Camouflage - kinds of colors

Special clothing, the main purpose of which is man on a background of natural terrain features appeared over a hundred years ago. This type of clothing was called camouflage(from the French. camouflage — camouflage) and since then widely used in almost all armed forces of the world.

the Meaning of camouflage clothing is that during its manufacture on the front side of the material is treated with a special pattern that best fits the type of terrain in which the will be used. Of course, each state makes in its military form of clothes additional elements that best reflect the style of the armed forces of the country and direct its location in the climatic zones of the planets. However, there are five main types of camouflage that most widely accepted all over the world.

Most countries in Europe and North America are equipped with one Forest, while in Northern regions it is quite common the second type of color - "Winter". The armed forces of North Africa, and Middle East usually hide their troops with military clothes "Desert" and conscript the people of South America and South - East Asia flaunted fourth option – "the Jungle". The fifth type of camouflage clothing is the most rare, as it is used the smallest group of troops, located in the South of the African continent, this variant form of camouflage called "Bush"

Camouflage clothing the first option - "the Forest" is created with a large predominance of dark green color, which is ideal for the introduction of hostilities in the middle Northern latitudes of the globe.

the Second option of military uniforms is made on the basis of white, as in the field of its application is characterized by a large amount of snow that is long enough covers the ground.

In the color scheme of the third variant - "Desert" dominated by light gray and light brown tones, which allow soldiers to blend in perfectly with areas with rich grasslands and deserts.

the Fourth option of masking somewhat resembles the first type is similar garments, but in camouflage camouflage "Jungle" added a lot of black and dark green shades are replaced with marsh color.


Camouflaged coloring Cartoons (from the English. Multicam) - used by some U.S. Army units

British army DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material). Appeared in 60-ies. It is based on four colors: black, dark brown, bright green and dark sand. In addition to traditional forestry options there are two versions – tropical (tropic DPM) and desert DDPM (Desert DPM).

Modern colors of the Army of the United Kingdom MTP (from the English. Multi-Terrain Pattern). Created on the basis of DPM and it comes with 7 colors.

CAMOUFLAGE of the BUNDESWEHR, West Germany, East Germany

since at the application of the fifth variant camouflage clothing there is quite a complex flora, then this type of camouflage combines a great number of green, black and light shades. Such coloring is also called Flecktarn (from finally. Flecktarn)

Platanenmuster, version from 1937. (summer)

Platanenmuster, version from 1937. (fall)

Tropentarn desert.


in Addition a beautiful masking, camouflage military has a large margin of safety and practicality. Therefore, this type of clothing has become popular with many of the civil inhabitants of our planet, particularly the style preferred by people who on a professional or Amateur level are fishing or hunting. If for fishing enthusiasts such clothing gives extra comfort in the field, the hunters appreciate, first of all, the camouflage function of clothing, because invisibility is one of the main factors in this sport.

Camo quite a long time has been used worldwide in different units. Now there is a great variety of models and options products of this kind. Via the Internet today, even without leaving your home, you can select and buy a quality ghillie suit at a relatively low price, as well as service delivery in any city of our vast country - this convenient service now offered by many sites that sell clothing.


In today's online stores are offered for sale and the camouflage and the suits Gili /T.E. sniper suits as well as summer and winter camo for hunting. In that case, if You need a ghillie sniper suit, colloquially called "the Goblin", then fit suit Gili now these clothes are made of synthetic threads. Ghillie suits of this kind must top dress military uniform standard or any other clothes. These products are well suited for snipers and hunters, as well as to stay on the ground.

high Quality camo indispensable for fishing or relaxing with friends - it is very practical because is durable, non-marking and easy to wash. In Soviet times the most popular were camouflage suit "KZS" and "birch" – at the present time, these types of workwear can also easily purchase in online stores. Today, manufacturers of such products offer for sale a net, lightweight ghillie suits, which are specially designed and sewn to be worn during the summer season.

Modern winter camouflage suit

Particularly relevant high quality camouflage ghillie suit to get in the winter time of year, no matter where You are. In stores now, presents various options winter product of this kind. Winter camouflage clothing designed for hunting, is absolutely necessary for every hunter, besides, it is not less important than, for example, weapons or Arsenal. Now the manufacturers of such products in the manufacture, use effective design solutions and modern materials that were tested in the process of creating models of workwear designed for the army, as well as for climbers.

the Most important advantage, which is characterized by a winter camouflage suits is the fabric which generally does not rustle when moving. Typically, for a thermal insulation effect is used special multi-layer insulation synthetic origin, which combines with lining, made of windproof material. In turn, horse fabric high quality winter camouflage is characterized by several advantages. It is covered with a moisture-resistant impregnation, which is crucial in the fall and spring seasons. The clothes of this plan provides an opportunity for its owners to move almost silently.

Those who are primarily interested in convenience and warmth, producers of camouflage offered to buy an additional and a special vest which is insulated and is warm the jacket itself under the camouflage suit - he, too, is made of modern materials. All the elements of a press kit winter options of quality clothing similar plan was also characterized by thought-out functionality. They have, as a rule, the higher the belt, which is durable loops designed for thick belts. All kinds of fasteners enable the owner to use the suit pockets without removing, in this case, mittens. On front pockets camouflage suit, usually are quite large buttons, which is also convenient. Pockets located on the knees of these pants are usually equipped with special fixing elements, which consist of plates made of polyurethane. They are not only reliable protection, but also make the process comfortable shooting position with the knees. In addition, such pockets is a reliable insulation when the owner of the suit is on the ground in wet or cold weather.

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