How to assemble a tent for tourism


Build a model of the tent (double-layer c inner frame – most common in us type) is done in five simple actions:

  1.  Lay on the ground of the inner tent.
  2.  Collect arc and insert them into the eyelets at the corners of the inner tent (eyelets and tailor the name of metal rings embedded in the fabric ).
  3.  Hanging hooks for the ceiling inside the tent. That was easier and did not slip down, start from the top of the hook.
  4.  RUB the resulting design of the awning and attach it to the ends of the arcs. Typically, this is done using the same grommets or buckles tridents. If necessary, draw the regulatory lines .
  5. All, in principle, the tent is assembled. It remains only to attach it to the ground:
    •  Pripisivaem pegs the corners of the tent. It is better to do first, so she hasn't gone anywhere during further stretching.
    •  Stretchable side entrance.
    •  In the event of a wind storm fasten the backstay.

Total cases for about 5 minutes.

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At first, to make it easier to build together. But in General, when the minimum skill almost any modern tent is easy to assemble by one person.

Tent with external frame going even faster (see here).



What to pay attention


Due to the fact that the tubes that make up the arc of the tent, connected by an elastic band, everything is going very quickly and easily – literally one section drops into another. However, sometimes some speck makes sections completely to connect - and this is the most common cause of failure of the frame in the event of any overload. So this case is not to check up once again .


Pegs are better stick at an angle rather than vertically. So they are less eager to get out of the ground .

Storm delays

About them small private post - how to tie and adjust.

The choice of location

The tent is best to place on a flat, smooth and dry place. Not always such it turns out, especially in the mountains, but it is necessary to aspire.

First of all, if you notice, the surface is absolutely horizontal in nature do not occur very often. Almost always at the site there is a small tilt in some direction, and we must try to put up the tent in such a way as to be head straight up the slope. Position when the hip is at least a couple of inches above the head, is perceived by anyone as obviously unnatural. But if the slope off to the side somewhere, it feels not so critical. But tossing and turning in his sleep little by little you will be able to slide on the slippery bottom of the tent, and in the morning your lower neighbor will be deeply imbedded in the wall of the bodies of their comrades .

Plus should you choose place smoother, with no bumps sticking out and spruce roots. Not very sweet to sleep when something bites and massaging your hips. But to raise everyone to get out and move the tent in the middle of the night, of course, will not. So all the branches, pine cones right off. Moreover, it is not a sin, assembling a tent while it's still not pinned with pegs, trial to lie down in it and test that nothing gets in the way and bias.

In the mountains, flat space at least 2 x 1.5 m is a separate issue, so before installing the platform tents have long to dub, twisting a particularly protruding boulders and laying gaps between other stones smaller .

And last, always necessary to figure out what will happen if you go rain. Modern tents due to its waterproof bottom in the form of a "trough" is well protected from water leaking. But still, as something exciting, when around your home sucking slowly growing puddle. And you with all your dry things away from her only a layer of tissue with thickness in a millimeter. Suddenly a small hole? Plus things in the vestibule will be podmochat. So, when choosing a place try to assess where flow the turbulent flow in the event of a downpour. Often a couple of steps to the side, a small five-centimeter elevation is enough to stay completely dry .

In my childhood, when the usual companion tourist was "bun" with a scorched cotton sleeping bag inside to keep water from leaking under the bottom canvas of the tent, each time it has ditched a small drain rowecom. But now to meet such a rarity. With mass distribution of tents made of modern waterproof fabrics that almost no one does. Only if you have to stand in one place for very long, a week or more.


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