Clothing and ammunition for airsoft guns

Select airsoft form often begins prior to the acquisition of other accoutrements. This is not surprising, since the correct choice depends on the comfort in the game. If the form will be cold or uncomfortable, it will spoil all impression of the process. You also need to correspond to the masking functions. Therefore, the choice of camouflage forms must happen with the utmost care.

  • Form and suit. It can be both sets of jacket and trousers with blouses or tunic. Clothing for airsoft different materials, color, designs, configuration and capacity of the pockets. Each customer definitely will choose the perfect option.
  • hats and Caps.
  • Mikey, high-quality tailoring, lightweight, durable 100% cotton. Will be perfect for any active activity, as well breathable.

the Airsoft or airsoft, as it is called in English-speaking countries, is a game that simulates and armed conflict. But this weapon for airsoft shoots plastic balls. Flying out of the drive at speeds of 120 or 150 m/s, even they can harm the player, leaving a bruise or stuck in the subcutaneous layer.

the game Itself often takes place in environments where there is a high risk of injury. In the timing scenario in the forest you have to crawl on the ground, running through the bushes, falling and rolling on the not always smooth surface. If the body is not protected in such situations, numerous abrasions and bruises cannot be avoided.

All of these features airsoft are doing a special uniform for him just need. I clothing for airsoft, run in military style, there are a few basic functions:

  • protect all body parts from damage;
  • the creation of an appropriate ambiance;
  • the possibility of masking in an open area, which provides a camouflage pattern.

If the game involves airsoft and military reconstruction, should correspond to the historical era that played out. To stay in the zone of the game without camo uniforms and protective items are right only people who are out of the game – the wait staff, photographers, friends who came to watch the "fight".

Complete outfit

It includes: pants, jacket, shoes, and a hat. But all these separately:

  1. first, you should buy pants and a jacket. Often offers low cost options for the pants combined with jacket. Their cost begins from $ 15, but this is the cheapest kit. It is usually made of low quality material and can quickly deteriorate. However, if you need a suit for rare use, you can feel free to buy cheap camouflage.
    Pay attention to the color scheme of your costume. Independent single players can choose their favorite hue, and team members must comply with the overall style of team gear.
  2. Go to shoes. In fact, at this point no special rules no. You can run around in sneakers and even Slippers. Note that the game takes place not indoors and outdoors and often in woodland. In addition, weather, the organizers are not liable. Therefore, there is a risk of wet feet or even damage them. So, for your own safety and convenience it is recommended to buy shoes type of ankle boots, they are comfortable and reliable. In the winter, you can stock up on boots. In them you will be nothing to worry about the snow and cold.
  3. the Next item of equipment is headgear. It should choose according to the time of year and weather conditions. Hat or cap is useful in hot and sultry summer, a hat protects in cold and windy weather. Balaclava – a special hat that covers the head and having only a slit for the eyes, protecting you from all external manifestations.h
  4. Professional airsoft players simply can not do without the vest with a huge amount of pockets to contain all of the accessories for the game in order and at hand.
  5. However, the most important item in the outfit for airsoft – goggles. They will protect your eyes from flying plastic ball, from the impact of which on the body there can be bruises and scratches. The shops offer special points for playing and the masks that cover the whole face. Not worth it to replace special eye protection other types of points, because they are not checked on the ingress of balls and can shatter into pieces when struck, even more hurting the eyes. Do not skimp on health, it is best to buy camouflage cheaper.

Features uniforms for airsoft

the Correct outfit straykbolistov comprises the following items:

  • single-breasted coat or jacket made of durable fabric camouflage design. Jacket for airsoft should not hamper movement and ensure good ventilation. The feature of this outerwear is the presence of multiple pockets. Very often on top of a jacket or coat dresses with compartments for ammunition, tools and other necessary things straykbolistov. If the game takes place in the cold season, you should select the appropriate outerwear for airsoft – jackets for the winter period is also offered in our store;
  • the trousers are made of the same material as the jacket. Are often packaged, representing a straykbolistov. You should pay close attention to the quality of the trousers – they are designed to protect your feet from injury, so don't skimp on your own health;
  • – in most cases, boots – to appear on "the battlefield" in sneakers or sneakers is not recommended. They may be comfortable, but will not be able to protect your feet from wetness, damage, bumps and hits balls. If you still prefer the shoes easier, I advise to pay attention to special shoes for airsoft, presented in our catalog;
  • headgear – the head of straykbolistov must be protected in the first place. The face of the player is designed to cover from the blows glasses or mask, and the head – cap or helmet. Very often the choice of airsoft falls on and arafati that protects the face and teeth from the balls. All kinds of hats and protective elements are of excellent quality offered in our store.

Clothing for airsoft may be for summer or winter. If you are an avid player we recommend to buy both sets of uniforms that provide comfort in heat, cold and slush. If airsoft becomes your only hobby, I advise you to look at demi universal solutions. Any variant uniforms are widely represented in our catalogue.

Camouflage in airsoft

a form of Camouflage or military field uniform is type of clothing that helps to hide the soldier in a particular locality, and also performs the role of uniform clothing for the Department as a whole. As a rule, each army has several types of field camouflage uniform, different species, which are used on different terrain.

What kinds camouflage uniforms are there?

There are so many kinds of colors and cut of military uniforms, including camouflage and field. To tell absolutely about all types is not possible within the not that article, but also a great book, because military science is place scientists and defense industry is constantly looking for new solutions in the field of military uniforms for their armies.

However, you can try to identify the main types of camo based on the terrain and conditions in which it is applied.

Forest/tropical camouflage uniform

This type of form is designed for use in conditions of green environment (forest, shrubs, grass, tropical jungle...). Very often is the main type of field uniforms in the armies of the world.

Desert camouflage

Designed primarily for use in desert areas. The distinguishing characteristics of these types of forms can be called light shades in coloration and easy fabric to be used in areas with warm climatic conditions.

Urban camouflage

the Colors of these shapes is developed with consideration of the "city of flowers". For example, in Russia in these types of moulds are used are grey and blue tones. Often distributed black color form. Typically, these types of forms are you using a strong fabric, resistant to contact with solid surfaces (brick, concrete, metal, wood...).

Winter camouflage

Distinctive and common feature of these types of tanks can be called white (or almost white) color of the form, designed to camouflage the soldier against the snow. Often this type of form is not complete, as it is being developed as an additional element to the basic form of a soldier. In many armies of the world spread white (possibly with patches of other colors) camouflage, which is worn on top of the main form (e.g. forest type).

Universal camouflage

In the last few years many armies of the world have been actively used versatile shape, designed for use on different terrains (forest, desert, urban conditions).

example of a versatile type of camo is the American "multicam" or the British "mtp".

Using a single universal camouflage characterized by the fact that in the conditions of modern warfare (the presence of a large number of weapons with a wide area of damage, grenade launchers, air support and missile systems and others) full soldier does not play a big role on the survival in the conditions of the brief battle. In these conditions, the main quality of the modern camouflage is the ability to "blur" the soldier's silhouette, making it difficult to accurate aiming.

Why uniforms are needed in airsoft?

Within the airsoft camo clothing performs the same functions as in the real army. The main task forms in airsoft is to make the player less visible on the ground (e.g. in the forest or in the grass). Airsoft rules clearly regulate the wearing of clothes in the style of "military" (or camouflage). Based on the rules every airsoft team should have a single form. Therefore, if you are just starting to do airsoft, then do not rush to buy expensive form, because most likely you will have to change it if you want to play on the team.

are There any restrictions on the wearing form on the games?

the Airsoft community in Russia has established its own rules for wearing camouflage uniforms during the games. This is due to the promotion of airsoft as a mass hobby. More old and famous team wished to secure for itself the right to authorize the wearing of certain types of camouflages young teams. At first glance this rule may seem somewhat selfish, but let's try to understand why it was invented.

Why do we need restrictions on the wearing of camouflage uniforms?

let us examine this issue more carefully. So, let's imagine a team that is revolutionizing (outwardly trying to conform to the real division) the U.S. marine corps, plays a few years and has a certain popularity and reputation in the airsoft community. On the other hand imagine a young team that is unknown to anyone but herself. This new team dresses in the same shape as the first command and goes to the game. Again, the new team has no experience of participation in major games, respectively, on the adequacy of its participants is not known.

now let's go ahead and present the controversial situation that occurred at the game with this new team and the position of the first team (the one that plays for a long time, has a reputation for and reconstructs...). What do you think, whether respected the team conflict situation? Of course not! But you might ask: "What does this command?". The answer is simple. In airsoft meet on clothes, E. in the heat of "battle games" no one discerns neither names nor sexes and camouflage the form becomes "face" fighter. It is it is the primary identification of the players. Of course, a particularly contentious moments, it appears the team name, Callsign of the fighter, but first say: "Aah! It's cartoons" or "that the French/Brits/Germans..".

Yes and easy gaming behavior may characterize the team. How well the team performs command orders the parties, on how many it is reliable, will play the entire game or "silently merged into camp for the night". And if the "unreliable team" will be wearing similar camouflage uniforms with the team that has established itself with a good hand, the behavior of the first command may discredit the second.

So, introducing rules to restrict the use of certain types of camouflage uniforms for young teams, airsoft community wants to protect itself from unwanted negative and controversial issues. This is a kind of filter for new teams.

We want to play in the camouflage of the U.S. marine corps! What do we do?

First of all I must say that in training you are free to do whatever you want because it is your workouts to your rules. But what if your team wants to go to a big game? The answer lies in common sense. You must obtain a permit to carry precisely this kind of camouflage the form of the so-called "peroulades". Peroulades this command or block of commands, which are assigned the right to make the decision to wear a certain type of camouflage. For example, within the airsoft community, playing by the rules of the "Council of commanders" (IC), wearing British mtp (multi-terrain pattern) must be agreed with our team.

so, if you want to play in the selected form, but it must to agree on, then you need to go through this. Yes and get acquainted with more experienced teams playing in the same subject will not be superfluous. Contact a representative team peroulades, tell us about yourself, learn about the conditions for obtaining permission to wear camouflage uniform and go! Believe that the airsoft community does not seek will separate themselves from novices. Vice versa, any block of teams wearing a certain type of camo'd love to have a new team that is serious about the game, because is a team game and it is not the one who "tuning up", but one who knows how clearly and coherently to work on the game together with other teams.

We don't want to agree. Will we be able to participate in major games?

There is a list of skins that are "free" and do not require any coordination. For example, the former Russian army "flora" is free to use. Read more about other types of tanks that do not require approvals you can find on official sites of airsoft communities.

However, please note that selecting free camouflage you shall have no right of free exit to the big game, because there are other "filters" for beginners.

one thing is Important — if your team consists of adequate people, capable to give account of his actions and is able to comply with the rules of airsoft, then get in the airsoft community will not be a problem for you.

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