco). When playing airsoft radio without a headset is almost useless, as it unmasks fighter. There are many types of headsets, each has its own pros and cons, choose the appropriate can only empirically.


To navigate the terrain, the commander or the scout may carry a map, compass or a GPS device that determines the coordinates of the satellites and showing the distance to a predetermined key points of a polygon and the direction to them. To play airsoft you need to choose only tourism model GPS with a long battery life, shock-resistant and waterproof. You must also make sure that the chosen model can turn off the sound.
In some commands it is customary that each man had a GPS in addition to the radio, and the signals indicating the location of each soldier is transferred to the laptop of the commander. However, modern technologies such level is quite expensive and require the player to large investments.
The choice of equipment for airsoft guns can last a few years before the player finds the optimal set. But we must remember, the most important are the skills of the player, their skill, not the amount of equipment.

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