How to choose a tent

First of all I must say that there is no one "perfect" tent, suitable to all and on all occasions. It would be as fantastic as everything favourite car is a Ferrari, which is great to ride, but with capacity for buses, traffic tractors and consuming two drops of peanut butter a year. In the tourist world the same. Each person has their own requirements, their own ideas about how should look like it's being in nature. This is why so many different models of tents. You just have to understand that what is intended, and to choose the tent that meets your personal needs. So read and constantly try on – "yours / not yours".

Camping or tourist?

So, the first thing to decide is what type should be tent: camping or travel. Here everything is quite simple. Camping usually means that we arrived by car and can afford to relax in nature with a certain degree of comfort. Here the keyword "car". That is, we is not particularly limited in weight and volume of equipment (to a reasonable extent, of course). Can afford a folding table, chairs, comfortable thick mattress. This tent is spacious, the height of the full height of a man, it is an easy to go and stay in it during inclement weather. What she weighs, for example, 15 kg we are especially not scary.

Another thing, when all things are "go" for you. Whether it's a classic Hiking or simple may check out the kebabs. If you have at least half an hour to carry all that stuff on your shoulders, unbearable camping monsters is definitely not an option. Curse everything in the world. For this there are touristtents. Somewhat less comfortable, but, for example, the weight of the same tent for four people will not be fifteen, and of 4-5 kg. This is achieved through the use of more lightweight fabrics, lightweight frames and, last but not least, due to the smaller size of the tent. Including at the expense of its lower height (the vast majority of tourist tents, unlike the camping, four feet high, that is, they can sit and lie down, but you can only move much crouching ).

In terms of size and comfort range of tourist tents is very broad. They are quite minimalist ultralight "odnushek" in size with a box from under the refrigerator , up to spacious enough that take, for example, in laid-back water tours . After all, the main thing is simply to convey to water, and then they ride on a ship.

How many people?

Specification are: one, two, three, four, and soD. -local. Normally this is indicated already in the title. For example, "Sigma Pro 3" - triple is clearly a tent.

What do you mean triple? There are some well-established both here and abroad the idea of a comfortable sleeping space width in field conditions is 60 cm (by the way, standard camping mattress is also 60 cm wide). Based on this, manufacturers usually do tents. That is a standard 2 person tent will have a width of 120 cm . For camping tents, implying increased comfort, it can be a little bit more. To clothed the mountain – less. The minimalistic form of tents sometimes make wedge – 60 cm at the shoulders and narrower in the legs . The feelings, comfort with virtually no wasted.

But all this, of course, not a dogma. In terms of sleep, every person is different. We are all different in shoulder width, age, habits. Someone is sleeping on your side, someone on the back. But in the rough you can focus on the following scale:

For people of average height the length of the bed issues usually arise. In most tents is 2,1 - 2,2 M. That is twenty or thirty centimeters under the pillow and still some things will always be. If your height more than 190 cm, then it is advisable to look at the tents long 2.3 m. Such also occur.

In fact, no real restrictions on the number living in a tent. Sometimes somebody prefers to live on the lake alone in 3 persons tent, so that was convenient. And someone, going on a long challenging trek, take the same 3 person tent for four, deliberately limiting ourselves in comfort for the sake of saving weight.

What is the best 4 person tent, or two 2-seater? Each approach has its strengths.

Definitely a 4 seater similar level will always be easier and cheaper in terms of one person. Plus warmer, because the two will sleep in the center, fueled on all sides by their neighbors (it's really quite a good feeling).

On the other hand is bought not for one year, and do not always have the confidence that the next time you gather such a large company. Therefore, for reasons of universality, people often prefer to have a 2-3 person tents.

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