How to choose a travel sleeping bag


The ancestor of the first sleeping bags was a common woollen blanket which the man simply folded in half. One half he laid down, and the second took cover from the top. Later it started certified on the perimeter buttons and then the zipper. This design got the name of a sleeping bag "blanket" and widely distributed to this day. However, in the mid-twentieth century, the need for something lighter and more efficient sogrevaya traveler has led to the fact that the classic sleeping bag design was revised. He has been attached to wedge-shaped, tapering to the legs shape and added a hood covering his head. This option has received the name "cocoon" .

Travel in the modern world these two kinds of design there has been a strong specialisation. "Blankets" have been applied in tourism (camping). Where practically does not play a role in weight, but very spacious by the way their dimensions conducive to comfortable, relaxed sleep . Such sleeping bags in a separate article.

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is carried in the backpack, on the contrary, the most expedient shows the use of sleeping bags in the shape of the cocoon. For the same level of heat they are 20-30% lighter than "blankets" and due to the smaller internal volume climbed inside to allow a person to quickly warm the interior space and, therefore, faster to warm himself.

It should be noted that there is a small layer of sleeping bags "blankets" made from down or synthetic high-tech (and they both belong to the upper price category), which, thanks to its low weight can, along with the "cocoons" successfully used during summer camping trips.


In an early confrontation with the "fluff" vs. "synthetics" while still with a noticeable gap win downsleeping bags. The best ratio heat/weight they provide. Actually, the sleeping bag as from and of a different material can be done at any desired temperature. Only, for example, the average synthetic sleeping bag for 0°C will weigh 1800 g, and the average downy 1200 or even less. The difference in half.

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is their high cost. High quality goose down is very expensive and is consumed by the producers literally grams.

The quality of down is determined by a metric FP (Fill Power) – the ability to "fluff" and to restore its volume after compression. Higher than FP the less down you need to fill a sleeping bag. The easier it is warmer and it turns out the final product .

In sleeping bags the average level of fuzz is used with a value of FP 600-750 units. Top things to do from down to 800-900 FP. Historically, the main consumers of these sleeping bags are climbers that use them on high-altitude climbs. Where due to the complexity of the route and of oxygen necessary to minimize the weight of equipment, while nighttime temperatures can drop to -30°C. But in recent years the idea of minimizing weight finds more and more popularity among Russian tourists. When Hiking in summer, used ultralight sleeping bags weighing in at only 500-600 g.

Sleeping bags
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cheap Pooh with FP below 500 is currently almost not made because actively replaced by modern synthetic insulation.

Another thing that speaks in favor of down-filled sleeping bags and somewhat justifies their high cost is their durability. It is believed that a good down bag, if with it accurately to address, successfully used for 10-15 years. Synthetic starts to ominates and lose its insulating qualities significantly faster. Here it should be recalled that in any warm things, either a sleeping bag or jacket, warms us, or rather insulates our body from external cold, not the insulation material, and located between its fibres air. The heater only creates a three-dimensional frame, inside which the air is stationary and not mixed .

The main niche of synthetic sleeping bags – is the lower and middle price category. There are dozens of brands of heaters: Primaloft Sport, Apex Climashield, Thermolite, Infufil, Hollowfiber andD. The best ones by the ratio heat/weight comparable to the Pooh FP 500-550.

Despite the greater weight and significantly larger dimensions in a Packed form (synthetic insulation is compressed worse than fluff) has a synthetic and its advantages. First, it is virtually guaranteed to be hypoallergenic (important for those who are allergic to fluff waterfowl). Secondly, a synthetic sleeping bag dries much faster, if it happened to be wet. But if dry fails, you can sleep even when wet, just wring out the water from it. The heater will continue to regularly deal with and to warm his master. Not as effective as dry, but still acceptable. If a down sleeping bag gets wet, it turns into useless thin cloth , and requires 2-3 days drying in good Sunny weather, while he again will find their working condition. In General, a soggy sleeping bag, very rare in modern tourism. Now there are simple ways to keep the sleeping bag dry in any rain or even in the event of his falling into the river. However there are conditions, especially in long multi-day trips, when due to the constant dampness in the tent, it is preferable to have a synthetic sleeping bag.

Comfort temperature

To give the buyer a rough guide for each of a sleeping bag indicates the temperature for which it is designed. Moreover, usually these temperature values several.

In accordance with European standard EN 13537 on the sleeping bag label shall contain:

  • T comf. (comfort temperature) – the temperature to which the average woman does not feel the cold in this sleeping bag.
  • T lim. (the lower limit of comfort) – the temperature to which the average man does not feel the cold. Men are on average more cold-resistant than women .
  • T extreme (extreme temperature) – the temperature to which the average woman can "sit out" a six-hour night in this sleeping bag. This is the zone of survival. Of normal comfortable sleep here. Sensations vary from just frequent awakenings, to roll on the other side and to warm the frozen feet, until closed in the middle of my eye and continuous jitter. T extreme is provided by the standard exclusively for athletes who aims to survive a night or two to quickly climb anywhere with a minimum of equipment or to sit out bad weather in the event of an emergency. Man, counting on the normal restorative sleep, focus on this value is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED!
  • T max - the fourth value as well sometimes listed on the label of a sleeping bag. Is the maximum temperature to which people can be in it without breaking a sweat. But this value is rarely taken into account because if it's hot, sleeping bag you can always undo or cover them only the feet .

Because in the perception of cold people differ significantly among themselves, each person gradually develops their own personal guidelines, which of the two values he needs to start picking a sleeping bag. For those who have such experience yet, the best recommendation is to focus on the comfort temperature (T comf.) or even add to it about 5°C. Let your first sleeping bag
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will be a little warmer than necessary than a little colder.

Note No. 1. Alas, many manufacturers sin that for marketing purposes is used in the titles of their sleeping bags the numbers corresponding to T extreme. For example, a sleeping bag called the "Everest -15" in fact would be with the following temperature characteristics: . We have to sleep in it, in the normal sense of the word, only to +7, max +2°C. At a temperature of -15°C it would be about survival. Most reputable equipment manufacturers (Marmot, Deuter, Sivera...), by contrast, can not afford such "stunts" and indicate the name of the more honest figures corresponding to the lower comfort limit (T lim).

Now it seems that everything just. On each sleeping bag its specified temperature range. It helps to know the forecast for the coming days and you can choose your favourite. But as often happens, "the devil buried in the details". The standard, mentioned above, prescribing how to test the temperature of a sleeping bag, is of recommendatory nature only. That is, the manufacturer can test their products in accordance with it, and maybe not have to and indicate your own estimated figures. The external difference is only in a small mark on the label "complies with EN 13537" .

Testing in accordance with the standard is not cheap. For this purpose it is necessary to send samples of their products in one of the European testing facilities and to pay noticeable money for conducting independent research. All this are only fairly well-known companies-manufacturers (among Russian it: Bask, Red Fox, Sivera, Splav (2014) ). Others cite figures based on own calculations, and no one is not confirmed. So, if sleeping bags are marked with "complies with EN 13537", on the reliability of the figures is quite reliable temperature range for the sleeping bag without such a mark should be taken as indicative only. In practice, this means that, for example, purchasing cheap Chinese sleeping bag that nobody else even comes close not brought to the test cell, is to be skeptical of him specified for the comfort temperature and throw off her allegiance to 5°C (warm for winter sleeping bags 10°C).

Note No. 2. Why one person may respond on the sleeping bag, as warm, and the second to freeze at the same temperature? Such reviews can often be found on Internet forums. Gave that all people have different complexion, and different metabolism (metabolism). Someone body well maintains its own temperature 36.6°C - man can sleep with the window open, under a thin sheet. And someone on the contrary is prone to constant freezing. C movement to the nature of the situation does not change. Those who at home need a warm blanket, and need it in a tent. I, alas, am second, merznuschemu category. So my sleeping bag is usually 5-10 degrees warmer than normal according to the standard EN 13537. In addition, we must remember that the average person, whose model is used when testing this: 25 years, average built (173 cm, 70 kg), long underwear
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and socks, a healthy, well-fed, not stressed out for the past day. Camp reality does not always match this model. (More about the nuances of EN 13537 test can be found in a detailed article on the website of Leonid Alexandrov (the Brigade commander)


As a rule, in the description of the sleeping bag are provided, only its external dimensions . The maximum growth of the person it fits, you can determine, subtracting from long sleeping bag 20 cm. More specifically, for summer or trehletnego of the cocoon is 20 cm, for plumper winter - 30 cm

For example, standard long sleeping bag is about 210 cm, which can comfortably accommodate people up to 1,90 m.

Higher for tourists are available //" title="View all products from the category of Sleeping bags" onmouseover="$('#enc-13').toggle('fast'); return false;">sleeping bags
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marked "L" or "XL" long 230-235 see In addition to more available sizes they almost always have an increased width, so fit and full of people.

For petite girls and Teens that they are not worn on the shoulders excess weight, there are sleeping bags
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reduced size, long 185-190cm. Choosing a sleeping bag and stumbled upon suspiciously easy, inexpensive option, pay attention to its size. Most often, it is precisely this shortened bag.


Price of sleeping bag in the first place is reflected in its weight. The General trend is for the more expensive sleeping bag, so it is lighter and more compact (see the earlier example). In addition, as mentioned above, the price impact on the accuracy of the claimed temperature comfort. For the more expensive sleeping bags is the objective test results EN13537. For more on budget estimates named by the manufacturer.

And, of course, autumn or winter //forma-odezhda.EN/sleeping-bags/" title="View all products by tag sleeping bags" onmouseover="$('#enc-43').toggle('fast'); return false;">sleeping bag
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summer will always be more expensive because production takes several times more insulated material.

The price of synthetics will start at approximately 1 000 p. for the simplest "Chinese" and can be up to 12 000 – 15 000 R. the most lightweight high-tech bags
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– the best of what now exists for high humidity conditions.

The cheapest Pooh
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to start from 5 000 - 6 000 R. But this cost a sleeping bag in terms of weight will be not much different from inexpensive synthetics. In fact, the price of high-quality light down with a high FP starts at approximately 10,000 R. Warmest winter can cost 25 000 RUB. and more. There is only one consolation - it's a great life down sleeping bag. So its purchase can be treated as a "long term investment". (prices are for 2014)