MultiCam is a new era of camouflage

Browse camouflage new camouflage . It is presented as universal.

the Cartoons are now the most popular form of camouflage.

the Cartoons (eng. MultiCam, is read as "Multicam") is a modern universal camouflage colors for different areas, designed by the American firm Crye Precision™ together with U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center (also known as laboratory U.S Army Natick labs).

the Colors was intended to replace the old desert tri-color (Tri-Color Desert) and forest (Woodland) camouflage, which required replacement. Camouflage available to civilians. In the competition for new for U.S. Army Multicam lost to the universal camouflage ACUPAT colors.

the Cartoons became particularly popular among military enthusiasts around the world. This is one of the colors that was not accepted for service, but still produced in large quantities by manufacturers of military uniforms and uniforms. Today Cartoons used by some divisions of the Center for joint Operations of the U.S. Armed Forces and non-contract employees (units not officially in military service, used to conduct secret operations, B. "mercenaries"). Also, Multicam is used by some secret services on the territory of the USA, such as the Department of homeland Security, Migration Control and others. Since 2007, Multicam uses the Polish GROM unit.

Since the spring of 2010 "Multicam"(the same design from Crye Precision - ) will go to Afghanistan, then by all British armed forces. The current "pustinka" will initially be used in parallel.

In Afghanistan compare two new uniforms for the US Army

Soldiers of the U.S. Army in the near future will test in Afghanistan two new camouflage uniforms with different color schemes to determine which one is better suited to mountainous and rugged terrain. According to The Army Times, such an experiment will be conducted for the first time after many years of using the standard uniforms of the army, known as Army Combat Uniform.

the Publication says that to start the testing of new types of uniforms military plans in early October. Two battalions of U.S. ground forces will give different uniforms to determine which colors are better suited for combat actions in Afghanistan.

the First of these is called UCP Delta. It is a standard combination of colors material Universal Camouflage Pattern with the addition of one extra, which the military calls "coyote brown". The second type uniforms with colors is already in use by special forces of the U.S. Army.

According to the military, an experiment that will determine the best colors, will continue for 30 days. Earlier, the U.S. military has expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that clothing that is well suited for Iraq, was not comfortable enough in Afghan conditions where they have to perform tasks in mountainous terrain and dirt.

In 2007, the screens out a movie "transformers" (Transformers), in which fighters of special forces of the U.S. Army appeared in uniform color the Cartoons. the Cartoons used in the game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, where the soldiers of the detachment "Ghosts" also appears in the universal ACUPAT camouflage colour, currently used in the U.S. Army.

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