What are sleeping bags

the Main differences between sleeping bags, design, the type of insulation and sop.
a modern variety of sleeping bags offered on the market of tourist equipment, able to satisfy any most demanding taste. today you can pick up sleeping bags for tourism all types of tourism: from extreme to weekend trips. in any case, this faithful assistant will provide you with the necessary comfort and will create conditions for a good rest. you only need to make the right choice, given your kind of active tourism and the most likely weather conditions in which you reside.

modern sleeping bags are classified by type of cut:

  • the cocoon
  • blanket
  • combined

material inner filler:

  • Pooh
  • synthetic

view cut sleeping bag

sleeping bag cocoon

cocoon is a sleeping bag tapered at the bottom. such a trapezoidal shape in addition to saving space in your backpack ensures a tighter fit of the body of the tourist, and, therefore, can be used to the cooler conditions of the campaign. for additional insulation the design of this sleeping bag may include in addition to the anatomically shaped hood, insulated collar around the shoulders, an additional valve is insulated along the entire length of the zipper. and the collar tightened with the turnbuckle with a stopper. some models of sleeping bags designed for extreme conditions, have the lower part, borovym additionally insulated material for greater comfort. in addition, all seams on the outer and inner sides of the sleeping bag shifted relative to each other, which also prevents heat loss.


the blanket is a sleeping bag has a rectangular shape and is suitable for simple hikes, people who have no restrictions on the volume of transferred things. sleeping bag type blanket can also have a hood, fastened with a zipper.


there is also a version of the combined sleeping bags: the cocoon/blanket. this has a rectangular shape, but is equipped with anatomically shaped hood drawstring tie with stopper.

both types of sleeping bags can be used as an ordinary blanket, unbuttoning until the end of the split lightning with the difference that in the case of cocoon, the resulting quilt will have a trapezoidal shape. in addition, since most models are executed for both right-hand and left-hand version (lightning position), you can join two sleeping bags together.

in the description of the models indicates the recommended temperature range of use - the so-called comfort temperature. some models can also be specified extreme mode - the minimum temperature at which a sleeping bag does not lose its thermal properties.

insulation sleeping bags

down sleeping bags

modern bedroom a great variety of filler material, the choice of which determines the basic thermal insulation properties of the product. currently the warmest filling is fluff (link). however, with its relatively high price, the fluff is very well absorbs moisture and long dries. because wet sleeping bag store you can't (fluff starts to rot). this bag is not suitable for long expeditions to places with hot and humid climate. therefore, the main purpose of down-filled sleeping bags are mountain climbing and Arctic expeditions.

synthetic insulation sleeping bags

bedroom synthetic insulation with no drawbacks natural: they are lighter and dry faster, practically do not absorb moisture, easily compressed and restore the shape. this heat svoystva synthetic sleeping bags very close to a feather. there are currently a large number of synthetic insulation developed by the famous firms: polarguard, thinsulate, thermolite, quallofil, etcp. in the mass, they are based on interweaving hollow fibers of polymeric materials. however, the ratio of (heat-capacity/weight) branded synthetic insulation is characterised from a nameless very much, as well as price. the service life of the ring heater is several times less than brand.

other heaters sleeping bags

before, when synthetic insulation have not begun the victorious procession, was widely used natural insulation such as cotton (cotton wool) and (sheep or camel). the disadvantages of these heaters are obvious: heavy, hygroscopic, short-lived. the only plus is the price. that is why they are still produced, mainly for military and other state needs.

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