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the quality of the tent depends on not only Your holiday in the wild, and the safety of all personal belongings that are inside. But apart from them and You have a backpack, sleeping bag, Mat and other attributes of tourist life, without which the campaign cannot do. Therefore, in order to protect from moisture and wind all of its travel assets, it is important to choose a good, comfortable and reliable tent.

what to look for when choosing a tent. First, what tent and what specifically You need. Will You be pulling together with the rest of the burden or the purpose of your trip is fishing, which You will go by car? Different specialists have different classify the tents. Someone says that there are tents for different regions – highlands, Midlands and lowlands. And further classification is dancing already. We will consider more General types of tents.

so, most tourists and travelers distinguishes between three types of tents: forwarding (or assault), travel and camping.

  • Expedition tents is tents are designed for Alpine travel and severe weather conditions. Such tents often have a complicated framework, which is more reliable in strong winds and snowfalls. Some of them easy enough, because long transitions in extreme conditions. When you select expedition tents, special attention should be paid to the zippers on the vestibule and entered the tent. They should not be made of metal, because You will be trapped. The thing is that in low temperatures, but also on the constant wind, metal zipper will freeze and will not work. Therefore, choose a tent with a plastic zipper.
  • Tourist tent – the most common type of tents most often purchased by tourists. With these tents You will not go to conquer the mountain tops in the conditions of subzero temperatures. Of course, they are also protected and fortified from snow and wind, but calculated all the same in more pleasant weather conditions. These tents are most often used in Hiking on flat and mountainous terrain without climbing to snow-covered peaks. Therefore, choosing a tent for tourism, note the weight, still burden You have to bear.
  • Camping is a special type of tents for rest, when you just need to get to a good place and set the tent up for long periods of time or on the weekend. Hardly the tent You take Hiking. Despite its comfort, it is bulky and heavy. In this case, You will be able to help you. But here You can relax and forget about compactness of the tent. The more – the better: here is often a basic rule when choosing a tent for camping. Camping often have a couple of "rooms", or a huge vestibule that can be used as a kitchen. They also have Windows, mosquito nets and air vents. A special joy for many lovers of active recreation is the opportunity to stand in the tent camping. So, if You or Your family are going to go on a picnic outside the city, then camping tent is the most convenient and pleasant option. However, be careful with design: camping tents is usually rather difficult to supply due to the large number of arcs, so use the instructions on the installation of the tent and do it alone.

In any tent you need to pay attention to the following design elements:

  1. Tent is an important part of the tent that protects You from rain and wind. There are single-layer tents are those in which the tent is sewn together with the tent. And there are tents double layer in which there is vnutrennyaya, on top of which is attached to the awning. Now, pay attention to the material from which made the tent. Good materials are Nylon and Polyester. If the name of material tents You'll see the word Ripstop glad, because it's doubly good. These materials are capable of holding vast amounts of water (3000-4000 mm). By the way, don't forget that an awning should not touch the tent in any way, otherwise it threatens the penetration of moisture inside. Plus, in the space between the awning and tent out the condensate, and if this space is not, then it's likely Your tent will soon become humid and damp.
  2. Skirt is the lower part of the tent, the perimeter of the tent. Protects the tent from snow and blowing wind. Agree, very unpleasant to sleep when you side in the whistling wind shear. The skirt is so often weighted down with snow or stones to the ground for discharging the wind. Just be careful and not passing the skirt stones that can cause damage.
  3. Arc. From the arcs depends on the strength and stability of your travel accommodations. The best material from which made the arc, is aluminum. This durability and reliability for several years. In addition, aluminum is not subject to deformations, which is more inclined plastic. Yes, plastic is cheaper, but think about what is important to you: reliable and peaceful sleep in the mountains, or piled high in the most inopportune moment tent? By the way, note that if all arc bonded by a rubber band. So You don't have to worry about losing any part of the frame, because all they held together.
    For the fixation arcs to the tent now used in a variety of ways: fastened by cords, Velcro, hooks and pockets. Probably the most reliable is the pockets. In second place are the ropes, then hooks, and the last is the most unreliable way is Velcro.
  4. Ventilation is a must in any tent. Moreover, sophisticated ventilation. It is often best, when the two vent Windows are located at the top of the tent facing each other.
  5. Tambour. The vestibule also should choose depending on where and how you are traveling. If this camping vacation in camping tents vestibule is always huge and it can even make the kitchen or the hallway. In other cases, choose the vestibule so that it can easily fit at least all the shoes and kitchenware. Ideally shoes, dishes and backpacks. If You are touring, then You neobhodimosti with large vestibule, which can accommodate bicycles. There are tents that have two entrances. This is one side good and convenient as it can be taken out of the tent all the things in the vestibule, but on the other hand, these tents are heavier than odnotonnymi due to the presence of additional arcs.
  6. the Bottom. The bottom should not leak!!! Good material, allowing you not to worry about getting wet, even if You're standing in a puddle, is Polyester Oxford PU 1500, which can withstand 6000 mm V.article/sqM. If the figures will be smaller, better sagacitas search the other tents.
  7. the Seams. Primarily water gets in the tent through the seams, so you need to be vigilant and to check, whether the taped seams in the tent. Taping of seams is a procedure of gluing the seams waterproof tape, similar in quality to the material for the awning.

When choosing a tent, pay attention to its size. You should fit in there, stretched at full length. We had a traveling companion who is in the tent wouldn't fit in the length, and he had to sleep diagonally, thereby displacing us and causing a lot of inconvenience. Do not argue, everyone had fun, but not for long, because the quality of sleep is poor.

per tent specify the number of people, which is designed for the tent. But it often happens that two people, even three. Note that the number of such persons is calculated with the maximum comfort. That is, if You lie in a tent together, you'll be able to sleep without crowding, and to place along the tent is still a fair amount of things. Therefore, even the third person, and there will be quite calm, and You will only warmer. However, such a luxury is not at all the tents. Some manufacturers strictly specify the number of people, which are designed for tent, and if it says two it means two and not more, otherwise, it will be very crowded and uncomfortable.

by the Way, if in your tents in addition to You someone else lives, I advise you to divide parts of the tents to the backpacks of their neighbors. So, for example, one tent, someone inner tent, and someone arc. So it will be easier, and fairer: You're not one to live there will be!

And another tip. Who would be there that neither spoke about the fire resistance of the tent, still take care of her. Put up your tent away from fire, otherwise a couple of sparks can cause fire. And tent material burns quickly in 5 minutes. And it is unlikely You will have time to save their property, which was in the tent with her.

when Choosing a tent ask to decompose and to combine it in the store to memorize the course of action. And then again do it yourself home. So You will better understand the design and will save time in the journey.

in General, buy tents that are respected in the world. It branded items that will serve You faithfully for many years. And You won't need to worry about all those items that we have listed above. You only need to choose a tent according to the nature of their journey.

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