How to choose a sleeping bag? Practical advice

Sleeping bag is not only one of the most important attributes of any active lot. It is also a thing, which determines Your health and good mood.
in order to choose a sleeping bag, You need to decide on several important factors.

first, consider all kinds of sleeping bags that exist. In the active tourism there are three types of sleeping bags. This sleeping bag-cocoon, a sleeping bag-blanket combo and a sleeping bag.

If You're a fan of active holidays, extreme tourism in extreme conditions, then You definitely need a sleeping bag-cocoon. This type of sleeping bag is good because it retains heat better than others due to the more tight encirclement of the body. Almost all sleeping-cocoons now equipped with insulated collars, which prevent the ingress of cold air inside the sleeping bag and to retain warmth better in the middle. However, the cocoons sleeping bags are clearly not intended for those people who like to sleep stretched out on paparacci and crushing down all that is in the area. To sleep in a sleeping bag-cocoon will compact, most likely, in the characteristic fetal position. However, there are now three-dimensional and spacious versions of the cocoons in which to give vent to the body during sleep.

a Sleeping bag-blanket in good camping options, for those people who prefer active, but not extreme relaxation. If You option simple hike in warm conditions, then the sleeping bag-blanket is a good fit. A sleeping bag-blanket is good because anytime You can make from it, actually, and a blanket, sleeping bag, and even create additional comfort in the tent, spreading a blanket on the floor. Keep in mind that a sleeping bag-blanket is always somewhat larger in volume and size than a cocoon, and almost not designed for cold weather. The comfort temperature in these types of camping sleeping bags usually reaches -7.

And a sleeping bag-cocoon, and a sleeping bag-blanket are designed for that "to sostoyatsya", in other words, to fasten two adjacent zippers of a sleeping bag. If You can't fall asleep, not hugging her lover/beloved, do not worry: even in tourist terms it is completely solved.This requires that neighboring were the sleeping bags with right and left zippers respectively. Critics argue that sostenute sleeping bags is a huge heat loss, but you close to You close will be lively and warm people, which warms not worse than the stove, so it is unlikely You will be able to freeze. But if it's a loved one – then to survive is absolutely not worth it!

the So-called combined sleeping bags is sleeping bags that combine several functions. There are sleeping bags with compartments for arms and legs. There are sleeping bags-blankets, to which you can add/remove the hood, thereby transforming it into a kind of cocoon. For example, in a series of TENGU sleeping bags ALEXIKA sleeping bags there is an option-quilts, which by simple manipulation may be converted into ponchos.

Following a very important factor in the choice of sleeping bags is their filler. There are three types of fillers for sleeping bags: Pooh, and hollofayber.

If You will be trodden trails under conditions of low humidity and dry climate, then it is best thing invented by mankind for warming is Pooh. And, therefore, the need to buy it down the sleeping bag. You will be pleased with the comparative ease and high thermal insulation. It must be said that down sleeping bags are a luxury good because fluff is quite expensive. Besides, Pooh perfectly absorbs moisture, but it is unpleasant in any campaign, because in high humidity Your down sleeping bag will get wet, unpleasant and lose heat. That is, to sleep You will be at least uncomfortable. As a maximum – to sleep You just can't. And the next morning to find another "pleasant" surprise down sleeping bag: because of the good vlagopoglascheniem to dry your sleeping bag You will be twice as long. And if you do not have time to do it in time, so the total weight of Your backpack due to humid sleeping bag unpleasant will increase. Another nuisance may be the fact that down sleeping bags – is a convenient place to live different pathogenic bacteria and mites. But again, down sleeping bags, if to take into account all weather conditions, it is one of the best and warm sleeping bags.

Another type of filler for sleeping bags is the padding. It is inexpensive and fairly warm type sleeping bags. However, there are disadvantages, probably more than advantages. First, differing cheap, polyester fiber sleeping bags do not have longevity. Such sleeping bags are typical "caking" and therefore histochemistry, and because of this they become very cold and unpleasant. The batting is not very good heat insulator, so choosing a padded sleeping bag, keep in mind that too low temperatures it is clearly not under force.

Probably the best option sleeping bags for all occasions is synthetic sleeping bags with hollow fillers, among which the insulation is hollowfiber. Fillers such sleeping bags are so-called "micromachine" polyester. These sleeping bags are the most comfortable and convenient. First, they are light. Secondly, warm. Thirdly, even if they gain moisture, do not cease to warm, so warm the night with this sleeping bag You provided. Fourthly, they dry quickly. Fifthly, sleeping bags quickly restores the form and not cake. And finally, Sixthly, synthetic sleeping bags are easy to wash and they never will live various small pesky insects and bacteria.

For the outer material of the sleeping bag often use various versions of nylon (Nylon) and polyester (Polyester). For example, Nylon RipStop 210T, 210T Polyester RipStop, Polyester 190T, Polyester 190T Diamond RipStop. In the case of feather sleeping bags are used other fabrics that are specially designed under-the-Pooh, holding moisture and air – Peltex, Ultrex.

Your state of mind after spending the night in a sleeping bag largely depends on what time of year You travel. If it's summer and warm weather, there are no special problems. The main thing is that the summer was quite dry: only in this case will fit any sleeping bag. If You are in conditions of high humidity in the warm season, then be sure to pay attention to the insulation (down, polyester, synthetic) sleeping bag, which was mentioned above.

If in the summer You climb to a decent height with zero temperature, we have to take care of a warm sleeping bag. Well, if it's a mountain outing, or just trekking in the cold season, then You need a good winter sleeping bag. And do not rely too much on warm clothes. Even if You dress up all that you have in your backpack and will be similar to cabbage, I'm afraid I still can't get warm and sleep. Because warmth in a cold sleeping bag won't keep, and if kept, it is only the temperature at which the sleeping bag is calculated. So, if the temperature comfort in your sleeping bag around 0 degrees, it's silly to think that in 10-degree frost you can warm, even through clothes. A sleeping bag will keep the temperature for which it is designed, i.e., zero.

It should be added that when choosing a sleeping bag, it is important to consider indicators of thermal comfort. The sleeping bag should be specified extreme temperature extreme temperature. For example: sleeping bag with comfort temperature of +2, with a limit of -4 and comfort with extreme temperature at -17. Importantly, it should be understood that in the selection of a sleeping bag should not focus on temperature extremes. Choose a sleeping bag based on temperature comfort limit. Because the temperature extreme is really extreme temperature, which means that extreme conditions are guaranteed. There can be severe hypothermia and spend more than two hours in such conditions is very dangerous.

When choosing a sleeping bag, pay attention to the size when picking. I remember when choosing my first sleeping bag I have looked after myself suitable for the price and quality of polyester fiber sleeping bag and asked the consultant at the shop to roll it and pack it in a bag. It took more than an hour. Not sure of what materials was made the sleeping bag, but roll it was almost impossible. Once the consultant has managed to roll and squeeze the air from one end of the sleeping bag, the air is moved into the adjacent corner and irrevocably grew again. Even a compression bag, specially used for compressing sleeping bags, here has not helped. An hour later, by superhuman effort, the sleeping bag was Packed, but to buy it I refused. First, because even in a collapsed form he was a huge trunk, which would occupy half the volume of my backpack. But secondly, spend an hour in the morning to roll the sleeping bag is for a strong spirit and body of people.

Another important detail is the weight of a sleeping bag. The average sleeping bag for trekking in the summer-autumn weighs from 1.3 to 2.7 kg. If the weight less than a kilogram – it is possible, quite cold and sleeping bag designed for warm, dry weather. And perhaps it is made so well and efficiently that even weighs a little. But in the latter case the price is usually much higher than conventional sleeping bags. If the sleeping bag is heavier than 3 pounds, often in front of you or a sleeping bag-blanket or sleeping bag for Hiking in winter conditions. 3 pounds of sleeping bag is definitely a lot even for winter conditions, so try to find a lighter sleeping bag about 2.5 pounds. Moreover, it is quite possible.

in summary, we can make this conclusion. Choosing you need to pay attention to:

  1. View of a sleeping bag: the cocoon or a blanket, more suitable for camping trips.
  2. the composition of the filler: feathers, synthetics, synthetic padding.
  3. time of the year
  4. Temperature indicators
  5. Size and weight of a sleeping bag
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