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Camping tent will perfectly complement your holiday, making it much more comfortable. Now produced by a huge mass of tents for families up to multi-room where you can put the kids to bed ourselves. But even buying the basic version, in which you can stand tall and comfortably accommodate the whole family, you will immediately appreciate the advantages of such a tent. Change child's clothes, to hang and dry wet items in the drum - it is far not all advantages of a large camping tent. In it, you are guaranteed protected from the night rain, and thanks to good ventilation, your clothes will dampen and will remain dry.

Modern camping tent

also not be amiss to take tent that allows you to organize excellent canopy, which even in case of rain will help you to build a fire and dry. Getting out of the car, the weight and volume is not so urgent, so is better to take as large a tent. It not only protects you from the rain, but with sufficient size will make the canopy from the sun and shelter from the wind.

Think not only about what you will sleep, but what. Even in a short trip outside the city to get help inflatable mattress. It is really convenient. During the day the kids can swim, and podshow for the evening on a great night's sleep. Just do not forget that inside of this mattress the air even in the summer quickly cools down and you start to freeze. Beneath him are several tourist foams, it is a bit will correct the situation. But this method is not much help to you in spring and autumn, so it's worth thinking about how to buy self-inflating Mat. They're as soft as a regular mattress, but do not freeze even in winter, and when folded it is much smaller and lighter. Just don't need it to float :)

Mat self-inflating Therm-a-Rest Mondoking L

Continuing the theme, I want to talk about sleeping bags for camping. Be careful when choosing a suitable model to you. Even in the height of summer, the waters can be cold, so buy a sleeping bag with adequate temperature margin. Especially when it comes to children's sleeping bag. Not be amiss to purchase colegialas sleeping bags. At night you will be warmer, and during the day, prorastanie, they can serve as a great blanket for children to play.

Seriously, should apply to the catering on the trip. Fishing and barbecue - all this is just a nice addition to the trip itself. If you are near children, then their diet must be worked out separately. In addition to the main courses you must be stocked in sufficient quantity, all kinds of snacks - chocolate, cookies, crackers and the like. The products were always fresh, and drinks chilled, take cold boxes.

Insulated container Campingaz Extreme 32L

you Must decide what you will cook. Men? reading this article, surely you will exclaim at the stake! But there is one subtlety. Places that are popular with the campers, often very poor firewood (if they are certainly not sold for a fee). Again, the question of their quality. If before or during your trip it rained, it is possible to find dry wood may be problematic, actually like to get them fired. Of course, we can wait, but children can not stand will be.

it is Therefore very useful in the trip will be gas or multi-fuel burner, gas stove or grill. They will allow you in any weather quickly boil water for tea, will help to warm up the tent and cook dinner. And do it all in the right time for you.

gas Grill portable Gas burner for camping Burner with a pot JetBoil

a Few words I would like to say about camping furniture. Having a folding table and some chairs, you can always organize a small wardroom or dining room. Table greatly simplifies the process of cooking dinner, allows you to place the products. You probably ran into a problem when preparing lunch for a big company and all the coming benecki was zastavlyali products.

folding Table + benches Eureka Wardrobe foldable Relaxica AA-011

Very decorated life in the camp mosquito canopy, especially if you are small children, for whom the use of various repellents may be undesirable. Mosquito canopy will protect you from annoying insects both at night and during lunch. Depending on the size, they can close the space around the dining table or children's play area.

mosquito net Exped Box 2 tent Tatonka Midge Simple mosquito

just want to touch on the topic of lighting in the campaign. Handheld flashlight, living in the trunk of your car, this is the minimum that you should have with you. However, a much more convenient option modern headlamp, which provide excellent lighting, and most importantly frees your hands! Headlamp flashlight will help you if in the dark you want to go for the wood, dress the child, to find the right thing in the bag with equipment and so on. Examples can be many, but most important, it is much easier to do with two hands, not one.

lighting For the entire Parking lot, perfect gas lamp. In warm weather the usual gas lamp easily lights up the area with a diameter of eight to ten meters. Also gas lamps have another interesting feature – they can serve as portable heater. Not burning the air, they warm camping tent for ten to fifteen minutes.

a Portable gas lamp gas Lamp Primus Micron Lantern

Think again on this question – what will you be transporting your equipment? Imagine that you need to return to the city, and how to fold the grill, utensils and furniture in the trunk? Often going on a trip, we all decompose in plastic bags which on the road is often torn, and the place has been misused, and as a result, we find ourselves without packaging. Tell me, before you go home, you often peregivaete all your equipment? Usually all we've been doing this for the city. So the tent is dirty, poorly washed boilers, smelling of campfire tent, it all goes right in the trunk of the car. All the dirt and odors for a long time remain in him. A great solution is to purchase multiple travel bags. They are made of durable rubberized fabric, often sealed. Their volume varies from thirty to one hundred liters, they can be easily mounted on the car roof or in the trailer.

Duffel The North Face Base Camp Duffel
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