Build tents with external frame

Tent with external frame is going almost as well as vnutriserdecna. With the only difference that the awning and the inner tent already fixed to a small stropkai  and immediately put together.

  1. Similarly, spreads on the ground a set of awning with attached inner tent. Collect the arc.
  2. Stretch tent on the arcs in one of two ways (depending on which method provided in the design of the manufacturer):
    •  Either insert the arc in the special sleeves on the awning, then inserted the ends into the eyelets (mounting holes at the bottom of the tent).
    •  Or just fix the edges of the arcs in the ceiling and hang the tent on the hooks.
  3. All, it remains only to attach the tent to the ground with pegs.

And assembling and dismantling the tent, it is important to push the arc, stringing on her sleeve as stocking. And not to pull the end of the arc itself, otherwise the segments will constantly disconnect.

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