How to wash a sleeping bag

First of all I must say that sleeping is not very fond of washing. This equally applies to synthetics and down. For every wash the insulation material is a bit crushed and loses its heat insulating ability. So wash sleeping bags try as little as possible. As a rule, no more than once per year.

If this situation is unacceptable to you, you can insert into your sleeping bag liner, which will play the role sheets . It without any remorse can be washed after each outing.

Washing sleeping bags:

  1. Will need normal washing machine front loading . For volumetric autumn and winter sleeping bags, it is desirable that it was quite large, designed for 6-7 kg of Laundry. If a suitable machine is not present or the bag are very old and threatens to unravel at the seams, it is possible to wash it manually. This is troublesome, but the most gentle way .
  2. Washing synthetic sleeping bags you can take a small amount of regular detergent. Any, as long as it did not contain brighteners and conditioners. But to wash down it is desirable to use only special detergents that will not be washed out of him in a natural "crow" fats that help the down feathers to maintain their elasticity. One of the most accessible in our country is: Nikwax Down Wash , Granger''s Down Cleaner or ReviveX Down Cleaner . They often can be found in large tourist shops.
  3. Completely unzip the sleeping bag and turn him inside out. The fact that the outer shell of a sleeping bag, as a rule, much worse permeable to water than its lining. This is especially true for sleeping bags extreme of the series, where as the shell used light membrane fabric.
  4. Replace mode the washing machine delicate wash at a temperature 30°C , without spinning . If possible, just add the "extra rinse" so that all the powder was guaranteed to be washed out of the sleeping bag.
  5. After the wash is complete, leave the sleeping bag in the car for another half hour to with a glass the bulk of the water. Then take him outside. When retrieval is necessary to exercise caution, as will be quite heavy and now easy to corrupt its internal partitions, made of very thin material. It is unacceptable to wring or twist the sleeping bag.
  6. Now please be patient. The sleeping bag folds out for drying. Away from batteries and other sources of heat . If it continues to drip, you can spread some Newspapers or a towel. To fully dry a synthetic sleeping bag takes an average of days. Down sleeping bags dry much longer, from 2 to 5 days. Because Pooh in the wash gets off in dense clumps in corners down packets , you need to come and "land" him, thereby helping him to destroy quickly and dry.
  7. Once completely dry, it can be removed for storage.
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