How to choose a gas burner?

Imagine a situation: You are in the mountains, naked rocks around You and chill with You some more of the same tired and hungry tourists like You. You can certainly go to bed hungry and tired after unsuccessful attempts to find firewood and make a fire. But You and all Your battle torotrak will be full and satisfied thanks to one essential for a real tourist things – thanks to a gas burner!

Gas has long become popular with tourists. They have several advantages over gasoline and multi-fuel burners:

  • gas lighter and more compact;
  • gas easier to use and require no special knowledge to operate;
  • gas more enjoyable due to the lack of any odor;
  • gas do not smoke and do not smoke
  • do not become clogged;
  • gas pretty budget priced.

And most importantly - do not require a long kindling. Time to prepare the burner to work is calculated in seconds: connect (if necessary) two parts, to press the piezo ignitor and put a bowl with water on the resulting fire. That's all. So the gas burner is great way to save time spent on cooking.
The gas burners are just two drawbacks: it is failing at low temperatures and a ban on the transportation of the burner plane.

let's see what you should pay attention to when buying a gas burner.

first is the design. Standard gas burner consists of the following parts: site for attachment of a gas cylinder, the burner head, the nozzle (nozzle), reducer with flow regulator and fuel holder for the installation of dishes. Smarter burners in addition there are some quite valuable items: piezo ignitor, windscreen, and adapters for different types of mounting cylinders and carrying case.

Consider some of the attributes of a standard gas burner.

the Same node for attaching the gas cylinder can be either attached to a gas cylinder or tank is connected to a special hose, through which gas flows to the burner. The latter method constructs better and more convenient. First, the burner is more stable and is closer to the ground, which reduces the risk of tilting the pot. Believe me, this is, to put it mildly unpleasant, when the cold day gained for Your dinner along with the ridiculous bowler hat tipped with torches. Happiness in this little. Therefore, the burner with a hose will postitive. And a tank of gas in freezing conditions it can be heated above the burner and the food in the fragrant stew in the pot on the burner, so to speak, without discontinuing work. Burner with hose can be easily disassembled and supplied.
Note holder to install the dish. The fact that the ideal design there are wider holders with special teeth that are more firmly in the pot on the fire.
the piezo ignitor is pretty ambiguous. It is a small button, which can be used to "turn on" the burner. But the whole thing is that this small thing constantly strives to be drenched and hurt, so her condition often leaves much to be desired. But even if You are careful and accurate with piezo ignitor, we still ensure the availability of an additional source of fire lighter (and preferably several) and matches.
the Windscreen is a kind of metal shield around the burner. In principle, a rather important, if blowing in the constant wind. Windscreen gas burner allows for faster heat the bowl, evenly distributing the heat and preventing the dishes to cool. If the windscreen is not supplied and the gas burner You like, don't despair. The windscreen is easy to make most of available tools – for example, from several dense sheets of foil or Mat. But be careful and watch that the fire didn't burn your self-made wind protection. By the way, some manufacturers save on windshield, making it cheaper from combustible materials. This windscreen next week will be blasted with all sorts of holes and irrevocably flawed.

second, determine the burner capacity. Thus, the gas burner with a capacity of up to 2000 watts usually can "feed" only two people to heat just 1 litre of water. Such burners are very compact and lightweight. If the campaign have few people, choose a burner with a capacity of 2000 watts. Such "fed" up to 5 people. However, do not think that putting a pot of water on the burner with high power, You will achieve fast boiling. The burner is in this case not only heats the dishes, but everything is close by, and the flow rate of the gas is essentially wasted. Use the windshield – it will help save gas. Yes and it should be recalled that it is cheaper to cook tea and food in two steps, than to pile them on the gas a huge pot. So You're just wasting time, gas, and become nervous in anticipation of food. And if you cook in the smaller bucket, it will save a mug of hot tea and get in a few minutes.

On almost all burners shall specify such parameter as time of boiling water. Now, do not take the figure for the principal when selecting the burner. Often the time that you specify, obtained from laboratory conditions, and then You're not in the lab, and in nature, where wind, snow, and other weather conditions. So the time required for boiling, actually a little more than specified on the package.

Determine in what conditions you will use the burner. Most often the gas burner, when there is no possibility to make a fire with firewood. This could be, if You climb high into the mountains, or if You are on the reserve, where there is a ban on fires. Please note that the gas burners do not work well in low temperatures, so if the mountains will be sub-zero temperatures, it is likely that You will experience difficulties with food preparation. In this case, You will either need some way to heat the tank (such as hose), or buy a burner that holds a lower temperature. The benefit of such gas burners is already there. However, they are much more expensive. But here You choose what is more important: to save or to fall asleep full and happy.

Find out in advance which natural area You go Hiking. If there is a forest with fallen trees, gas burner You will need only in case of prolonged heavy rain or my own laziness when you do not want to get out of a warm sleeping bag and collect firewood. Don't forget that gas cylinders – a thing quite expensive and to find it somewhere in the province is problematic. Therefore, use of a gas burner in the event that if You have a pair of cylinders or in the case of complete wetting of all wood in the area. Otherwise, it is better to keep the gas on more extreme conditions and to go for firewood.

And if You don't make friends with fire, can not and do not want to learn to light the fire then gas is Your indispensable assistant and friend.

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