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Costume (from lat. costume) — can mean clothes in General or to the distinctive style in clothing reflecting the social,national, regional belonging. Costume may also refer to the artistic combination of accessories in a picture, statue, poem, or play, appropriate to time, place or other circumstances. Another possible meaning refers to a certain style of clothing in which people could play the uncharacteristic role, for example, fancy dress costumes or acting.

In a more narrow and common sense — element or classical business clothes: Trouser suit, three-piece suit, women's suit-four.

Military uniform or the uniform of the troops (the official name of the soldiers ' clothing) is your base coat, uniform, pants, hat and boots. The military shape always has had and has some resemblance to the dress worn at the time. In those States where there were caste-based device, the clothes of the warrior caste was and outfit troops. Generally speaking, initially every man capable of bearing arms, was a soldier and went to war in a dress, which is worn constantly; the armor specially military were very primitive and diverse.
However, the desire to distinguish your troops from the enemy as possible from a distance has already led in ancient times that tried to have a one-color clothes or at least the decals in a variety of clothing. If any of the clan forces had permanent value and of honor, he received the insignia of his dignity (for example, the group "immortal" or guard of the Persian kings).

Corporate or shaped - of a similar style, breed, color, and tissue specific (service) clothing to create a unified image of the corporate group.

the Shape represents the function of its bearer and his affiliation with the organization. Stable expression "official authority" means military or even corporate honor.

Form a single sample adopted in the armies of almost all countries of the world, there are two types of forms: field and dress. The form also used in various government departments: police, prosecutors, customs, fire service, D. In the Russian Empire were set the uniforms for all officials civilian service (with differences in departments) and court officials; in the USSR from 1943 to 1954 the uniforms worn by employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, etc.

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