Storm guy - their snapping and adjusting

When buying a new tent guylines usually are separated, in the bag of pegs. The first thing they need snap to the corresponding loops on the tent . Do it best as follows:

  1.  Tie on the end of a delay loop (like climbing node is called "Explorer")
  2.  And then thread it into the eyelet on the tent loop by loop

So the sling can always be easily removed and used elsewhere. For example, to fasten something to a backpack or temporarily to organize a clothesline.


Except the guys in the bag usually are mysterious plates with two or three holes. They are called to adjust the length of storm delays. This is done as follows -

There is also an alternative way without the use of buckles. Instead, around the peg, you just make a "lamb" (in climbing language "polushutlivo" node ), after which the peg stuck into the ground.


When guylines are not used, so they are not confused and do not interfere, they can be placed back in the bag. Or leave the tent , SMATV them as follows:

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