How to choose a sleeping bag

Choosing a sleeping bag, it is important to remember the 3 possible types of this tourism inventory:

- sleeping bag for Hiking;
- sleeping bag for camping;
- sleeping bag for camping in extreme weather conditions.

Only accurately determine the purpose of a sleeping bag, it is possible not to make the wrong choice.

Important classification of sleeping bags by design type

Everyone in should know that there are two basic designs sleeping bag sleeping bag-a blanket and a sleeping bag-cocoon.

the Sleeping bag-blanket and is named so because that resembles in its appearance a conventional blanket, but with long split zipper. With this lightning sleeping bags can be joined together in one larger design.

a Sleeping bag is like a sleeping bag - blanket, but unlike conventional sleeping bags-blankets - is the presence of the hood.

the Sleeping bag – cocoon has a trapezoid shape, narrower in the toe area and expanding closer to the bed. Like sleeping bags-blankets, this kind of sleeping bag has a hood and long longitudinal zipper. Sleeping-cocoons take up less space in your backpack and are considered more comfortable for individual overnight stays.

the Third important aspect of the choice – quality sleeping bag

Requirements to comfort, resistance to deformation and wear sleeping bags is quite high. Fully comply with them can only travel inventory from the manufacturer with the name.

Bedroom famous brands always have the technical warranty card and technical passport. In the latter document clarifies the types of external and internal fabric and also the temperature limit of use of this tourism inventory.

Temperature scale on a good quality sleeping bag will tell the buyer about the minimum temperature at which tourists are guaranteed a comfortable sleep. These indicators can be different for men and women.

talking About the temperature scale?

comfort Temperature - the temperature range in which a person can sleep without feeling cold all night.

Temperature extremes - the lowest temperature at which the sleeping bag protects a person from hypothermia (hypothermia). It's about 6 hours of uncomfortable sleep, but without reducing the temperature to dangerous indicators.

Tons of comfort lower limit of comfort for the average woman.

T a limit of comfort lower limit of comfort for an average man.

extreme T - zone of possible hypothermia.

This scale is designed for people aged from 18 to 40 years, physically fit, well-nourished and without signs of hypothermia.

Clear signs of a quality sleeping bag

In a good sleeping bag You will never see quilted through, so-called "cold" joints. From sleeping bag of questionable quality it is known for:

- presence enhanced zipper that prevents accidental grasping tissue;
- a cord that secures the hood of a sleeping bag;
- perfectly smooth seams;
- loop for drying;
- high quality accessories (polyester, cotton, flannel).

Material of the sleeping bag should be able to "breathe", to be pleasant to the touch, does not absorb odors and moisture. Only in this sleeping bag Your sleeping outside will be comfortable.

don't skimp on your comfort, safety and health. Choose sleeping well-known manufacturers.

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