The paintball gear

the First thing to buy jerseys, shoes and mask, since both the third and for Your body and just hygienic to have all own. Then you can buy and knee pads - it will never be over, no matter where You play in the forest with snags and roots or in a room with a concrete floor. Then tubes (plastic containers for spare balls) and Harkness (belt carry them), because the more experienced a player is, the longer he spends in the paint, and the extra tubes are for rent are not everywhere. Then the marker by selecting the most suitable for You.

everyone can choose according to their own wishes and requirements.


Fans of the game will fit any clothing comfortable to "combat" action. Besides, paintball paint is water soluble and easily washed off with water. However, as a rule, during the game you often have to go to an "ambushed", crawl or even roll over. Therefore, the best option of clothing for paintball will be army uniforms, which is comfortable and not too hot. In addition, when conducting the game at outdoor venues such form is capable to provide "survival".

If we consider carefully the different pattern of camouflage, we can see that one may be suitable for one type of terrain, the second one for the other. In addition, you need to pick up and in accordance with the time of year.

Players in often argue about the perfect version army form for paintball. The best options are camouflage "Goblin" ("Fagot"), which are used by scouts and snipers. The main feature and purpose of this is to blur the silhouette of a man on the scene. Often it is made independently, at the same time carefully hiding features by which you can recognize a person – hands, face, head and shoulders. The use of this camouflage on the ground will significantly reduce the likelihood of detection of player at any distance.

Under basic clothes it is advisable to wear a couple of layers of light textile. It will make the blows falling balls is less painful.


To shoes paintball a significant requirement. There are recommendations. For example, paintball on a hard surface such as asphalt or paving stones, as it is more convenient to put on shoes low top sneakers. In the open areas with a soft surface (earth and sand) will be the most affordable option for high shoes. While playing in a wooded area is very suitable "boots" - high combat boots.

Perfect — army with high bertsami (in common parlance — "the boots") or strong shoes with large tread, because to run and will have to move a lot, your leg should be comfortable and secure. In paintball there is always the risk of slipping, especially on open sites: in winter ice and in summer on the grass, in the spring and fall — generally everywhere, if it's wet. So pick your shoes accordingly.

Protective gear

Hit balls in person, especially at close range, are painful and traumatic. First, the rules should be restrictions on getting at the enemy from a distance. Secondly, to help in such cases can protective gear. Each paintball shop or sports departments in supermarkets are offering various types of protective equipment for competition.

For this there are paintball gloves, which feature special soft pads to prevent injury and damage hands. In addition, they enhance the properties of camouflage, helping to hide light skin. Instead often use fingerless gloves with cropped fingers, which helps facilitate the work with the marker and balls.

in Addition to gloves, excellent protective properties have protective vests. In particular they are recommended for participation in the games of women and children.

Dynamic properties of the paintball are the result of various falls and blows. Therefore, kneepads made of Cordura and penopoliuretana, are far from superfluous. From getting on the back of the head and crown of the viscous paint will save the bandana.

the Mask

the Mask is the most important attribute in paintball. Its main function is to protect the eyes from getting the ball to the paint. The choice must be treated especially carefully. Make sure that between the lens and the frame had no cracks. Choose a mask with double glass to avoid fogging. If you take the mask in the box, check that the glass had no cracks.

we must have several types of masks and pick the one that has the most wide viewing angle. After all, it is from this parameter will largely depend on your maneuverability on the battlefield.


the Marker is a pneumatic paintball gun that runs under the force of compressed gas. The markers are pump-action, semi-automatic and automatic.

Pump action shotguns require the distortion of the shutter after each shot. In the same semi-automatic marker the trigger after the shot itself returns to the initial position, without requiring manual cocking. This type of gun is most preferred for beginners.

Automatic markers is expensive and not every club they still are. After pressing the trigger the balls from such a rifle out a continuous stream until the store is empty.

"the Store" or, as it is called, the feeder is a special container for storage of balls, which is secured to the top gun.

the Feeders are electronic and gravitational. Gravitational device on a special channel serves balls into the marker just under the influence of gravity. Electronic feeders have the stirring mechanism, which greatly increases the firing rate of the gun.

the design of the majority of markers also includes removable trunk. The choice of long or short barrel depends on many factors: of environment, of experience, of strategy and tactics of warfare.

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