Tent and mosquitoes

First of all, the entrance into the inner tent is made to keep constantly closed. If hot, the door is left only with a mosquito net, but entering/leaving the one behind him closed. Equally night and day. In this environment, tourists generally good manners. Then in the morning no one else is shaking out of the sleeping bag ants and other children of the forest.

Going in the evening to sleep enough, while waiting in the tent climb the last person down the inputs and outputs and with a few slaps to kill all the mosquitoes that managed to get inside. Even if there was quite a lot to do so is usually not difficult. Most of them are concentrated under the ceiling around the ridge, and on a light background are clearly visible . When you are finished hunting you can safely fall asleep, nobody will ever disturb.

In a large four or five of the local tent, where they are harder to catch, you can help the cause through smoke. However, I must say that despite the antiquity of the method, it does not always lead to an absolute result and often someone still has to manually doublewall. The entrance opens to open, so mosquitoes could fly outside and inside for 15 minutes put a couple of bowls of steaming embers of the fire. One another so that they do not heat up and does not popravili the bottom of the tent. Or put a pair of smouldering anti-mosquito coils but also definitely in a bowl or something not a burning, for this flimsy design on a tin leg is constantly overturned. From "mosquito" bowl, of course, to eat then don't need


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