Camping sleeping bag

Camping (for higher comfort) sleeping (sleeping bags).

Camping sleeping bag is designed for sleeping outdoors. A good sleeping bag will protect both from cold and from insect bites, and while it is not necessary to purchase an expensive and warm sleeping bag-cocoon. For short trips with Hiking or car camping (overnight air) a produced camping sleeping bags. Most often, these sleeping bags cut in the shape of a blanket, they are called "sleeping blanket".

Camping are designed for use in camping and short Hiking tours during the summer season. Their weight is about 2 kg, easy to wash and they dry quickly.

What you need to know about sleeping bags

Format of a sleeping bag.
today, there are 3 basic sizes of outdoor design sleeping bag, cocoon, blanket and blanket with hood (combined).

let's consider in more detail each of these formats:

- Cocoon. the Sleeping bag of type a Cocoon has a tapering lower part. Similar trapezoidal shape not only saves space in the backpack, but also provides a more tight fit of the body of the tourist, allowing you to use the sleeping bag in the colder conditions of the campaign. To achieve greater levels of thermal insulation construction of this type, use items such as anatomically shaped hood, insulated collar around the shoulders, as well as additional insulated flap along the entire length of the zipper. As the hood and collar are pulled together with the help of a coupler with a stopper. In some models of sleeping bags, designed for use in extreme conditions, the lower part additionally warm fluffy materials, resulting in greater comfort. In addition, the seams of sleeping bags on their external and internal parts are displaced relative to each other, thereby achieving greater thermal insulation.

- Blanket. a Sleeping bag type Blanket has a rectangular shape and is suitable for simple hikes. He is best suited to people who have no restrictions on the amount of things portable. In addition, this sleeping bag can have a hood, fastened with a zipper.

- Blanket hooded (combined). Combined sleeping bags is another variety, which combines the advantages of a sleeping bag of type a Cocoon and a Blanket. This sleeping bag has a rectangular shape, but is equipped with anatomically shaped hood, which is tightened by a turnbuckle with a stopper.

a Sleeping bag type Blanket and Combined can be used as an ordinary blanket, opening his zipper to the end. In addition, due to the fact that most sleeping bags include both provision of lightning (right and left), they can be interconnected, making the two sleeping bags one.

In the description of models of sleeping bags You can see 4 temperature range:

• Temperature "Max" — the maximum temperature that an average man can sleep without sweating;
• Temperature Comfort — the minimum temperature for a comfortable sleep of an average man;
• Temperature "Limit of comfort" — the minimum temperature for a comfortable sleep women;
• Temperature Extreme<— minimum temperature, allowing a person to sleep without the proper comfort for 6 hours.

Temperature. This parameter is fundamental for any sleeping bag. In our store we offer sleeping bags in a wide temperature range. Choosing a sleeping bag you must consider in what weather conditions and what time of year You are going to use a sleeping bag. Besides, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the temperature at night is lower than during the day. And if the sleeping bag is designed, for example, +20 degrees, at night it will be cold even in summer.

the Filling of a sleeping bag. today, there are two types of fillers for sleeping bags — down and synthetic materials.

First of all, you need to say about down sleeping bags. They are warm and expensive. However, they are very demanding to care for, because Pooh is a material that easily absorbs moisture, dries long, and eventually goes astray, losing its characteristics. Because of this, these sleeping bags are in demand only among the professionals.

as for sleeping bags with synthetic fillers, they are the most common and very diverse. They are relatively low cost and good temperature characteristics. These sleeping bags are easy to use, almost does not absorb moisture, are light weight and they dry well. In addition, to date, there are synthetic fillers that even in wet form, does not lose its characteristics, but also the cost is appropriate.

Number of layers sleeping bag. This feature is very important for winter or extreme sleeping bags. At low temperatures difficult to achieve the desired result only by using filler. For this purpose, the two-layer model, precluding the heat leakage through the seams that stitch the filler and the painting of a sleeping bag.

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