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Safely gone are the days when each plastic bag, which appeared in the family, was supercapacity acquisition. The same polyethylene, but in a slightly different version - much more functional, not disposable, allowing, if necessary, securely to keep intact the food products and equipment - has entered into our life called "container".

will limit the attention of the readers the overview of how and why you can use some of the plastic containers most commonly found on the shelves of our stores. These products in my fishing Arsenal and serve for several years, after multiple testing. And another important point I want to emphasize particularly: for many containers originally double or even triple their use.

I'll Start with the largest size containers (photo 1). Its dimensions are 300х300х500 mm. The container is provided with a loosely fitting lid. There are handles to the car or the boat carrying possible for them together. If, however, expected to carry the container alone, it is better to cross tie a rope. On fishing trips I put it in boats of all types, ranging from small PVC and up to 7 metre boats. Most suitable this is a large container for laying on him food in small containers, flasks and so onD. While fishing on the water or on the shores of the container with a lid kind of profile successfully performs the functions of a camp table. In PVC boat with ardicom is store catch a prickly perch, and the place where caught predators are released from lures or baits. On returning from a fishing container is used as the transport capacity for a catch - it ensures tightness and prevents damage of the finished product under virtually all conditions of carriage on any of our roads.

Another large container capacity of about 40 l - liked me that easily changes its shape (photo 2). I usually use it for long trips - three days or more when a have to carry to the camp some amount of packaged products such as pasta, cereals, potatoes. Transfer the filled food container is more convenient together. On Board the boat he can successfully perform the functions of the bucket in emergency situations. But when traveling with fishing is ample storage for the catch.

the Next type of container – a large plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid. Usually I take him with me fishing, if we're going for a day or two (on the weekend). In this bucket just fit the food supply based on 2 - 3 meals (photo 3). The main criterion for selecting this bucket was as follows: it had the height to fit liter stainless steel thermos. When the bucket was already bought, it became clear that it makes it quite carefully to carry even a couple of thermoses - "stainless steel" tea and a glass with a wide mouth for a hot second, container with sandwiches or with vacuum-sealed meats and vegetables. Usually in this same bucket is a container with first aid kit, small flask, opened only (!) when the boat sticks to the shore, and a number of useful things – "Signal the hunter" with starter, fish scaler, fillet knife, led flashlight, spare batteries for GPS and flashlight. In emergency cases, otherwise the purpose of this bucket is a means for pumping water. Fortunately, in real conditions of force majeure, it has not yet been used, but when washing the boat after fishing - tested. Use this plastic bucket as a chair or seat is possible only on condition that inside of it will be thermoses – when landing on it even very heavy cover fisherman's bend.

On a small boat like a bucket on Board is a kind of additional foam buoyancy. It is therefore unsurprising that a plastic bucket from-under canned food with virtually leak-proof lids, but slightly smaller, was so widespread in the fishing environment (photo 4). And in some cases, these plastic buckets can perform even the function of a floating anchor.

Particular attention want be paid to the range of small plastic containers, especially sold in sets, arranged on the principle of matryoshka (photo 5).

In my opinion, this step-by-step the resizing allows you to make optimum laying of the products in the container, and in a plastic bucket. Depending on length of stay for fishing and, accordingly, desires to bring some hot food, I use different containers. If you take a hot (drive 2 full days) - the average used container for some ready-made sandwiches and washed the vegetables in a plastic bag. If the trip is shorter and hotter is not provided - then the large container (photo 6), in which are placed packing krupnozernovaya with bread and different kinds of meats and a plastic bag with greasy vegetables. A slightly smaller container fits very well in winter driving option for active bass with movements over long distances - the size is perfect for dual four sandwiches and a couple of bitter chocolate – a kind of NC. The completed container is placed in the outer valve Hiking backpack. The same little container in this kit is a emergency first aid kit (photo 7) as medicines, not related to this category are stored separately a little further away, at the bottom of a fishing box.

the Container store for just that afraid of being crumpled. But fishing usually and extra clothes and bedding, and much more that we can safely packing, not afraid to mash - the main thing that didn't get wet. And for this category of things there is another type of packages received in the tourist environment, the name of "Herma", E. waterproof bags. Make them in volume from 15 to 20 and up to 100 - 120 liters, and are used either as a standalone bag or as insert in backpacks. Modern "bag" made of thin and relatively lightweight PVC, typically with a density of 300 - 600 g/m2 (photo 8). For most high-quality products is characterized by the following combination of materials: the lower part is a thicker material, and the neck thin. The basic idea behind this construction is as follows: the bag must be durable, resistant to damage, punctures, and collar should provide a snug fit in the twisting - tightness of the entire contents.

Seams some samples of foreign waterproof bags are produced using ultrasonic welding, which is typical for mass Assembly-line production. But if such a dry sack to use as a seat, the risk that the wave will be damaged seams, close to 100%. The practice of long-term use of such products specialists water tourism shows that this grout strength is markedly inferior to gluing with special adhesives in the products, which are produced by domestic firms, specializing in the production of tourist equipment. Although, admittedly, the cost of manual work is higher - and, therefore, glued waterproof bags is normally more expensive than welded.

Another material that is successfully used for the production of germophobic is nylon with an extra impregnation (photo 9). It is clear that such packing will be much easier and cheaper, but it is designed for more gentle use than "the bag" made of PVC. And service life of such containers is inferior to PVC. A dry sack can be made and combined the lower part, as the most responsible, of PVC, and the top providing a twist – impregnated nylon.

And a word of warning: to carry "the bag", especially if they are full of heavy things, it is desirable not only for the twist, and the other hand supporting the center of the bag, because stranding is quite a delicate mechanism.

the Next item of review is gerbounka (photo 10). The sealing principle is the same, although there may be some additions. But the main difference is the presence of handles for carrying. You can wear alone or together. The useful volume of such bags can reach 200 and more liters. The variant of germanasca (photo 11) up to 100 – 120 liters.

Some samples of germophobic have a special valve to bleed excess air trapped in a confined space (photo 12). But in another case it is the extra air volume provides reserve buoyancy – for example, placed in germoplasma phone (photo 13A and b). Because few fishermen who regularly attend large area, can boast that his phone never dived. And this device is able to keep afloat any such technique, and not only in calm water and in wave. The size of such germoplasma different from the classic "Aquapak": the fact that such models are universal, they are suitable for mobile phone-clamshell phones and for your phone, providing satellite communications. And all this can be conveniently placed either on the belt or on the neck. But this is the most classic "waterproof bag" (photo 14) more reliable in the protection against water.

Not all cameras able to withstand the vagaries of weather and Spartan living conditions on fishing. Given their very thin electronic organization, provides specialized waterproof and to some extent the impact germophobe for them (photo 15).

And another category related to the means of packing is compression fit. Primarily they can be of interest to those fishermen who are planning long multi-day hikes or boat tours, when the problem of minimizing the volume of cargo is very serious. Compression devices can be applied to significant (3-5 times) reduction of such things as a sleeping bag or warm clothes if they as insulation are fluff, padding polyester, or more modern materials (photo 16 a and b). But it should be noted that the use of such compression devices on the insulators of the old type - like batting - slightly reduce the life of these products: those significantly reduce its volume after only two or three dozen grips. For comparison: with more modern materials, type hollofayber, for the same amount of compressions has been no marked change occurs.

it Should be noted that some well-known manufacturers of Hiking equipment, their sleeping bags already set of the systems of compression.

If you will continue to purchase these devices for any long hikes, you have to keep in mind that even a very soft sleeping bag, placed in a compression device tvo, becomes very dense and close in shape to the ball. Putting the backpack, these packs need to alternate with some soft things, to avoid the inconvenience when carrying it.

the Author expresses appreciation to the Director General of the company "POSEIDON" S. V. Mnemo and store personnel and the store Manager "Equipment for Foundry, 30" E.I. Orsha for kindly providing the opportunity to examine the range of relevant products, qualified review of its use and the photo shoot of the products.

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