The use of camouflage and its producers

Ask any tourist, the hunter, the fisherman, the geologist or the military – what clothes and protection they prefer to use in difficult conditions? All the answer is of course military. Why is so sought and why do we need it? The answers to these questions will be revealed in this article. To read a review of the characteristics and manufacturers of membrane shoes here.

prefer to use not only military, but tourists with hunters

Why and where is used?

is a special Camouflage colour, which perfectly disguises and makes invisible people and objects in the environment. There are many colors of camouflage, each under a specific landscape, time of year and the surrounding nature. In addition, armies of different countries have their own official colors.

Initially, in a camouflage khaki was used, which in Persian means dirt. Later we developed and implemented five international types of camouflage:

  1. Desert (for use in the deserts of Asia and North America);
  2. Forest (mostly used on more part of territory of America and Europe);
  3. the Jungle (used in the jungles of Africa and South America);
  4. Bush (a rare type of coloring that is only applicable in Southern Africa);
  5. Winter (for action in time of year).

Camouflage is used not only military, but also athletes, tourists, geologists, hunters and fishermen. Multi-functional clothing that allows you to blend in with the environment, feel comfortable, warm and dry in different conditions. Features of camouflage a lot – that is what leads many people to choose benefit of military equipment. Read on this page.


Multicam was developed almost 8 years for the U.S. army. Research and testing was done by American laboratory, in order to obtain a mask pattern that can make soldiers invisible in any terrain – be it covert or building construction.

In the photo Multicam

flecktarn is a German development and is a 6-Tsvetnoy coloring with explosive illustration. To create this color scheme began to be held during the Second World war. Currently in Germany use all the services of the infantry and the air force.

In the picture presented by modern Flectarn

online store Force-age of the Western has been selling military clothing and equipment (both new and former in the use), as well as fashionable clothing in military style. Its activities since 1995.

Store Force-age of the photo

Surpat Camo is the new digital colors developed by the Russian company, in collaboration with the instructors of the FSB. This patented in Russia, USA and Europe.

Surpat in the picture

A-TACS is a new solution between digital drawing and классbкой of Woodland camo. The main task of this camouflage to break up the silhouette of the military. To read a review of species and characteristics of camouflage and camouflage birch here:

In the picture A-TACS

American camouflage is used by special forces and hunters. In addition, this coloring is used in the production of fashionable clothes Military Kryptek.

Camo in the picture

you can Often hear, called Woodland camo NATO, and in 80-e years of the last century this belonged to the American army. Currently the coloring of the camo is obsolete.

the picture shows Woodland

the History of camouflage DMP starts with the 1940-ies, it was then used by British airborne troops. Currently the coloring of the camo is not used by the British army, starting in 2010, the British army uses a different camouflage.

Example of camouflage DMP

the Russian company "bars" is engaged in the production and retail sale of camouflage clothing and equipment for army and police, as well as for hunters. Models are created from experience by now and after the war.

Camouflage Slide bars company

Store the "Predator" offers fashionable clothes in military style, as well as clothing for outdoor activities and nature trips. There are men's, ladies and kids.

Demi the Predator in the photo

Highly effective new camouflage uniforms of the U.S. army ACU offers the convenience, excellent camouflage and practicality. Before the uniforms underwent a lot of tests that will make it most effective.

Camo ACU pictured

the Bundeswehr refers to the army of the Federal Republic of Germany. Currently this form is widely used in tourism, hunting and fishing, as well as various Russian units.

In the picture German the Bundeswehr

Under the brand "Magellan" is a tactical and uniform.

In the picture "the Police" summer production Magellan

the Internet shop of the "Warrior" offers to purchase NATO countries at reasonable prices for hunters, hikers and lovers of the game of laser tag or paintball. Cityrealty types of workwear for service and tips on how to choose.

the photo is an example of camouflage Warrior


Grey camouflage is often used for painting of military ships and aircraft, so they become almost invisible.

the picture shows an example grey camouflage

White needed for camouflage among the snow in the winter and early spring.

the photo examples white camo

Pink is only used for the production of fashionable women's clothing in Military style.

the picture shows women's camo

Black should be used at night, in late autumn and in the city.

Black in the picture

Camouflage clothing

Fashion did not pass and sportswear.

photo sports camouflage

Jacket type camouflage can be applied in everyday life in a special outfit.

the picture shows sweatshirt-anorak

t-Shirts are both military and ordinary citizens, they are very popular.

photo camouflage t-shirt

Shorts are part of a fashionable wardrobe, but also part of the outfit to relax in.

Camo photo

Camouflage pattern firmly in the lives of fashionable youth, its use even in jeans.

Camo jeans on the photo

Camo use as tourists and fishermen, and the military, and again, the young and trendy. Read the instructions how to determine glove size.

In the picture camouflage

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