Multicam: species differences

Camouflage clothes used military as a form, as well as civil — to perform different kinds of work, recreational fishing, hunting and other events. Camouflage clothes available for sale in stores and its sale does not fall under any approved bans.

Multicam differs from other options unusual colors. The date of its appearance is considered 2002, when the camouflage was unveiled at the contest of new types of camouflage for the U.S. army. And, although Cartoons won the second place, it popularity is only growing.

Differences of Multicam

This type of camouflage has been developed for the 8 years, for its creation was carried out extensive research and scientific expeditions.

the Main goal of the developers was to obtain a coloring, which will help fighters equally well carry out the work at all-terrain — even in the field, at least in the city.

as a result of the gigantic research work was obtained the colors of camouflage, called Cartoons.

Cartoons — what it is?

When creating the perfect clothes developers were taken into account many factors, among which:

  • features of human vision;
  • the ability of a person to perceive color, volume and shape.

the Main difference Multicam camo from other colors of camouflage is unique combination of colors:

  • this garment has no stains, painted in black color;
  • in each version of the clothes there are the many shades;
  • this type of camouflage allows you to blend even at sunset.

today released several options of Multicam, photo and description which you can see below.

  1. Basic. First developed clothing this direction. Basic Cartoons were tested in Afghanistan.
  2. ARID. Its purpose is to disguise the fighter in completely open areas, or among rocks, devoid of vegetation.
  3. Tropic. Intended for camouflage among vegetation, for example — in the jungle.
  4. Black. Its original purpose was to ease the work of the police and counter-terrorism fighters in the city.
  5. Alpine. This color makes a person practically invisible in the conditions of snow cover area.

how Much is the camouflage?

Camouflage clothing is used all over the world. Thus, it serves not only uniforms for military, police and other defenders of the rule of law, but also very loved by civilians.

Normal people use camouflage clothing for all sorts of purposes, including as:

  • overall;
  • for fishing;
  • for hunting;
  • to perform repair and other works.

Question about price of Multicam is always relevant.

the Average price has virtually no differences from other types of camouflage clothing, so everyone can find exactly the kind of outfit that is most suitable for the selected objectives.

In the selection and purchase of the Multicam important not the price, but quality. For this reason, you should pay attention to such nuances:

  • patches on the clothes should be variety of sizes and the corresponding colors;
  • spots always overlap with each other, as if merging into one another, creating the maximum opportunity to remain invisible.

Buying Multicam camo, it is worth thinking about the need to buy in addition to jackets and pants, extra things in the same colors. Very useful:

  • gloves;
  • backpacks;
  • shirt;
  • and other.

Quality — priceless

This type of camouflage is purchased regularly by the population. The secret of its popularity not only in unique colors and comfort socks. Multicam camouflage is very durable and high quality, a few years of regular socks he not only does not break but remains intact.

Feature the original suit are the same:

  • damping inserts the knee and the elbow, protects from quick wear;
  • increased strength and refractoriness clothing;
  • conveniently located pockets, closed by Velcro.

Modern camouflage clothing is great alternative favourite overalls for work, clothes for active holidays and quiet hobby.

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