Disassembly and packing of the tent

Method 1 – "accurate":

  1.  Take out all the pegs. To make it easier to pull out of the ground, you can pull the loops into which they are inserted.
  2.  Remove the awning and fold it in half, as shown in the picture. Then again in half. And roll in roll.
  3.  Shake out any debris that has accumulated in the inner tent.
  4.  Remove and fold the arc.
  5.  Folded inner tent.
  6.  Remove all of the packing case.

For reasons of compactness the manufacturers often make packaging bag is quite small. So that all in it put, sometimes you have to try.


Method 2 – "fast":

If you have to do the Assembly-disassembly day in and day out, to simplify the process you can do the following:

  1.  Nothing is turning, just put the tent in one plastic bag.
  2.  Inner tent to another.
  3.  The arc and the pegs remain in a separate bag.

The process takes half a minute. Moreover, in a backpack this kit fits even better, taking any, the most intricate form.


At the end of the trip the tent must be thoroughly dried. Otherwise, after a few months on the mezzanine, it will happily bloom and zabugorie fine molds scents. Easiest way to do it directly in nature, so you do not mess around and no mess in the apartment. The tent is hung up to dry in the nearest Bush and the inner tent is simply placed on its side to dry out damp on the ground floor .


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