How to choose the right tent?

There are many types of tents, someone uses them for work, others need them for entertainment, and others live in them constantly. The patriarchs of tents can be considered different yurts, yarangas and teepees that exist so far. First were wooden or bamboo "arcs", and awnings were the means at hand, like straw, animal skins, and later began to use fabric.

Directly the improvement of the tents began only in the twentieth century. People have more to go on hikes, began high-altitude climbing and then the usual "vig-Vama" began to turn into a high-tech portable home . They became considerably lighter, with a more sturdy and lightweight arc, double-layer tent, or single layer (very cheap or very expensive).

Tents are divided into three main types:

  1. high-altitude Storm (extreme) tents. Designed for high-altitude climbing. They must withstand wind, snow and be warm. Their arcs must be light and durable, and the tent should not produce warm air, they can't be any mosquito nets. they can be as large base camps, and single. Else these call chetyrehskatnye.
  2. the Following type of tents, travel tents it. They have low weight, great size and good water resistance. These easy and quick to install. They are also characterized by the presence of the vestibule. usually travel tent one entrance.
  3. the Third type of tents is a camping tents that are large, heavy, non-behind him, and carry on the car. They have a high degree of comfort. In such tent a tall man can stand tall, there may be several rooms. There are separate tents.

there are Also very lightweight bike single layer with a single arc, or trekking and ski without any arcs that may replace the ski or trekking poles.

Also, the tents are divided into tent with collar and awning with awning to which is fastened the tent. swivel awning is longer, but it can be supplied without a tent, it helps a lot in hot climatic conditions , consequently another option is pitch a tent faster. but it cannot be put without a tent.

Also one of the most important criteria of tents, it is an indicator of water column. This is due to the number of water which should create such pressure on the tent, on one square centimeter, so she got wet.

  • up to 2000mm of water column – weak resistance,
  • 2000-3000mm water column – good water resistance,
  • more than 3000mm water column – very good water resistance.

Now you can safely choose a tent and go on a journey, the thought of which, for sure, now do not let you sleep.

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